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  1. Drug stores are more likely to become victims of armed robbery than banks. As far as shooting someone, I would advise anyone to check with their county or state attorney's office before you even strap that gun on the first time. The internet is not a good place for legal advice.
  2. Prayers for a great guy.
  3. Considering that according to the FBI stats the average bank robbery nets only about $3,500 it just doesn't pay for the bank to hire armed guards. If they went through a contractor rates would be somewhere around 18 to 20 per manhour. in-house security would cost even more by the time you added everything together. I have been in the security field for over 30 years and you get what you pay for.
  4. I had to drive by my local Lowes store yesterday, didn't need to go there but my route took me by there. There were no parking spots open. It was more crammed than on Black Friday. Wal Marts crowded also. Most of our sport monthly matches range from 10 to 20 shooters I would guess. Most ranges already practice social distancing for safety reasons. I would feel safer in an outdoor setting doing an outdoor activity than I would going to a commercial business.
  5. I ordered a mag cap and a side plate screw from Taylors last night. Got an email this morning that they were on back order due to circumstances beyond their control. They said they were waiting on next shipment from Italy hopefully in next 4 to 8 weeks
  6. I helped run a volunteer organization for many years. At times the buck stopped with me. I know first hand what kind of planning and expenses go into organizing and holding a large event. Many times last minute expenses pop up that weren't budgeted for in the event planning, even if you allow a certain amount for foreseen circumstances. That being said, I have already paid for one scheduled large event this year and plan on paying for two more. When I write that check, to me, the money is spent, gone from my budget. If something happens I can't attend, I don't expect a refund. If something happens the organizing club can't hold the event due to an act of God, man or mother nature I don't expect a refund because most of the time the money I sent has already been spent, on awards, new targets, making facilities better or even graveling the area. If the event is postponed to a later date and I can make that date then yes, I would expect my entry to still be covered. Regards to all
  7. From my own experience you fellers looking at cataract surgery are not in for a bad time. I had both eyes done a couple years ago. As long as you don't come awake during the procedure you be fine as far as pain. The gas dr messed up, I came awake 1/2 through one surgery, not a good feeling.
  8.  “‘Two wolves battle inside us all. One good and one evil; the one that wins in the one you feed the most’ - Cherokee Proverb.”

  9. This the old Mt Wolf, he of the big chunk of coal fame. Hope the holidays find you and your in good health and spirits I have a question, are you fellows having ya Bourbon Trail shoot agin in 2017? if so when. I stunk the hollow up last time with my rifle deciding not to work right so I have to at least finish next to last to redeem myself. If ya are shooting let me know when I should be able to be there. Til later.

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