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  1. 2 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

    Scored even more lead!  I took the mystery coil back to scrap yard to see what they had to say. They kept repeatedly saying "it's lead".  I'd ask,  not zink? And they reply no, it's lead. If it's lead it has a lot of tin and antimony in it.  I kept it.




    I asked if they had gotten in any more soft lead. The old guy went hunting around the piles of junk on the muddy lot.  He pulled out a tangled wad of lead pipe.  Turned out to weigh 90 pounds.




    I can cut this up with an ax.



    How much useable lead do you figure you'll get out of that 90# pipe once you melt it down into ingots?  



  2. Thanks.  The first post I just thought he forgot to post the story.  The second post I thought ????????.  The third, fourth and fifth post I thought WTH and started trying to figure out what the picture had to do with the heading and what made it worth posting.  Then I quit and figured whatever it was, it wasn't worth my time.  Kinda like when I miss a phone call.  If it's not important enough for the caller to leave a message, it's not important enough for me to call back.


    Thanks again,



  3. I woke up this morning and realized I've still got some "What ifs".


    OK.  Can't make, sell and ship primed cases without a manufacturers license.


    What if I bought some primed cases from a manufacturer and decided I didn't need them?  Can I then ship them to another person without a license?  Will it require a Hazmat fee?


    I'm not going to do it, I'm just curious about it.



    Is this how Alpo got started?

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Do you mean that you've been missing all of Wyatt's hidden messages? IIRC, PWB has used that trick too.


    If they've been there I've missed them all.

  5. 9 minutes ago, The Bearded Wonder said:

    Yes to just cast bullets you have the get a license (FFL). When I got mine the ATF actually came to my place to interview me and walk around looking at everything. The ATF agent was actually fascinated with the magma bullet masters. 


    Wow, just, wow.

  6. I'm not a regular to the TEAM SASS board and I don't get the point of Charlie Waite's posts.


    It's just a picture with no text.  The thread title may sound interesting but I really don't get the picture thing.  


    Somebody help me out here.  I'm really missing the point, if there is one.



  7. 16 hours ago, John Kloehr said:

    And possible excise tax issues for manufacturers... From (with my bold):




    You need a lawyer to sort this out.


    But potentially being classified as a manufacturer is one of the reasons 'pards will not (ever never never) accept payment for personally loaded ammo given to a guest at a shoot.


    So, the folks out there making and selling lead bullets need a manufacturing license to sell them?


    Isn't a lead bullet a "taxable article" produced by "changing the form" of material?


    Yep, a consult with an attorney, and probably a letter from the BATF, might be a good idea before selling primed brass.  That's a lot of work and expense for selling, maybe, 1000 primed cases to help a pard out.




  8. I know that we poor unwashed civilians can't ship primers, and that the elite few that can ship primers must charge a Hazmat fee when doing so.

    There are similar restrictions to shipping live ammo.


    BUT, I seem to recall hearing some time back that primed brass is subject to neither the shipping restrictions or Hazmat fee.  Is that correct?

    IF that is correct, there's your legal work around if you want to buy or sell primers.


    I started wondering about it because I've got some brass I've been planning on selling, and I think I've got some primers I'd be willing to part with.  Add the desperation some folks are feeling for primers and maybe this could work out.  Of course you've got to need the primed brass, and the labor involved would bump the cost but it's something to think about.


    So to you folks that know:  Legal or not?



  9. 21 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    Whatever it takes to get the job done.  If you have cooperating parents, sometimes it works.  Interviews and interrogations is a science all to itself.  Some of the best interviewers we had were the sex crime investigators.  


    Having heard some of the stories from a guy that did sex crimes I know I'd have never been able to do it.  Listening to some of the unbelievable sick twisted cr@p they had to listen to I'd have never made it.  Some of the stories from child molesters...  I don't know how they could restrain themselves from jumping across the table and choking the ever-loving stuffing out of them.


    27 years as a LEO I heard and saw plenty of weird and sick stuff that "civilians" find hard to believe, but nothing ever gave me the urge to beat a person into a bloody pulp like some of the sick child molesters.  There's just no way I could sit across a table from one and encourage him to tell his story.  They are wired WAY differently than I.



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  10. 18 hours ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    WOW time flies..In 2014 Aspen Filly visited Down -Under, I'm not into a lot of engraving but I had Aspen do the sideplate  on my Renegade '73 with my alias & number & then the next year at WR had the Boxing Kangaroo done on the other side..I love them & a big fan of Aspen Fillys work & I can always get some plain sideplates if I want to sell the rifle..but guess what..'That ain't gunna happen !!!!





    I love the kangaroo!



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  11. 5 hours ago, Cyrus Cassidy #45437 said:

    You guys all started doing that "choklit cake" thing...what...20 years ago???  Has it been that long?  I still don't know what started it all.


    Yep, my pard, Shoshone Slim.  He couldn't talk about politics, so he'd talk about "Choklit Cake".



  12. I'm with Alpo.  I'm not a fan of most pranks.  I've never understood the humor involved in being a jerk to somebody.  I refuse to listen to radio guys that make prank phone calls and such.  Ruining someone else's day just isn't funny to me.  I don't recall being the victim of such pranks, but I've seen people involved.  All I recall thinking at the time was "What a jerk".  I guess all the pranks I've witnessed seemed mean spirited and not "good natured".


