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  1. I never trust Ky weather in April.
  2. Great guns, I got one from Longhunter a few months ago and I love it.
  3. Ky State Championship is just a week away, still time to register n load ammo. Copperhead Joe, Cat A Tonic and the rest of the Ponderosa Pines Posses puts on a great match.
  4. I tried a pardners vest on today at a match, guess I am a lil larger than I thought, 2x wont work.
  5. Myself and my departed shooting pard, Dirty Rotten Ray, just really started getting into the costume aspects early last year. As for winning an award our thoughts were " We might not win but we will look good losing" I set personal goals and am happy when I meet them. After being in the sport for a number of years I had never shot a clean match. Back about a week ago I was doing good and heading into the final stage I was shooting clean, I slowed down, took my time and finally got my clean match. Different goals for different people.
  6. In the market for a size 2x vest, open to color
  7. Rifle would be 30 30 or 5.56.
  8. I plan on switching from a Dillion square deal b to another loader so I can load rifle. I am looking at 2, the Dillion 550C and the Hornady AP. I have a set of Lee dies so that is taken care of. I know this is probably a Ford vs Chevy deal but I would like some actual user input on both. By video only I am liking the Hornady, Thanks.
  9. I am just curious if many shooters run different bullet weights in their pistols versus their rifles. I find I do better with a lighter weight in pistols but better with the rifle with a heavier weight. I shoot 38's in both rifle and pistol. Pistol I use 105 gr and rifle i use 125 gr.
  10. There will be several of the infamous Dirty Rotten Gang there.
  11. With the prices and availability of shotgun ammo I am seriously looking at starting to reload shotgun ammo. Haven't really set down and figured out the cost benefit ratio.
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