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  1. The flaw in that logic is how could a firearm designed/built in 1897 have been designed/built with it's use in 1914-1918 in mind? Unless it was originally designed with a sear disconnect to prevent slam firing in 1897, and then redesigned without the sear disconnect in 1914-1918. I did not know that. But, could it be that he saw no need to include a sear disconnect on his designs, rather than an intentional exclusion of the disconnect to insure the capability of slam firing? I don't recall ever hearing anyone talk about slam firing any of the other models you mentioned. BTW, I own a Model 12 and did not know, until now, that it could be slam fired. I still wonder why someone would intentionally and specifically design a shotgun to be slam fired. The military aspect makes sense, except the main model in question (Win. '97) was designed and built well before the conflict in which it was put to use. Also, with the exception of the Model 12, I don't recall hearing of any of the other shotguns mentioned by Shifty being adopted for military use. I must admit I know little to nothing of the Stevens shotguns mentioned. Oh, and this is my research and you guys are my resources. I can only hope you are reliable resources. Angus
  2. A while back I bought a bunch of 7.62 NATO ammo that was in machine gun links. I pulled the ammo out of the links and was wondering if there is an aftermarket for the empty links? I also have a few links from the way back that are of a different design. The "new" links have a clip that fits into the extraction groove, and some I have that came with .30-06 ammo have just a couple rings that fit over the cartridge shoulder. Anyone have an idea what they are worth? I may just stick some old brass in the links and try to sell them. They do look pretty cool strung up in a display. Angus
  3. Could you expound on that? That doesn't really answer my question. Do I need to be clearer on my question?
  4. I have never heard that. Just to be sure, are you saying the '97 was specifically designed so that it could be slam fired? Or was that just a happy accident of the design? It just seems odd to me that any gun (other than a fully automatic one) would be designed specifically so that it could be slam fired as opposed to having some type of sear disconnect. It might could be I just learnt something. Oh, yeah, why would they (JMB) want to do that? Angus
  5. I don't know. It seemed pretty obvious to me. Angus
  6. As an old "gamer" I believe he was referring to a stat used, years ago, in a game called Dungeons & Dragons. THAC0 stood for: To Hit Armor Class 0 You would roll a 20 sided die (aka: d20) to determine if you hit your opponent. Your roll was compared to the opponents armor class. The number you needed to roll on the die to hit an opponent with an armor rating of 0 was called THAC0. The rules have changed somewhat in more recent years and they no longer use THAC0. Probably more than you wanted to know, but, there you go. Angus
  7. My dad was a girl scout leader back in the '60's. My sister and her friends wanted to be scouts but didn't want to do the "regular" girl scout stuff. They wanted to go camping and hiking and typical "boy scout" type things. So my dad, an Eagle Scout, started up a girl scout troop for them. I don't recall any complaints about a man running a group of girl scouts. Later he was Scout Master for me and my brother. For as long as I can remember he was a merit badge counselor for the Bicycle merit badge. Once or twice a year we'd have a boy scout from some local troop bring his bicycle into our living room to discuss the badge. Angus
  8. oooooo, yeah, that's gonna hurt. Thanks for the info. I've never heard of the stuff.
  9. Somebody please educate me. I DEF do not get this joke. What is DEF? Angus
  10. You're thinking of Delores Umbridge. And I agree. Angus
  11. That's the Branch Manager and the Assistant Branch Manager. Angus
  12. This reminds me of a popular poster that was sold in stores in the way back. Another that was usually on display in those same stores had one of my favorite statements on it: "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said. But, I am not sure that you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." I believe that quote was attributed to Richard Nixon. Angus
  13. Got it thanks. I didn't notice that. I haven't been on a plane in close to 20 years.
  14. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Does anybody care to help me out here?
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