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  1. As to the OP.  Would I object?  Probably not.  I'd let somebody know the line was incorrect and the correct information, then let them take it from there.  Maybe the character is supposed to sound like an idiot.  Either way, they're paying me, I'll say what they want.  Pretty much what I once said to a supervisor:  "I only listen to you because I get paid to.  I'll be as inefficient as you want me to be."  That guy was an idiot.  I said the same thing about him to his supervisor.



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  2. 19 hours ago, WOLFY said:

    Thanks Angus... We are both thinking in terms of "non original equipment".   Your definition being not included with the original firearm.  Mine being not made by the original manufacturer (my background is more motorsport than firearm, though).  


    I woulda hoped your friend sent his 938 back to Sig.  Might've been his mag catch wasn't contoured correctly, but still odd that it worked fine with the magazine the gun came with, but not with the 7 rounders.


    I have a 238 and am super tempted to try out a 938.



    I haven't seen the guy for a while, but, I was told he traded the 938 back to the dealer and got something else.  I still have no idea why the mags wouldn't work in his pistol.  When I see him, I plan to ask him what he was told by the dealer when he took it back.


    I'm a big fan of the 938.  Concealable, accurate and much lighter recoil than I expected from such a small sized 9mm.

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  3. 1 hour ago, WOLFY said:



    I’m unclear on what exactly an “aftermarket sig brand” magazine is...


    If that is directed towards me, I used the term to mean that he bought the magazines after purchasing the pistol and that they were marketed, marked and sold as Sig Sauer manufactured magazines.  To me, "after market" means purchased separately from, "after", the subject matter item.  It could be any brand.  Same brand as the item or any other brand that will work with, or on, the item.  In the above case they were Sig Sauer.


    Does that make sense to you?  I'm open to any other definition.  That's just mine.


    Hope that helps.



    p.s.  After re-reading my comment it looks like I'm being a smart-@$$.  That was not my intent, so please don't read it that way.

  4. I've got an old Springfield Trapdoor in .45-70 I like to put a few rounds thru every once in a while.  The problem is it has a bad tendency to puncture primers.   When I first got it I traced the problem to a burr on the point of the firing pin.  I stoned it off and the problem disappeared.  Unfortunately the problem has reoccurred.  Another burr on the firing pin has appeared.  My guess is there is a rough spot inside the bolt/trapdoor near the firing pin hole that is rubbing against the firing pin.


    The question is:  How to I get my dremel that far down into the firing pin channel to polish out that rough spot?  :D  No, seriously tho, how do I get something down there to get rid of that inside burr?


    It's a fun rifle to shoot, and accurate, even if the sights are way-hella-high.  I can hit the silhouette at 200 yards pretty regularly with the sights bottomed out.  It'll go over the top of targets at 100.  But, that's another problem.  Can't/won't shoot it at all if the primers keep getting pierced and hot gas flows back along the firing pin with every shot.  






  5. 2 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:
















                                   you checked ...... didn't you.







    Yes, I did.  It listed Rigmarole and Kerfuffle twice.  I only saw Baloney once.  So quit yer shenanigans ya decrepit old codger or I'll see you gobsmacked on your britches by a whatsit til your caterwalling wakes the Nucklehead two blocks over.


    I hope this puts the kibosh on this hullabalou.  Can't have numbskulls spreading this kind of malarky all willy-nilly.  Consider yourself lambasted.


    Guess I'll skedaddle now.  Mischief managed.  :D




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  6. 2 hours ago, Dirty Dog Doug said:

    How come since I retired the battery tools have gotten soo much  better??!!

    While my Dewalt garden tools dont have the power of gas ones . Being able to grab it and pull the trigger instead off hoping it starts on the first pull 

    while  I have had a number of battteries turn to paper weights Dewalt has been good about replacing them 

    that fan had saved me one some hot summer shoots  { well hot for the SF bay area  92}

    how far we have come since the  9.6 volt makitas 




    Really?  They do that?  For free or for how much?  I've got a bunch of old batteries and some DeWalt tools that are almost paperweights due to lack of working batteries.  I'm not sure if they even still sell the battery types I need, but they were expensive when they did sell them.



  7. 2 hours ago, Noz said:

    I have an idea!

    Let's start a new category.

