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  1. I've never shot a pistol qualification course that did not have at least some portion of it requiring the use of only one hand at a time. Some strong hand only and some support hand only. I have not shot a "civilian" CCW qualification course. I don't know if there is a state requirement that a portion of the pistol qualification course must be fired with one hand. It has been an agency standard with every police department and academy with which I am familiar. I'm going to guess the GA SQC was used for civilian CCW courses. In my limited experience with CCW courses of fire they have been less demanding than law enforcement firearms qualification courses., so, I guess that's not a surprise. Are you also saying that while you were active LEO that your department's pistol qualification course did not have any component that required you to shoot using only one hand? Frankly, that surprises me. Having him take misses for the portion of the qualification that require the use of his right hand is certainly an option to be discussed. Our qualification course IS pass/fail. The scores are not recorded, but targets have to be checked and scored. Otherwise what's the point?
  2. The entire Sheriff's Department. We are, basically, an 8-5 Monday to Friday business. We act as bailiffs, process servers, conduct evictions, and enforce replevin/seizure orders. The closest we come to "Law enforcement" actions are taking custody and transporting a person under court order for mental evaluations. The county also has a police department that provides patrol, emergency response, etc. law enforcement duties. Yes. The Sheriff has consulted an ADA attorney. I believe that is an ongoing discussion. He asked for my thoughts on the matter and I am interested in any insight that might be gained from the folks here. Yeah, I know, ya get what ya pay for, but this is a group with wide experiences and I thought someone might have a unique and interesting perspective on the matter. FWIW, I've had a couple guns waved at me and a couple very unfriendly dogs sent in my direction at this job. So far, no shots fired and no blood lost. I can only hope it stays that way.
  3. This is kind of long, so bear with me. I work for a Sheriff's Department that works with/for the courts and is not a "law enforcement" organization. Deputies are not required to be armed but are given the option provided they can pass a qualification course. Part of the course of fire requires the deputy to fire their pistol using only their right hand and part requires the deputy to fire their pistol using only their left hand. We currently have an applicant in the last stages of the hiring process that has a non-functioning right hand that is incapable of holding or firing a firearm. (I don't know the specifics of the injury) The lack of a functioning right hand does not prevent him from performing the duties of our department, so the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires we hire him if he meets all other qualifications. FWIW he is a retired Police Officer. He has indicated that he would like the option to be armed while on duty, as provided by policy. The question posed concerns what liabilities the department accepts by amending the qualification course for this individual. Likewise, what liabilities would attach if the department refuses to adapt the course of fire to his disability. The required qualification score would remain the same. The change would only to be allow him to use only his left hand for the entire course of fire. Also, the change would only apply to this deputy and other deputies with a similar disability. Medical documentation of the disability will be required. My view is that as long as he passes the qualification course, and notation of the ADA adapted course of fire is made on the qualification form, he's good to go. Additionally, I think a handicapped person would likely be more in need of an "equalizer" if attacked than an otherwise healthy person might be. I would appreciate the thoughts of other Firearms Instructors and Lawyers, especially any ADA Lawyers, on this matter. Thanks, Angus
  4. While discussing a future trip to the Edmonton, Canada area the question was raised: "Does Canada have a 911 emergency number like the USA?" For those that don't know, in the USA if you dial 911 it will connect you with the local Emergency/Police/Fire dispatcher. If you are using a land line it will also tell them your location. What number do Canadians dial in the event of an emergency to get help? Thanks, Angus
