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  1. 19 hours ago, John Kloehr said:



    Magazine limits apply. No hollow point ammo. Don't even think it.


    ; unload any (10 round) magazines before entering the state.



    No hollow point ammo?  HP's are illegal in NJ?  Wow, that's a new one for me.  No handgun hunting in NJ?  No HP target bullets for rifle matches?  Wow.  Just, wow.


    No 10 round magazines?  Just what the heck is the designated number of rounds allowed in a magazine in NJ?


    Geez, I thought CA and NY were a PITA for gun owners.



  2. My grandfather had been issued a revolver when he reached France for "The Big One".  While he was gone from his unit for training his unit was issued 1911's and the revolvers were collected.  When he returned from training he was issued a 1911, but they did not take his revolver.  The revolver was packed in his duffle bag on the trip home.  Unfortunately, somebody got into the stored gear and took everything of value including the revolver.  For some strange reason they also took a piece of shrapnel that had narrowly missed him and embedded in a tree next to him.  He said he burned his hand on it when he recovered it from the tree.



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  3. 7 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I was just thinking about that one. Sergeant somebody-or-other wrote it. Wore a red bandana tied around his neck, and the bad guys called him the redneck.


    I wish I still had it, but that was four maybe five computers ago.


    Sgt. Drydock?


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  4. 4 minutes ago, Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172 said:



    Just an aside question, have you ever had the opportunity to shoot over at Sparta. I understand the State of Illinois closed it down? 


    Yes, I've shot there a couple times.  Great range.  It's a bit of a drive for me so I haven't been there for a while.


    I'm not sure if it's currently open or closed.  I understand it's bounced back and forth between the two.  I believe the Kaskaskia Cowboys have had at least a couple matches there over the last few months.   I don't know if they were able to have the IL State SASS shoot there this year or not.  I do know the Grand American Trap Shoot was moved from Sparta to Missouri because they couldn't be sure which way the wind was going to be blowing once the time for the shoot arrived.


    I know there are a few pards on this here wire that shoot there regularly and surely know more about the status of the range.




  5. 25 minutes ago, Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172 said:


    Angus, I found a list that shows the S prefix was used in 1959 serial numbers. 


    Thanks, BMC.  That is correct, however, my rifle is an older Model 39, not a Model 39A.  Also ruled out as 1959 vintage because my grandfather died several years before.


    One difference between the 39 and 39A was the method to load the magazine.  On the Model 39 you push two opposing buttons on the muzzle end of the magazine releasing the outer magazine tube.  Then slide the outer magazine tube up until the buttons pop in to holes at the bottom of the magazine tube holding it up and keeping the magazine spring compressed.  The cartridges are loaded into an interior tube similar to other tube fed .22 rifles.  Once loaded, you again push in the two buttons releasing the outer magazine tube and pushing it back down into the forearm until the buttons pop back into place at the top of the tube.  I always found this interesting and have never seen another rifle with a similarly designed magazine.


    On the Model 39A you push a release at the top of the magazine and pull out an interior sleeve (usually brass) that contains the magazine spring and follower. That sleeve can usually be completely removed from the magazine.  After loading the magazine you push the interior sleeve back down compressing the magazine spring until the tube re-latches in place.


    That's just a bit of trivia that I find interesting.  I do not know what other differences there are between the 39 and 39A.  Mine also has an octagonal barrel, but I don't know if that is exclusive to the 39 or if it is also offered in the 39A.


    SUUUPER rifle.  If I could "take it with me" I would.




  6. Near as I can tell from the Marlin Owners site, mine was manufactured sometime 1925-1930 when the "S" prefix was used in the serial number.  More precise info is not available for Marlins manufactured before WW II.


    I also found out they only recommend standard velocity ammunition be used in the older model 39's due to the bolt design.  The bolt was redesigned in the early '30's when they started using an "HS" prefix.  I guess I'll have to start paying attention to the ammo I feed it, now.  I think most of the .22 ammo I have is labeled as "hyper-velocity".





  7. The recent topics about Marlin 39A's have gotten me thinking.  (lots of smoke, a bit of sputtering before it really caught)


    I have a Marlin 39 that used to belong to my grandfather.  He died sometime late '40's - early '50's before I was born.  My question(s) is:  When did it change from a model 39 to a model 39A?  What was changed from the 39 to the 39A?  I've noticed from the pictures of the 39A's posted on the SASS wire that the tube magazine opens differently, but other than that I don't know of any differences.


    Also, I recall somebody some time back posted a link to a website that showed dates of manufacture by serial number.  If anyone has that link handy I'd appreciate it if you'd share it here.





  8. 21 hours ago, Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 said:


    Not that either Angus :P  My comment when I said that Miss Harley had “done it the hard way” was in regards to the fact that she put the last six shots on the farthest of the revolver targets. :D If it was “at least two on each” wouldn’t ya be faster and more accurate to shoot the closest target the most times?  And in here defense she had intended to do it that way but, well, when the timer went off those plans didn’t come to fruition. 