    1. We'll tell them what kind of powder they can use.  black only

    2. We'll tell them what kind of ignition they can use. percussion caps only

    3. What kind of pistol they can use, SS percussion fired only

    4. How many hands can you put on the gun at any firing. One, duelist prefered

    5. RE: #1 Some of the new substitute powders are getting awful clean so let's add a minimum smoke allowed per shot.

    OK enough about the pistols.  Let's give them a break on the rifle. They can use any rifle that can be used in any other SASS category. AS LONG AS THEY COMPLY WITH #1 AND #5 ABOVE  Lord help them when they try to burn charcoal through their delicate Swiss watchmaker tuned rifles.

    We also won't tell them about the rust that forms everywhere the powder touches and places it doesn't have to touch like the inside of the magazine tube, the trigger return spring, base pins etc. Oh, and rifles must meet every restriction placed on any rifle used in any category in SASS.


    SHOTGUN. This will be easy.

    6.  See #1 and #5 above

    Use any shotgun used in SASS............except Winchester models 93 or 97.. Too modern don'tchaknow.  You can shoot the 87,   if you are very patient and careful.

    7. Double barrels? Any is fine unless they eject the empties.  If they do that is too much of an advantage.  There are gunsmiths that will happily remove the mechanism that was invented in the 1860s to make your shogun easier to shoot.

    8. Be prepared to load 2 to 3 times as much powder as is necessary to meet the unkind harassment by a group that calls themselves WARTHOGS   Sissys shoot reasonable loads


    Additional aspects.  The guns, your hat(You know the one that has holes burned in it), your boots, your clothing(also with holes) your hair your beard and your body all stink.  Burning sulfur has a way of clinging.  A closed car ride with the heater going on the way home with a Frontiersman is a real adventure.  On trips frequently made you will soon remember where each sewer plant along the trip is located.  A good place to stop for a breath of air.


    Now some good things.  Every Frontiersman in SASS is totally convinced that their method of shooting, their guns and their attitude toward the less fortunate suppository shooter are superior and very much prefer to "hang out" with only others of such an elite group.





    Are you saying you want to change Frontiersman?      Just checking.   :lol:



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  8. A coworker bought a Sig P938 "Legion" because he really liked my P938.  For some unknown reason his P938 would not feed ammo from the aftermarket 7 round magazines (SIg brand) he had bought.  Three brand new Sig 7 round magazines and his pistol wouldn't feed any of them.  Nor would it work with my 7 round magazine.  It worked fine with the 6 round magazines it came with.  My pistol worked with them all.


    I do not know what the difference is between the "Legion" P938 and mine, but the 7 round mags were a no-go in his pistol.  I don't know what he was told when he took the gun back to the dealer, but he traded it in on something different.  He owned it for about two months.



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  9. 20 hours ago, Bordertown Bob said:

    If the .308 brass is brass I will take it.  Let me know method of payment and where to send the gold.


    They are brass.  Send me a PM with shipping address and I'll get them boxed and figure out shipping cost.


    If you have Paypal I'll give you the Mrs. paypal info.  (I don't have an account myself, but she usually shares)  



  10. 20 hours ago, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

    Your 7.62x39 Brass or Steel .

    If Brass will take them .


    They are Brass.  Send me a PM with where you want them shipped and I'll put them in a box and figure out what shipping will cost.



  11. 18 minutes ago, bubba5320 said:

    First off I wanted to say thanks to all those that read and helped me out with the selection of my 1866.  I held out and found a newer 38 special model.  Now about ammo.  Whats this I read only lead ammo?  I have a lot of flat nose fmj in 130 gr.  Can I shoot that?  At all? Thanks.  Ammo not easy to come by and I don't reload.  


    "Can I shoot that?  At all?"

    It should be fine to shoot in the rifle.  HOWEVER, as Eyesa said, you can not use it at a CAS match.  For paper targets or plinking: No problem.  Unfortunately fmj bullets will damage the metal CAS targets.



  12. Digging around in the reloading room I came across some more brass to sell:



    9mm Nickle      $45 for 1000, $80 for 2000    shipped    2000 available


    .40 S&W Mix of brass and nickle   950 for $45 shipped


    .38 Special Nickle  1000 for $75 shipped


    .223/5.56      1000 for $40 shipped


    .30-30   30 pieces for $4.50 plus shipping.  About half badly tarnished and will need time in a polisher.  (Unless you don't mind shooting tarnished brass)


    .270 WSM  9 pieces for 2.25 plus shipping


    I'm still trying to organize stuff so I may have more later.




