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  1. Be there Thursday morning that week. Motel reserved, ammo ready. BG was great and I figure State will be also.
  2. Appears to me that every snowflake in the country wants to knockdown history and people in to appease themselves.
  3. Prayers to the Preacherman from the Ky gang
  4.  “‘Two wolves battle inside us all. One good and one evil; the one that wins in the one you feed the most’ - Cherokee Proverb.”

  5. This the old Mt Wolf, he of the big chunk of coal fame. Hope the holidays find you and your in good health and spirits I have a question, are you fellows having ya Bourbon Trail shoot agin in 2017? if so when. I stunk the hollow up last time with my rifle deciding not to work right so I have to at least finish next to last to redeem myself. If ya are shooting let me know when I should be able to be there. Til later.

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