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  1. 23 minutes ago, Doc Shapiro said:

    The cost of the gunsmith is nothing compared to the cost of practice ammo. 

    reliability above all else. 



    "Practice" ammo?  Is that a special kind of evernay issmay stealth ammo?  So, if I spend the extra money on "practice" ammo I won't miss as much as I do shooting my regular reloads?  I've got to find out where to get this black magic ammo.   Ooo, important question, can I get it loaded with Black Powder?


    Man, I've still got a lot to learn about this game.  My so called "friends" never mentioned this secret to me.  I thought cowboys didn't keep secrets.



  2. 21 hours ago, Arizona Gunfighter said:

    Send me 8 dozen and I'll send a dozen to Widder to try and a dozen of the chewy recipe to Pat Riot to try and they can both help me do a review. It's your call Angus!


    I've got to think about this.  My blood sugar is getting high just thinking about 9 dozen of each........

    OK, you win.  I'll get you next time.



    Wondering if it's still a Federal crime to steal the packages off the stage coach on the way to AZ GF's place.  And if it'd be worth it.

    Widder, if the cookies don 't make it to AZ's place, and a box of cookies shows up at yours, I don't know nothin' about it.

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  3. On 11/7/2019 at 3:34 PM, Arizona Gunfighter said:

    Make it 6 dozen of each send them to me and I'll let you know which one is best. :P


    Oh, so it's a bidding war, is it?  Ok, send me 7 dozen and I'll get you two reviews.  (I'll send one dozen to Widder for his opinion)




    p.s.  Maybe three reviews.  I'll let my wife have one or two of each, too.

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  4. 16 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    Useless today because most people under the age of 40 don't know how to parallel park


    I don't think they're needed if you DO know how to parallel park.   ;)



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  5. 18 hours ago, Henry T Harrison said:

    That’s what cover and concealment are for 


    For some reason this makes me think of a guy I used to work with that once found himself trying to hide his 6'1" 250# body behind a 6" curb on the side of a street.

    He got lucky and made it out ok.  His partner did not.



  6. I carried Safariland speed loaders for years before we switched over to semi-autos and I liked them a lot.  A quick push-let go-close the cylinder and go.  I toyed with one (an HK?) a friend had that required you to hold the open cylinder steady while twisting a knob to release the cartridges before letting go and closing the cylinder.  It felt like too much fiddling around when you're in a hurry.


    The Safariland is a little more difficult to initially load with cartridges, but it's a lot quicker and easier releasing the cartridges into the cylinder.


    As always, your mileage may  vary.  Try both and see what you like.



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  7. .40 S&W Brass    2000 @ $45 per 1000 shipped

    .40 S&W Nickle  1000 @ $45 per 1000 shipped


    9 mm Brass         4000 @ $45 per 1000 shipped

    9 mm Nickle       1930 @ $45 per 1000 shipped (I can bump the odd 930 up to 1000 mixing in regular brass casings)


    .38 Special Brass  1000 @ $65 shipped SPF

    .38 Special Nickle  1000 @ $65 shipped SPF


    .243 Winchester  33 @ $5.00 + shipping


    .35 Remington  18 @ $3.60 + shipping


    5.56 mm   247 @ $5.00 + shipping  Mostly military head stamps.  I know I have more 5.56, I'm just not sure where.


    I'm pretty sure I can get 2000 cases in a Medium Flat rate box if you want to save on shipping.


    If anyone has some 6.5 Carcano Ammunition I might be interested in a trade.  I have a rifle I've never shot and I'd like to rectify that situation.


    Black Angus McPherson

  8. 25 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    AFAIK Every state with Constitutional carry will issue you a license so that you can carry in recipical states


    You forgot the "However".  "However" they will require you to take some sort of class and, maybe, shoot a qualifying score before issuing you said license.


    Missouri is that way.  Barring a disqualification (such as a criminal conviction),  you can carry in MO without a license/permit.  However, to get a MO CCW that may be recognized in another state you have to attend a class, shoot and pay a fee to the state.



