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  1. Does it have the tapped hole for a tang sight?

    The 2nd tapped hole is what I am referring to. 

    I've had some yellowboys with the hole and some without

    Dang, why do you tempt with the fun toys, at least it isnt a 38-40, or I already would have signed the check....

  2. I would add broth. 

    For some reason I have 9 places in my town to buy food, no canned corn or tp in any of them. 

    Every store had broth. 

    Always have on hand. For thickening sauces. Making soup or making soup go farther. 

    On Top of that great if you are sick. Most people still can hold down broth. 

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  3. no offense intended, I sell and buy a lot of guns online.

    my local dealers will mail hand guns for around 20 to 25 dollars usps

    that is their fee and the shipping, most of the time they can flat rate ship 1 gun, but i have at least 5 local shops that will do it for this price.

    might try calling around, just a suggestion

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