  5. If you read the notes in the photos it says they were raffled off to pay for his funeral. .25 cents for a raffle ticket isn't bad. It doesn't say how many tickets were sold. Plus, .25 to pay for a funeral is pretty darn cheap, too. Angus
  6. Yep. But get a rooster and you get a pr*** with wings. Angus
  7. Well, at least some ammo has come back to more normal prices. I was in a Rural King the other day and they had 9mm ammo for $16 per box (50) and .223 for $12 per box. A wooden case of surplus 7.62x39 ammo was $600 something and quick math looked like it was about .50 per round. Certainly not as cheap as it used to be, but better than the $1+ per round of a few months ago. No limit and there was a LOT on the shelves. OTOH, I also stopped in a local gun store. A lot more variety of ammo, but MUCH higher prices and not as large a quantity of ammo. At least not on the shelves. No reloading supplies at either place. Angus
  8. So, same gun with a 75" barrel makes the same round a 25 caliber? That's not confusing at all. I think the Germans would have called it a 3" L/50. Well, they would have used metrics. Lots of good info in there. Actually a bit of an information overload. I did learn that a German 75 in a Pak 40 anti-tank gun, Panzer IV with a KwK 37 L/24 gun, and a Panzer IV with a KwK 40 L/48 gun all use different ammo. (75x714mmR, 75x243mmR and 75x495mmR respectively) The German 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56 gun mounted in the Tiger I tank and the 88mm Flak guns use the same 88x571mmR round. But, the Tiger II and the 88mm Pak 43 use a larger 88x822mmR round. Fascinating information. At least to me. I have no real use for it, but it's fascinating, none the less. For those following along in my madness, I believe the "R" in the caliber designation is the same as in small arms, meaning a Rimmed cartridge. The "L/___" indicates the length of the barrel. The caliber is multiplied by the "L/___" to determine the length. i.e. 75mm L/24 is 75mmx24= 1800mm or 1.8 meter barrel. 88 L/56 88mmx56=4928mm or ~4.9 meter barrel. Thanks again.
  9. Wow! Even more confusing. The link about 105's might be more helpful if I could make out the diagrams showing the base of the shells. Otherwise, it seems like I need to know the type of projectile to know what to call the shell. I still don't understand the caliber designations. How about this: The M4 Sherman is armed with a 75mm gun. 75mm what? The Panzer IV Auf G is armed with a 75mm/L70 gun. I believe the "L70" references the length of the barrel. The shell is a 75mm what? The Tiger tank is armed with an 88mm gun. The shell is called an 88mm what? It fits in both the Tiger and the 88mm anti-aircraft gun, but the dimensions are the same. But the caliber is called 88mm ____________? Is there only one 105mm round chambered in all 105mm guns? How do I know I've got the right 105mm shell for my gun? If I show someone a cannon or artillery shell how can they tell me it's a XXmm shell fired out of a xxxxxxx tank? And don't get me started on the British 2 pdr or 6 pdr shells. Bob, FWIW the shell was marked ".50" not "50". It looked similar to the one pictured, except the case was silver (aluminum?), the neck seemed longer, and the projectile was longer (and red). It may have been 3" diameter. I didn't measure it. Geez, new question, How does a 3" shell become a "50 Caliber"? Salt water on the brain? Meanwhile, thanks for the info. It's fascinating, even if I don't understand it all. Angus
  10. I stopped in a local gun store today and noticed a BIG shell in the window. You know the type, about three feet long and shaped sort of like a monster .30-06. I looked at the base and all I saw was a bunch of gibberish, "Dummy Round", and ".50". I asked the guy at the counter if he knew what would fire a shell of that size and what caliber it was. Not surprising, the guy had no idea. A customer had given it to the shop. Now, for the questions: How are those big shells classified for purposes of logistics? i.e. You've got 8+ different 40mm shells - BOFORS, PAK 40, Grenade, etc. When talking about Sherman tanks, Tiger tanks, etc. you talk about it using a 76mm, 75mm, or 88mm, but what is the actual designation? For small arms you have the 7mm Mauser, 7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm Weatherby, etc. For the big guns when you get a crate or palate of "76mm" how do you know it's the "76mm" you need for your gun? I have an empty shell casing I was told is from a "105". What is its official designation? I think it would be neat to have a couple of those dummy rounds on display in my reloading room. Mainly a 75mm used by a Sherman tank, a 75mm used by a Panzer IV, and a German 88mm used by a Tiger tank and anti-tank gun. Just for comparison purposes. Where the heck would you find such a thing? Does anybody have a link to a website that shows the dimensions of the big shells? I thought of a bunch of other questions while driving home from the gun store, but I've forgotten most of them now. Thanks, Angus