    For clarification we both shot it correctly according to the stage instructions. Just not correctly to the way I explained it on the video... I guess I’ll have to take a “Hosting Procedural” for that one.  Knock 10-seconds off my next episode. ;)


    I thought she had shot the targets 3-3-4 and not 2-2-6 thereby shooting the stage as per your spoken instructions.  After re-watching the video I'm not positive that's what she did.


    I agree that either way would have been correct as per the actual stage instructions.  I also agree with you that it should be easier to shoot the farthest targets with two shots and the closest with six.


    But, I maintain that my misunderstanding of the video was much funnier than the truth of it.  :P  Therefore I reject your reality and replace it with my own.




  9. 16 hours ago, The Verdigris Kid said:

    I asked him that exact question, he told me to check the comments section of the video where he said he misspoke while explaining. Was actually at least 2 on each.


    OK, that makes sense.  I didn't see the comments.  I just got a big laugh out of the thought that he'd just told Miss Harley "Sit down honey and watch me.  I'm going to show you how to do this stage right."  And then he proceeded to shoot it wrong.  It sounds a lot like something I'd do.  I'm actually glad I didn't see that in the comments before I watched the video.  It's a lot funnier without knowing.


    Jedi, thanks again for the, unintended, laugh.


    Wait, wait wait!!  So did you tell Miss Harley the wrong way to shoot the stage?  She shot it the way you explained it.  You dirty dog, you.  Thanks for another laugh.  (I can see myself doing something like that, too.)  :lol:




  10. Jedi, unless I missed something, you had a P on the stage (started at 3:42) where you commented  "That was the hard way.  Let me show you all how I did it."

    The instructions were:  Shoot each square target three times... shoot each circle target three times.  You then proceeded to shoot the first two squares twice each and the third square 6 times with the rifle, then the first two circles twice each and the third circle 6 times.


    I think you need to apologize to Miss Harley, who shot it correctly, and looked good doing it.  :D


    I enjoy your videos.  Just had to poke some fun at you.



  11. 3 hours ago, Blast Masterson said:


    Well to start with, you cannot refuse an inspection of your vehicle because you feel the Game Warden was a jerk! You're lucky he didn't impound your vehicle.


    Just for reference I was a federal game warden in a past life.
    In most states a game warden has the right to "inspect" (not to be misconstrued as a "search"), if you are located in an area where fish and game are located (not in Times Sq., New York City), and there is reason to believe that you are engaged or could be engaged in the taking of said Fish and Game. This could be as little as a fishing bobber on the dashboard of your truck.


    I'm not splitting hairs with words as our "barracks lawyer" above. What I'm trying to portray is it there is a difference between a Game Warden and a LEO. There are actually different laws and standards of practice for a Game Warden. When it comes to vehicle/building searches a Game Warden has considerably more latitude.


    This is similar to the implied consent law pertaining to driving under the influence. You have a drivers license, which is a privilege not a right and you are agreeing to submit to a field sobriety and/or breathalyzer test (or blood tests) if the officer has "reasonable articulable suspicion"  ;) that your driving under the influence (not to be confused with the right to search the vehicle, visual observations only). If you have a hunting license, "implied consent" comes into play. Again, this is an "inspection" not a "search". Anything found during the vehicle inspection is evidence. Also, the area of the vehicle which is inspected must be able to contain fish and/or game. So searching your eyeglasses holder compartment on the roof of your truck is not likely to hold a 12 point buck or a legal size trout.


    The only reason I'm posting all of this is so no one gets the notion you can flip off a Game Warden that is polite enough to ask to look into your vehicle or cooler (he does not have to 'ask') and get away with it based upon this thread. This Game Warden was probably wet behind the ears otherwise he might have called for a tow truck, impound your vehicle and your gun until such time as a search warrant could be obtained and a now "search" is conducted. Even if nothing was found, you could loose your license to hunt/fish (that greater latitude provided to the Dpt of Fish and Game). Discretion is the better part of valor on his part , but if you want to be a jerk he can play the game also . Just so you know.



    Not looking for a fight, but I am curious, if the game warden has "the right to inspect" and/or "implied consent" then why would you need to get a search warrant or impound any property?  You already have "the right" or "consent", who needs a warrant?  Seems to me that would be an illegal seizure of property without probable cause.


    I've never been a game warden, but my time as a street cop makes that seizure look illegal as heck.


    Sure, tell him "No, you can't search my vehicle"  He replies "Don't care.  Gonna search it anyway."  If he has the right, he has the right.  Your opinion is irrelevant.  But impounding the vehicle on those grounds?




  12. 35 minutes ago, Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L said:

    I've seen that video many times over the years and still can't figure out why he threw the rifle down.


    I'd say that's a natural reaction whenever something in your hands unexpectedly blows up and/or attacks you.