  13. I was in a local gun store last week and they had lots of shotgun primers.  Maybe 50K mix of Winchester, Remington and ???.  Unfortunately not a single rifle or pistol primer on the shelves.  I'm ok on shotgun and small pistol primers, but I think I'm down to a little over 1000 large pistol primers.  Prices did not seem artificially inflated.


    If I could find a sleeve of large pistol primers at a reasonable price I'd buy them.  Otherwise I think I can eek it out for a couple years.  Longer if I go back to a previous caliber and use up already loaded ammo.


    I agree with those that would prefer to shoot a full match instead of an ammo conserving match.  I come for the fun and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to rebuild supplies before I completely run out.



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  14. 2 minutes ago, bgavin said:

    My bud in Arizona spends a lot of time loading his Garands.

    He says H4895/I4895 is fast enough to not over power the gas system as 4350 would do.
    He favors Sierra MatchKing #2220 and #2220 for the 500m rams.
    2600 fps for the 168s, 2500 fps for the 180s.


    I'm also a fan of 4895 for the Garand.  The problem is I don't have any.

    RE: 180 grain bullets - I thought anything over 168 was bad for the Garand because of the possibility of causing the operating rod to bend.


    Still hoping for suggestions using a 150 grain bullet over one of the powders listed above. 

    One vote for Win. 748.  Unfortunately,  I've only got about 1/3# of 748.  That won't load very many '06's but I may use up what I have just to get rid of it.

    Looks like I can rule out 4064 and 4350 for use in the Garand loads.



  15. I was pondering reloading some cartridges for my .30-06 M-1 Garand but I seem to have mislaid some data.  I had a list of "good" and "bad" powders to use for Garand reloads and now I can't find it.  I know there was something about the pressure curve of the different powders used to avoid damaging the operating rod.


    I used to use 4895 almost exclusively for the M-1, but I don't have any.  So, if ya'll could help me out here, I've got about 200 150gr. FMJ bullets to put on top of some .30-06 cases.  I'm not trying to make match winning loads, I just want to have some fun.  Plinking rounds, if you will.


    The powder I have on hand is:  IMR 3031, IMR 4064, IMR 4320, BL-C(2), IMR 4350, H380, Win. 760 and Win. 748.  A lot of these are 1/2# or less so I don't expect to get all 200 rounds put together with the same powder.





  16. 2 hours ago, Alpo said:

    But do you at least get paid for it?


    Many years ago I was a security guard and I was working the midnight to eight shift. When I got my paycheck that week I was paid for 40 hours. I told them that Sunday I had worked nine hours because of the time change. They insisted that my shift started at midnight and ended at 8:00 a.m., which meant it was 8 hours.


    I lost that argument.


    Amazingly, several months later, when we did the time change again, and again I was working midnight, that week I only got 39 hours. They informed me that because of the time change Sunday I only worked seven hours.


    When you are young and dumb, and working minimum wage, often your employer has you by the shorts.


    At my former place of employment we were paid 8 hours during either time change.  Reasoning was that the plus and minus hour evened everything out.  It seemed like I always had to work the weekend with the extra hour and I was always off on the weekend where we worked a short shift.  :(



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  17. 19 hours ago, John Kloehr said:



    Magazine limits apply. No hollow point ammo. Don't even think it.


    ; unload any (10 round) magazines before entering the state.



    No hollow point ammo?  HP's are illegal in NJ?  Wow, that's a new one for me.  No handgun hunting in NJ?  No HP target bullets for rifle matches?  Wow.  Just, wow.


    No 10 round magazines?  Just what the heck is the designated number of rounds allowed in a magazine in NJ?


    Geez, I thought CA and NY were a PITA for gun owners.



  18. My grandfather had been issued a revolver when he reached France for "The Big One".  While he was gone from his unit for training his unit was issued 1911's and the revolvers were collected.  When he returned from training he was issued a 1911, but they did not take his revolver.  The revolver was packed in his duffle bag on the trip home.  Unfortunately, somebody got into the stored gear and took everything of value including the revolver.  For some strange reason they also took a piece of shrapnel that had narrowly missed him and embedded in a tree next to him.  He said he burned his hand on it when he recovered it from the tree.



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