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  1. 11 hours ago, Cat Brules said:

    At the very least, the search warrant and seizure of the rifle was a violation of the couples’ rights under the First, Second and Fourth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.  This nonsense by the local prosecutor/ District Attorney(?) and municipality should be negated quickly to avoid a $50 Million lawsuit, in my opinion.


    Cat Brules


    I am given to understand that the McCloskeys(sp?) are quite prone to sue.  Including suits against their own family members and the home owners associations of their various properties.  I'm sure if there is any chance for a lawsuit they will jump on it.


    The St. Louis City attorney is quite the piece of work herself.  I'm sure she's disappointed that there isn't a Police Officer, or two, involved in the incident that she could charge with something.



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  2. Not surprisingly you guys have passed way above my knowledge of electrical wiring.


    A couple of your new questions that I understand and can answer:


    I went around and checked all outlets outside and in the garage unplugging everything.


    I didn't know anything about "in" and "out" or "line" and "load" sides on GFI circuits.  I used the old GFI as a reference when changing wires onto the new GFI.  I suppose I could have gotten them mixed up.  Also the new GIF is slightly different than the one it replaced.  It has a small light in it.


    I do have an attic fan.  I haven't checked that.  Haven't used it for at least a couple months.


    Haven't hung any pictures.  :D


    I don't know what "PT" or "CT" means.


    Several heavy rains in the past few weeks.  Not likely rain got into outside outlets, but not impossible.


    19 hours ago, Krazy Kajun said:

    Just a thought.....check the white (neutral) wires coming from the bathrooms into the breaker box.  It may be that the white wire from Bathroom A is wired to Bathroom B's GFCI's breaker and the white from Bathroom B is wired to Bathroom A's GFCI breaker.




    I don't know how I would even do this.  The wires run thru the walls, so how would I know which white wire went where?


    Not affecting anything in the kitchen.  The only outlets affected are the GFI in bathroom B, the garage outlets and the outside outlets.


    All the above is why I'll be paying a licensed electrician the big bucks to fix the problem.


    BTW, this is interesting.  Maybe I should have been an electrician.


    Angus who knows the difference between to, two and too, they're, there and their, then and than, but still has problems with affect and effect.

    (sensing a tangent coming on)



  3. 14 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:


    Who did the wiring?




    No idea.  I can only assume it was the electrician contracted for the job when the house was built  ~1984


    12 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    Is it a new problem?


    Yep, started a couple days ago.  We've lived here 20 years.




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  4. First, the guy that built this house did a lot of weird stuff.  Electrical wiring included.  We started having a problem with the GFI's in our two bathrooms.


    The GFI in bathroom A works fine, but the GFI in bathroom B doesn't work.  If the GFI's don't work then the outside outlets, front and back, along with the garage outlets don't work.  I thought GFI B was broken so I replaced it.  Same problem.  Reset GFI B and GFI A cuts out.  Reset GFI A and GFI B cuts out.  And if GFI A is out there is no power to GFI B.  No effect on the breaker in the basement.


    Nothing plugged in in any of the associated outlets.  My guess is there is some type of short between GFI B and one of the other outlets.  IF that is the case how does one check the circuit between GFI B and the various outlets without power?


    We should have a licensed Electrician out to check on this sometime next week, but I thought it would be nice (and save some time) if I could give him some idea where to start checking.  Plus, I'd really like to know for myself.


    So, can you tell what the problem is from my description?  If so, what's the solution?





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  5. I've only been knocked out once.  I was hit square in the chest by a golf ball.  I was somewhere around 13 years old.  I remember turning around when my friend yelled at me and saw a golf ball approaching.....  Next thing I remember was a bunch of my friends and one of the neighbors standing over me as I lay on the ground.


    They said I dropped like a rock.  The neighbor had been looking out his window when it happened and he thought I was dead.  The poor guy was white as a sheet.  I don't even remember being sore.  I went right back to whacking golf balls with my friends.


    The neighbor bought us a big bag of plastic golf balls.



  6. 2 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I was following that all the way up to when he said that social security would get the money back.


    Let's say they sent a check to my house for Mama. Mama's been dead for 12 years. Somehow I cash the check.


    How is social security going to get that money back?


    I'm confused.


    I would guess that as part of your sentencing the judge will order you to repay the money.  :D



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  7. 3 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Sort of like MST3K? Or maybe Svengoolie?