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  13. 50 minutes ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    My personal favorite call was a 17 year old thug from out of state who got caught shoplifting.  There was a group of thugs that were grabbing arms loads of clothing and running out the door.  He was the one who got caught by security.  Apparently he had been caught numerous times before and was always released to his parent due to being a juvenile.  He wanted to know if I wanted his mother's phone number.  I got to inform him that he was considered an adult in Georgia at age 17 and I didn't care if his mother ever found out what jail he was in.   I also congratulated him for now having a felony arrest record that would follow him the rest of his life.  


    YES!!  Similar story.  Local PITA we had a long history with was arrested at 0230 on the morning of his 17th birthday for breaking into and trying to steal a car.   Sorry, not sorry.  We're not calling your mommy to come pick you up anymore.  You get to go to the big boy jail now.


    Isn't it amazing how many thugs want to call their mommy when they get locked up?


    One of our cells was right outside the roll call room so everybody (we ALL knew him) got to stop by and wish him a happy birthday.  




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  14. 2 hours ago, LawMan Mark, SASS #57095L said:

    Always loved the unemployed lawyers who proclaimed they were getting out of whatever charges because I didn't read them their rights...


    Yeah, you be sure to tell the judge that... :) 


    I couldn't tell you how many times I was told:  "You can't arrest me.  You didn't read me my rights."  Really?  Watch this.   <c-c-c-c-c-c-c=click   c-c-c-c-c-c-click> as the cuffs ratchet closed.


    I worked next to a University.  Everybody was a law student, or their daddy was an attorney.



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  15. 29 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    So, if someone is willing to pay $65 and the seller agrees, privately, to accept $64, that wouldn't be a private auction? Please, help me out here.



    EX: I'm willing to pay you your asked for price of $65 for your hat, and you agree (privately or publicly) to sell the hat to Alpo for $64.


    I do not know the dictionary definition of an auction, but, I'd say you and Alpo had dickered over your asked for price.  You said $65, he said $55.  You said $72, he countered with $62.  You counter offered $64 and he agreed.  SOLD to that rascal Alpo for $64.  Sounds like a typical Garage Sale discussion to me.

    Just because you discussed different prices doesn't make it an auction.  If you had stuck to your original asking price of $65 telling that dirty-dog Alpo "Take it or leave it."  Would that still, to you, make it an auction?


    Q:  Did I tell you I'd pay you $65 for your hat before, or after, you agreed to sell your hat to that pole-cat Alpo for $64?


    If not - too bad, so sad.  Angus was late for the party. I should have spoken up earlier.

    If so -shame on you for undercutting me to that good-for-nothing Alpo.  (What!?  Does he have some dirt on you?)


    An auction - "I've got Ms. Allie's hat here.  What'll ya give me for it?  Do I hear $150?  You know it's a bargain at twice the price."  Alpo - "I'll give you $10."  "Shame on you Alpo for such an insulting low bid.  Anybody serious out there?"  Angus - "I'll give you $53"  "That's a little better, but still low"  Alpo -"$60"  "Now we're getting somewhere"  Angus -"$65"   "$65 going to Angus.  Once, twice..."   Alpo - "$64"   "SOLD to Alpo for $64!"      Angus - "????  what just happened there?"


    I hope that helps explain my take on the question.



    Disclaimer:  No Alpos were hurt in the writing of this post.  I understand he's got a good sense of humor.


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  16. 1 hour ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:


    I'm not questioning your actions as they seem to be within the rules. I guess I just thought that, if the seller accepted your offer for less than the posted price, it would make the sale an auction.


    Again, I don't understand what is okay in the Classifieds and had many questions about them.


    I'd call that "haggling", or "dickering" over a set price.  An auction would be when two, or more, fellers keep pushing the price up by outbidding each other.  The price in an auction is fluid and you can't just say "I'll take it" at some previously discussed price.  It does make me smile a bit at the thought of two fellers bidding:  "$73.00", "I'll give you $64.00"  "I bid $60.00 even"  :D



  17. 6 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    That mistake only happens once. 


    You would think that, but, no.  I tried to teach a guy to shoot and warned him about the potential problem before he fired a shot.  He did it anyway.  "I warned you not to do that.  Hurts, don't it?"  The next magazine he did the same thing.   He was a slow learner.  Proof that stupid CAN hurt you.



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  18. Bought a one of a kind item (statuette)  several years back that had a thick round crystal as a part.  When we received it the crystal was broken.  No reimbursement of any kind from USPS unless we gave up the item.  Well, crud!  It's not like we could just order another one so we kept it.  Super glue holds it together now, but it's nowhere near as nice as it was before it got broken.  The big crack thru the crystal really hurts.  The darn thing was expensive.  I just couldn't give it up thinking that some USPS rat was going to get it for free if I turned it in for the insurance.


    Thanks for bringing up bad memories.  :( :unsure:



  19. Darn!  Good deal!  Sorry I missed out on that.  I've been working on getting into WB, but haven't been ready to shell out the bucks for the leather, yet.  For that price it could sit around until I've got the rest of the gear.


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