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  1. Most places will allow you to stage ammo for use during the stage, getting them to the line any small stringed bag will work. kR
  2. Measure from the outside of his hand to the backend of the bbl, that is at least 12" then measure from his hand to the end of the bbl. It is at least 4" longer. I just measured forestock on 3 different length 73's they are all 12" from back of bbl to end of forestock. If what is left of the bbl is more by at least 4" the bbl length has to be at least 28". kR
  3. If his hand is at the end of the forestock that bbl is at least 28". kR
  4. Thats 4T he likes to dance around a little before gits serious. kR
  5. Lets git him started right by shootin outlaw from the start. kR
  6. PM me your cell# I just took pics and it is not CC, its blued.
  7. Rollan I have a JM Marlin 38/357 with a ss by Lassiter and has not been shot much. If you still would like to trade we can work something out. We were at cowtown on yesterday also. We could probably meet somewhere ans make the deal. You would get to see what we have and we would do likewise. kR
  8. I have read that somewhere-just forgot where. kR
  9. Did you give it a thorough internal cleaning before shooting it. Could be the lube in it from the factory. kR
  10. Reminds me of what Noz says "leave Frontersman alone". I think we need more simplification in our rules. kR
  11. My point exactly. Instead of becoming more liberal in what is allowed where, we should be being less lenient with exceptions and dilution of current rules. Maybe we could even work to reduce the # of rules needed. kR
  12. Hey good idea lets make all guns legal for all classes. kr
  13. Thought that was Merci Beaucoup Kajun. kR
  14. The easiest way to lighten your springs on that 66 (lever and carrier) is to put very thin washers between the frame and the spring. This raises the spring slightly and takes some of the tension off, adjust thickness to get them where you want them. Sometimes new brass has a very thin plastic film on it. Has that been removed? kR PS thanks Pettifoger for the idea on spring tension.
  15. Coulda been you're livin in the right state. kR
  16. If you do shoot with them be careful they will have you doin things you never thought you would do . kR
  17. I have asked FFL's and BATF agents questions and not always got the correct answer. Their website will give you the right answer. kR
  18. TW is holding his snake like the pic on the left. not like the one on the right. kR
  19. Go on the BATF website look in the frequently asked questions portion you will or should be able to get a definitive answer there. If you can't find the answer there call the 800 number listed. kR
  20. What you just said makes sense to me, I have always felt transactions or conversations are preferred in person rather than over the phone or by texting etc. kR
  21. How do you figure 8-9 feet tall ? The snake looks looks to be longer than he is tall. His arms are not held out in front of him in an effort to make the snake look bigger. kR
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