  11. Wow! If I ever visit Australia I think I'll just bring a couple cartons of cigarettes instead of cash or a credit card. That ought to finance my entire trip. Angus
  12. I've shot a few matches where you could "make up" the miss by reloading the firearm with which you missed and reengaging the target. Shooter's option. Some did, some didn't. Some good natured ribbing was involved. I just thought it was a little extra fun to be had. I admit I took advantage of it once or twice. Once after I had already earned a "P" somewhere along the way so a clean match was never an option. I was never concerned about the "clean" match. I just didn't want to let some consarned target get away without getting dinged by me. None of the above ever was rewarded with any kind of clean match tag. If it bothers someone else that a person got a "clean match" by reloading and reshooting a target, I figure that's their problem, not mine. I ain't about to get fussed over it. We're all here to have fun, right? I won't tell them that their fun is wrong. Oh, yeah, I won't reload for a miss with a pistol. Seems some folks get a little antsy waiting for a pard to reload a cap gun on the clock. Angus
  13. VW Beetle, the engine was in the "trunk".
  14. '55 VW Beetle the gas tank and fill was under the hood. Angus
  15. I've stopped rolling coins. The last several times I've tried to use them or deposit them I had to stand there while the clerk broke open the rolls and counted them out. I guess I really can't blame them. Lots of folks are out looking to scam the system. It doesn't get much easier than putting a stack of washers in a roll with a couple coins on the edges. Although, with prices now the washers might be worth more than the coins. Now I just carry the loose change in my pocket and count it out at the register. Angus
  16. This was my mom's recipe. It is unique in my limited cooking experience. Treasure's Meat Loaf Grind together: 1# ground beef 1# ground pork 1# ground ham Mix with: 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 or 2 eggs (I guess that's just your choice if you want to use one or two) 1 Cup milk Oven temp. 300 degrees for 1 - 1 1/2 hours using an automatic timer or 350 degrees if you're at home and watching it cook. Don't ya just love old family recipes? "A little of this, a handful of that. Bake on a medium heat until done" I have a recipe that "Feeds six" and it begins: "Start with .50 of beef..." The tough part was always finding a butcher that would grind together the three different meats. The guy my mom used would only make it at the end of the day because the grinder would have to be cleaned before use again. I always thought it was good as a meatloaf, but GREAT later when sliced for a sandwich. Angus
  17. We've had three shots. First two: Zero pain or reaction. Third shot: I had a sore shoulder for a couple hours. So far, so good.
  18. I say Smith was way out of line. Rock did not attack Jada and the joke did not appear to have any malicious intent. Smith, himself, was seen laughing at the joke before he saw his wife's reaction. Most of us here complain about "snowflakes" having thin skin. I think this is the same thing. Hate him, curse him, bad mouth Rock all you want for telling an insensitive joke. Physically attacking him is an over reaction. Just curious, what would be the general reaction if Rock had reacted by punching Smith in the nose? I would call that a reasonable reaction to the slap. Does anyone here disagree? If so, what would you do if someone walked up and slapped you in the face? A slap in the face has gotten EVERYONE talking. Imagine if it had deteriorated into an all out brawl with the two of them rolling around on the stage punching and kicking each other. Poor Don Rickles would have been a blood smear on the stage if people behaved this way back in his day.
  19. "Looks like I'm gonna be stuck here for quite a while. I guess I'll go fill up on some Mexican food." Angus
  20. I can attest to the fact that it's not all that uncommon to have a spouse attack the police while they are attempting to arrest their significant other for assault. Ridiculous, but true. Likewise, when a child beats up a parent.
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