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  1. No wonder I'm a bit confused. I looked at a website again today (RuralKing.com if you're interested), put my glasses on and started to look more closely at the photos of the "Range Mil-Spec" #PB9108L and the "Mil-Spec Parkerized" #PB9108LP to see if I could notice any difference. Well, not only did I not see any difference, I noticed the serial numbers were the same. So, I don't even know which model they had pictured for the two different ads. Oh, and this was after I went to the local RK to see them in person. They didn't have either model in stock. Geez, things like this really take the fun out of buying, or trying to buy, a gun. Angus
  2. I've just about talked myself into buying a 1911. I've always wanted one, but never had a real need for one. I don't shoot WB and don't need it for concealed carry, I just WANT one. While looking at Springfield Armory 1911's I've noticed three (There are probably more) that seem to have the same description but are priced at about $80 increments. Surely there must be a difference and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what they are. The pistols in question: 1911 Mil-Spec Defender #PBD9108L (cheapest) The only thing I see different is a plain checkered grip instead of the Springfield logo grip. 1911 Range Mil-Spec #PB91082L (+$80) Has Springfield logo grips. 1911 Mil-Spec Parkerized #PB9108LP (+ another $80) Has Springfield logo grips and "Parkerized" in the name, but the finish on the other two is also listed as Parkerized. They all appear to have the same sights, same finish and come with one magazine. What am I missing? Other than an extra $160 if I were to choose the "Parkerized" It doesn't help that different websites list the different model numbers with different or interchanged names. Angus
  3. Ike, I think you missed the part about "on the way home from work" and "work" prohibits firearms on the property/random vehicle searches/etc. It wasn't the store prohibiting carry, it was the persons place of employment that prohibited possession. Angus
  4. When you go out looking for trouble sometimes you find it. Angus
  5. I hate when that happens. Not only do I miss out on whatever was for sale, I don't even get to see what it was and how much it went for. Angus
  6. OK, so the tubes hold/held the 105 projectile and the boxes hold the projectiles in the tubes. When I put my glasses on and get real close to the screen I can see there are a couple howitzers in the photo, too. Oh, and I see some projectiles next to the upright tubes! Maybe I should get a 65" computer screen. I thought it was something like that, but I didn't see any big guns or mortars when I first looked. I feel smarter now. Sometimes I feel like my grandfather. He had to wear glasses and use a big magnifying glass to read the news paper. Thanks, Angus
  7. Utah, I feel stupid having to ask, but I'm just ignorant: What are the empty looking tubes in the second photo? Were they containers for some type of shell? And why do they look so nicely stacked in a couple places but the boxes in the background look just jumbled together? I'm guessing those boxes once contained a couple of the tubes and are now empty? I see a stack of those boxes on the far right that I'd guess are still full. I feel like a dummy, but my curiosity overrode my fear of looking like an idiot. Educate me, Sensei. Thanks, Angus whose-only-gunfight-was-with-the-PD-and-we-didn't-have-that-type-ordinance McPherson
  8. You mean nobody else uses lard? I mean, it's great for everything. And you can even cook with it. Just lather up your guns and holsters with it and ain't NOTHING gonna stick. Lube your guns, lube your holsters, lube your shells... YEE HAA!!! Lard! Angus jest funnin' in case somewhomever don't already know that.