    That said, one I recall was done by a fire-fighter on her co-workers.  She baked a cake, or brownies, or some such for the crew and included an ingredient that made all those that ate it piss red.  The first few that noticed it freaked out and thought they were peeing blood.  I don't recall what they had done to her that caused her to retaliate in such a manner, but I do recall thinking that the "victims" had deserved it.




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  13. Thanks to all.  I'll have to start checking listed velocity when I buy .22's from now on.  Just guessing, but I suspect anything marketed as "Subsonic" is going to come with a premium price tag.  If I must, I'll buy target .22 LR and reserve it for the rifle in question.  I know the rifle will cycle shorts, longs and long rifles without any problem.  I'd worry a little bit trying to get it to work with the CBs.


    If I can find them I think I'll buy a bunch of .22 Shorts.  No question about them being high pressure, easy to identify for use in the correct rifle, and the magazine will hold a whole bunch of those little things.  They're obviously out there, judging by previous replies, I just need to look a little harder for them.



  14. 7 minutes ago, Sixgun Sheridan said:

    Before this COVID mess started I was frequently able to find .22 Shorts at the local gun shop. Most of the time they were quiet rounds, but technically it was there. Standard-velocity .22LR is actually quite common as everybody wants it to shot out of suppressed firearms. Of course these days you can only find what you can find.


    I never thought about the folks wanting it for suppressed guns.  How is it marked?  Does it say "Standard" velocity?  All mine has some indication that it is super-duper powerful and really, really extra fast .22 ammo.  It probably says something about the actual promised velocity.  I should probably look.  :)





  15. Sorry to sidetrack the thread, but (I'm gonna do it anyway), where does one find .22 Long or .22 Short ammo?  .22 LR is the standard, now and is all I've seen on the shelves for years.  I've begun to wonder ever since I was told an old rifle I have should only be shot using "Standard" velocity .22 LR, .22 Long or .22 Short.  I don't even know what "Standard" velocity is for a .22 LR.  I do know that all the .22 LR ammo I have is called "Hyper" velocity or some such name indicating the bullets are extra fast.  :D  I haven't seen .22 Longs or Shorts since I was a kid.


    So, who's got .22 Longs or Shorts?  (Or "Standard" velocity LRs)


    Angus who needs slower bullets

  16. 14 hours ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    I don’t recall ever seeing horse hooves that flair like that. 


    I can't tell if they are flaired out or if they have an oversized platter, uh, shoe on them.  I know if any of our horses had hooves that looked like that we'd be on the phone with the farrier to get them trimmed.  Actually, I'd probably just trim them myself.  Our horses don't get shod.  Putting on  horse shoes would be way above my pay grade.



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  17. 14 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Check out the Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm. Not quite as small and light as an M1 Carbine but it is definitely a fun gun that can be used for serious purposes. 


    It may be fun, but it just doesn't have the history attached to it that an M1 Carbine has.  Commercial M1 Carbines (Plainfield?) put me off a little, too, for the same reason.


    Plus, I kind of balk at buying anything labeled "PC".  Kind of like buying a car called a KIA.  :D



  18. 17 hours ago, Michigan Slim said:

    When my daughter shot mine she said "It's my 10/22 on steroids! Thanks dad!". Hey, wait, what?!?!?


    I hope she still lets you shoot it on occasion.  :lol: 



  19. I caught part of a tv news story the other day talking about a "Reverse Gold Rush".  Apparently a lot of folks from CA (They called it an "exodus") are moving out and a favorite destination seems to be Missouri.  My first thought was "aw, crap.  There goes the neighborhood."  I can only hope the libs find someplace else, I recommend Illinois, and MO gets more of you folks on the SASS wire.  Apologies to my IL pards.


    My daughter and son-in-law are in CA.  They should stay.  Their politics fit right in.



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  20. I've always wanted an M-1 Carbine.  A friend of mine had one back when I was in High School.  Lots of fun.  I just can't justify the expense, now.  They've gotten way overpriced for me.  It's basically a high powered .22.  (Yes, I know it's a .30 cal.)  Lot's of fun, cool gun, but no real purpose other than plinking.



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  21. 3 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Illegal to have. 


    You got me wondering, if someone did take it out to the back 40 and "pull the pin" setting off the fuse, is it still illegal to own?  If it's been fired.  Isn't it kind of like the casing from a fired artillery shell or LAWS tube?  What about the dead fuse system in dummy grenades?  What about smoke grenades?  I seem to recall seeing smoke grenades for sale at gun shows some years ago.  I know re-enactment groups still use smoke grenades.  I have no idea where they get them.  Are the fuses for fragmentation grenades different from the fuse for a smoke grenade?


    I understand how a live fragmentation or concussion grenade would be illegal even with the fuse removed.



    I may be ignorant, but I'm trying to fix that.

  22. On 1/15/2021 at 1:36 PM, Marshal Hangtree said:

    Is it farther to Atlanta from here than it is by bus?


    Having had to take a bus a time or two, I feel confident in saying that EVERYPLACE is farther by bus.



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  23. 19 hours ago, Marshall Dillon said:


    I am counting on it!


    If i buy a marlin, it needs to have the deep rifling? Will that be marked on barrel?




    I know folks use both the Ballard rifling and the Micro-Groove rifling.  Some say you should avoid Micro-Groove for lead bullets, some say it makes no difference.  I say I don't have the expertise to tell you which, if either, is best.  Likewise, I don't know how the barrels are marked.


    Glad I could help.  :D



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