  9. 23 hours ago, Ramblin Gambler said:

    We had a US machete when I was a kid (I need to look for that thing again, I bet it's hidden in mom's garage).  Anyway, the story we were told was that grandpa found it on a german soldier in WW2.  So the german picked it up from an american and it was destined to be a war trophy for him, but then he met his maker.  Grandpa wasn't issued a machete, but he found it very useful and brought it back.  Grandpa also had a colt 1911 that I think he bought after the war. 


    I had a friend who was in Vietnam.  He said he had a trunk filled up with cool war trophies but he got injured before he got it packed up and all his stuff disappeared by the time the trunk made it back to the US. 


    I wanna see the aussie duffle bag they used to bring back that type 69 tank. 




    This reminds me of the, almost, war trophies my grandfather tried to bring home.  The biggie would have been a revolver.  He was in The Great War and was issued a revolver.  He was sent off for some training and, while he was gone, they issued the new Colt 1911.  Since nobody ever asked for the revolver back he stuck it in his duffel bag with a couple other odds and ends (including a German lighter and a piece of shrapnel that got lodged in a tree next to his head - He burnt his hand retrieving it because he didn't expect it to be hot).  Somewhere between France and home somebody looted the baggage and took everything of value/interest.




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  10. I don't like losing brass, but I figure it ain't a day at the range unless I lose some.  I probably get 98-99% back.  I shoot mostly .44-40.  Once I think I came out a couple ahead. Not sure how that happened, but, "sorry" to whoever lost the brass that ended up in my bag.


    Lawman Mark, I found a .38-40 in my bag of brass after one match.  Could be one of yours meandered up to Mid-Missouri for a visit.  I ain't never had one of them little critters before.  I've got it sitting on a shelf near my reloader so it can watch the goings on.



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  11. 20 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    I guess if the track was damaged to the extent it would prevent the road wheels from moving you’d have to do that.  .?

    Makes sense to me.  I hadn't thought of that.  The tracks in the video didn't seem to be that screwed up.  Suspension of disbelief for a training video, maybe?



  12. No wonder I'm a bit confused.  I looked at a website again today (RuralKing.com if you're interested), put my glasses on and started to look more closely at the photos of the "Range Mil-Spec" #PB9108L and the "Mil-Spec Parkerized" #PB9108LP to see if I could notice any difference.  Well, not only did I not see any difference, I noticed the serial numbers were the same.  :wacko:  So, I don't even know which model they had pictured for the two different ads.


    Oh, and this was after I went to the local RK to see them in person.  They didn't have either model in stock.


    Geez, things like this really take the fun out of buying, or trying to buy, a gun.



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  13. I've just about talked myself into buying a 1911.  I've always wanted one, but never had a real need for one.  I don't shoot WB and don't need it for concealed carry, I just WANT one.


    While looking at Springfield Armory 1911's I've noticed three (There are probably more) that seem to have the same description but are priced at about $80 increments.  Surely there must be a difference and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what they are.


    The pistols in question:

    1911 Mil-Spec Defender #PBD9108L (cheapest)  The only thing I see different is a plain checkered grip instead of the Springfield logo grip.

    1911 Range Mil-Spec #PB91082L  (+$80)  Has Springfield logo grips.

    1911 Mil-Spec Parkerized #PB9108LP (+ another $80) Has Springfield logo grips and "Parkerized" in the name, but the finish on the other two is also listed as Parkerized.


    They all appear to have the same sights, same finish and come with one magazine.  What am I missing?  Other than an extra $160 if I were to choose the "Parkerized"


    It doesn't help that different websites list the different model numbers with different or interchanged names.




  14. 13 minutes ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

    being a negative person, what the hell good does a gun in your car do if you walking away from it? Going into a store, and then walking back. If this were a kidnapping three is no way she could have run to her car, got the door open, took possession of the gun and brought it into the ready. The I got ya law in Florida is you can open carry a rifle or pistol as long as you are going to or coming from camping or fishing. There are a bunch of 2A activists who are always walking around with fishing rods and guns!!! Cops have to leave them alone. 






    I think you missed the part about "on the way home from work" and "work" prohibits firearms on the property/random vehicle searches/etc.  It wasn't the store prohibiting carry, it was the persons place of employment that prohibited possession.




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