  9. I was always taught that you gifted a knife with a penny. The penny was so the receiver could "pay" for the knife. That prevented the gift from severing the friendship. I know a lot of folks that work in gov't buildings. It's hard to keep a knife handy when security keeps taking them away. Gets expensive, too. Angus
  10. No. It will still be there. It will just be undocumented. Angus
  11. I've been lucky. I've been shooting .36 caliber Colt Navys for the last few years and, to my knowledge, I don't think my spotters have ever called a miss on me when I've hit the target with one. If they did, as my daughter would say "meh", so what? I'll not fasch over it. I'm having too much fun and I really like the Navy model. I like to think I do a good job of spotting, but there is one shooter I will always hand off the spotter's stick for. He shoots gunfighter really, really fast and quite often I can only hear one shot when he fires both guns at an imperceptible interval. (I'd say the same time but then folks would complain that it's impossible to shoot two guns at the same time.) If I can't watch two targets at the same time to see if both are hit and likewise can't tell which target was hit first (especially difficult if the targets are 5 yards apart) or even if two shots were actually fired then I'm not the spotter for you. I once tried to call him for only firing seven shots instead of 10. I got a bit of backlash for that, but I'd have sworn he only fired 7 shots. Angus
  12. I've been getting American Rifleman since I first joined way back in the '70's. I don't recall there being any other choice at that time. My son used to get AH and, I think, when I first signed him up there was a magazine for Junior shooters. This is the first I've heard that Shooting Illustrated was an option. Angus
  13. Could be the "Private Security Company" was UPS and they were routed to Arizona via Portland, San Francisco and New Orleans. (With, maybe, a stop in Puerto Rico) Angus
  14. I CAN confirm this with personal experience. Years ago I used the Windex with vinegar to clean my shotgun barrels. A lot of folks spoke of the wonders of the Windex at the time. It cleaned them up very well, BUT, while spraying it inside the barrels I got a few drops on the outside of the barrels. When I was done I noticed a few spots on the barrels where the bluing was faded. They were beautifully blued when I started. I have heard many people tout the benefits of Windex with vinegar for cleaning BP fouled guns with no harm to the bluing. I'm just saying it CAN happen. FWIW the shotgun in question was a Beretta Grade 3(?) SxS. It's possible the bluing on Berettas is more susceptible to harm from vinegar than the bluing on other guns. I'm not willing to test the bluing on my other guns to find out. I thought you should hear the other side of the story so you can make a properly informed choice. Angus
  15. One of the tactics to reduce gun ownership is to make them just too darn expensive to own. Part of that is the elitist attitude of "It's ok for ME to own one, but, I don't want those unclean ruffians to be able to get one." Only the rich should own guns. Why isn't that considered racist? After all, the possibility that someone might have to pay $5-$10 for an ID to vote is shouted down as racist. Having to pay $50 to $100 for permission to buy a gun seems to be fine. (I've heard it can be as high as $500 for permits, fingerprints and background checks in NYC. That's non-refundable and before the NICS check at a dealer) Angus
  16. Geez, Bob, you must have one heck of a magnifying glass or big screen monitor to see that stuff. I can barely see those two guys, much less recognize any gear. I guess that's why you're "The Man". Angus
  17. Way back when the kids were young I brought home a dozen roses for my wife. No reason, I just felt like it. When I walked inside my daughter said: "Uh, Oh, dad's in trouble." Angus
  18. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken. And I'm not conceited. Conceitedness is a fault and I have no faults. Angus
  19. I think somebody is about to get shot with a BBQ gun.
  20. The VW Beetle was the best car I ever drove in the snow. It was amazing the number of times I passed other cars stuck along the side of the road, snowbound. The one time I almost got stuck in the snow was because I got cocky. I was driving through about 6" of snow up a fairly steep driveway into work and there were 3-4 other cars ahead of me spinning their wheels trying to get up the incline. I stopped behind them for a few seconds before trying to go around them. It took a couple seconds before I got traction (all the while calling myself an idiot for coming to a full stop on a snow covered incline) but, once I got started forward I had no problem driving around them up the hill. Angus
  21. I liked the commercials for the old VW Beetle. Beetle driving around in circles with a buzzing sound when, suddenly, a huge flyswatter comes down on it. Silence for about a second, then, the Beetle continues driving around in circles. Then, for some unrecalled reason, a Beetle is floating on a small lake. I can attest to that one. You could feel the air compression when you slammed the door on one with the windows up. I once floated across a flooded intersection while crossing a road. There were others, but those two stuck with me. Angus
  22. I sure hope nobody tries to change Frontiersman while he's away. Angus
  23. Sarival Slim, I'll take the Priming tool. And, if .38 Short Colt is the same as .38 S&W (I think it is) I'll take that, too. Thanks, Angus
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