    From the commercials I've seen it's just misc. celebrities sitting on a couch, or in bed, or where ever making comments on some tv show.  I don't know if they ever actually show the program they are watching or if it's just people making comments about the show.  I think the show watchers are different every week.  I also don't know what show is being shown to the show watchers or if it's the same show or different one every week.  I've never watched the "Watch Party" or whatever it's called, and I don't think I'm likely to do so.



  8. 41 minutes ago, Dantankerous said:



    Just how hard up for entertainment is this country?




    Absolutely desperate!  At least the "entertainment" industry thinks so.  There is actually a tv show that is celebrities(?) watching other tv shows.  :wacko:  Do people actually need other people to tell them what they think while watching tv?  Wow!  Just, wow.



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  9. It took 12 1/2 minutes to answer my big question.  Knowing it was primer fired, and seeing the location of the primer, I was wanting to know how they could be sure the primer was properly aligned with the firing pin.  Turns out it is a simple, obvious, answer I was just missing.



  10. 1 hour ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:



    Local TV station did a story about a diver and the items he recovered in "The Party Cove" at the Lake of the Ozarks in MO.  For those that have not heard of "The Party Cove" it's a section of the lake where partiers regularly congregate and tie their boats together to party. 


    Items recovered included guns, sex toys and high $$ jewelry along with watches, phones and misc. other stuff.



  11. My guess: Fox or Coyote. When we had chickens and ducks we lost a few to them. Saw a fox dragging a duck toward the tree line one day. We managed to rescue the duck but he was messed up in the head, mentally, from that time on. We also lost several chickens to dogs. You are right, dogs tend to just tear them up and leave them laying around. We came home and found 5 dead chickens, just torn up and left for dead one day shortly after seeing a couple loose dogs in the area.


    Kind of like vandals. I really hate vandals. I'm not a fan of thieves, either, but at least I can understand thieves.



  12. Thanks everybody for the help.


    Dawg, I think that is what I printed out some time back that is currently hiding somewhere around the house.


    Warden, it's always easier, for me, to watch someone first. I like Part I, I'll have to check out Part II.


    Cemetery, I like that fix better than filling in the slot with JB Weld or some such thing.


    J-Bar, I can use that idea. I've got a Pietta Remington that needs a spring. I'll have to check to see if the same fix works on Remingtons.



  13. I had info on smoothing up and tuning cap and ball guns, but now I can't find it.


    I think what I had was written by Larson E. Pettifogger. I always planned on doing a little work on my guns but never had the time. Now I think I may have some time but I no longer have the info.


    So I'd appreciate it if one of you pards would point me to some of the articles written on tuning the Colt '51 Navy, Colt '60 Army and '58 Remington New Army revolvers. Add the Colt Dragoon to that list since I recently added one to my collection. BTW, I have both Ubertis and Piettas, if that makes any difference. I'm sure a lot of the info will be the same between models, but it's the tiny details that'll kill ya.





  14. I'm wondering how this differs from those freak double 1911's. Don't they fire two cartridges out of two separate barrels with one pull of one trigger? Why would one be legal and the other illegal?



  15. I have now idea what they test I just use wheel weights with a sub powder

    +1 with a caveat and a question.


    I shoot .44-40 in my rifle. (You asked about pistols) My pistols are cap guns loaded with real BP and a soft lead ball.


    I noticed several people mentioned using FFg in their loads. I would have thought FFFg would be better for pistol cartridges. So, why 2F instead of 3F?


    p.s. I have just started experimenting with real BP in the rifle with a Mav-Dutchman(?) bullet. Still wheel weights. I didn't notice any leading in the barrel with the ~50 rounds fired, but it was much dirtier when I looked down it. Any difference between 2F and 3F in a rifle?




    Black Angus, don't mean to rub salt, but I found this Century in your area.

    Now that would probably really hurt if I thought ever had enough cash to pay for it. Oh, heck, it hurts anyway knowing that I didn't at least get a chance to first to walk sadly out of the store without it knowing I couldn't afford it.


    But now I have to ask: Who was hiding such a pretty thing on their shelf around here? (Or is there a secret gun shop near me that I don't know about?)




    p.s. I'll try to remember to bring some extra .44 WCF with me to matches in case you bring her. I'll even bring some of that smokeless stuff in case that's what she likes.

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