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  1. Hey Doc. You know me. All I shoot is BP. I have not found any of the bullets that claim to be good for both bp and smokeless to actually be BP friendly. At least not in my colts. I’ve talked to several of the bullet makers and they almost always tell me when using their bullets with BP to remove and wipe the cylinders and swab the bore between stages. That to me is the exact opposite of BP friendly. Springfield Slims big lube Bullets are the only ones I’ve found that allow me to run 6 stages, let alone a two day 12 stage match without having to do anything to the guns.
  2. I’ll do Rafe a solid and take the rest of them
  3. I thought the point of this thread was to point out things that you don’t like personally.
  4. Chastising people who do call guns weapons, especially since it usually comes from someone that has never served directed toward someone that has.
  5. Brother doesn’t count in California. Don’t know about other states, but immediately family is parents, kids and spouse only.
  6. IF you were local, I’d be all over it. Ffl fees here add another $100 to the price tag
  7. I love that video. Especially since I grew up in that area, about 50 miles south of Bend right off the 97. Fantastic shooting irons for both of ya's
  8. Where did you find an empty bottle? Hard to imagine someone actually drank it
  9. I like that even better. Remember that match where he had a full pistol reload? I told him I just bought a schofield and wanted to do a reload haha. Of course he brought his too
  10. Maybe we can get Rowdy to write us a stage where we shoot only 4 pistol targets and we get a bonus if we shoot it with our 1849's
  11. I’ve had hearing loss in my right ear since I was 24, courtesy of my service to Uncle Sam. My point is that this is a game with a certain amount of risk involved. The guy is not asking for a canon, which some folks do want to light off at matches often times without warning. He wants his 10 gauge to sound like his 12 gauge, which should be perfectly fine with everyone involved.
  12. Gotcha. I measure by drams or grains. Never heard of ounces by volume
  13. I just got my post cards and they are really cool
  14. Maybe we should all just start shooting .22’s so that we don’t offend anyone’s hearing? To the op, before you go too crazy spending a lot of time and effort playing around with your loads, try plastic shells first. I have a 10 gauge greener that I use more than twice the powder I use in my 12 gauge and the 12 seems louder. I think it’s the brass shells combined with felt wads. I don’t know for certain, as I’m not a rocket scientist, nor a sound specialist. It’s just a theory of mine. Oh and what does OBV mean?
  15. I have crossed over before. An example would be a Nevada sweep with targets stretching across the entire stage. Left gun shoots left target, right gun shoots middle, left gun crosses over to shoot right target, and right gun stays put to shoot middle again. The purpose would be so that the right gun isn’t even close to hitting 170, as well as only having to move and aim one gun instead of both. But I never rested one hand on the other arm while doing so. It might help with accuracy, but it would certainly slow you down as well as create a potential scenario where one gun could hit the other crossing back.
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