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  1. Cody, just a quick FYI (no disrespect) a 12 stage main match with a 4 stage mini match and speed rifle side match will exceed 200 rounds easy if you play a lot with the side matches........Just  saying.......RT

    1. CodyMaverick


      I thought you might mention that.  Since I usually clean all my guns thoroughly before a big match I like to shoot my main match guns for just one stage of the mini match or a couple of rounds of the speed side matches and then use my back up guns for the rest of it.

    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Good idea about side matches and mini matches, regarding backup rifle.  If there is no fix then I'll just tear down and clean as required.  Thanks for the idea...........RT

    3. CodyMaverick


      Having given it some additional thought.  If your new rifle has a slightly larger chamber than your old one. You could experiment a bit with your load recipe using the new rifle and try to get a little more pressure to expand the case more.  Perhaps a little more powder or a different powder and/or the next heavier bullet in your caliber.


      I noticed one suggestion was to measure and compare the fired cases from each rifle.  Good idea, but if my guess is correct you'll find the diameters to be the same.


      I found out the hard way that my '92 has a much larger chamber than my '73 when I tried a suggestion of just neck sizing my brass.  The neck sized brass from my '92 was very hard to chamber in the '73, they would go in but took a lot more force.  Now I use a Redding Dual Sizing die and it works great.  Since I insist on shooting .45s, blowback and regular gun cleaning are just a way of life.  Good luck

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