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  1. What if the shooter was shooting outlaw? At the ready would be at the hip yeah?
  2. I had a really hard time telling my main match guns apart. They weighed the same, had the same dimensions. Yet I always shoot the same one in my left hand and the other in my right. It came down to the grips. Turns out the nickel colt has ivory grips and the cch colt has walnut grips. Finally a way to tell them apart. Now I’m going outside to measure my horses so I can tell them apart. I’ll start with the white one since it’s six inches taller than the black one.
  3. Good deal. that's who I would go with as well. Nobody knows more about that era of Colt's. Please relate whatever information you come by. I love hearing these stories.
  4. These clubs have been playing this game a lot longer than you have, so I think they'll be fine
  5. California state match didn’t have one. Maybe that one is too small?
  6. That’s a nice description. Where’s the requirement?
  7. Which rulebook would this be in that requires a loading table Officer?
  8. I have never seen a loading table officer at any shoot I’ve ever been to. And I shoot at five different clubs.
  9. Redwood Kid


    Try Cody of the cowboy shop. Last I talked to him, he was still working on schofields.
  10. I have been shooting gunfighter since I started this game. Recently I have tried to shooting classic cowboy just because it's really cool (I already dressed the part and shot the guns), and after getting a schofield and realizing it can't handle BP I figured I would try it out. My first match didn't go well. My loads, full cases of BP in 45 colt, were much more stout than I had ever noticed before. You see, when shooting them gunfighter I don't notice the recoil so much because I am aiming and firing the other gun during recoil. Shooting it duelist, I had what seemed like minutes to wait between shots. So I had to drop the recoil substantially in order to even come close to shooting the same times. After getting the load right, and using my natural ambidexterity, I can if everything goes right, shoot faster duelist than gunfighter. But since I have a lot more practice shooting gunfighter, I typically shoot gunfighter faster because everything goes right more often than not shooting gunfighter versus duelist. Maybe with some more practice?
  11. 10 gauge brass? Track of the wolf has the cheapest, about $7.50 each. I have had some issues with those, though. In particular, the case rims are so small and narrow that sometimes they slip right past the extractor of my Greener and then require a rod to get them out. For about $10 per, you can get them custom made to the exact specs you want from Rocky Mountain Cartridge. I recently took chamber castings from my Greener and am planning to send them to RMC and have them custom make a couple dozen for me.
  12. First off, it was a joke. Second, those stats are for caught pedophiles. Nobody covers it up better than clergy
  13. What an awful, horrible minister. Not liking casseroles? Why couldn’t he have just been a normal minister molesting his alter boys? At least then he wouldn’t have had to resign
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