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  1. Looked more like NY bedbugs. kR
  2. Doin a little coyote huntin HC? kR
  3. I think all that rain they got out there in PRK has magically turned to KOOL-AID. kR
  4. When we start shooting again at ACSA Shirttail and I should be there we will bring several different guns for you to try. Maybe that will help with your picking out what you need. kR
  5. Sign of the times? kR
  6. There fixed it for ya CB kR
  7. PM's not getting posted don't know why. kR
  8. You should probably keep it. Having said that if you do desire to sell/trade I might be interested. I live in Arizona City (about 1 1/2 hrs from Avery) and shoot with the folks up there most of the time. Lou Graham knows me as do all the rest of the cowboys at Cowtown and ACSA. PM me if you are interested and we will find out what it is worth and let me know what you are looking for. kR
  9. Refer to OMGB's post. I'm to old to know how to post pics. kR PS If you would like pics I can text you some on a cell#.
  10. Mine was made sometime after 1860 as the topstrap has "Col Colt Hartford CT USA" . kR
  11. Well, ask a Steampunk Cowboy if he would show up dressed as a Classic Cowboy. kR
  12. For decades they have been given multiple examples of how to do this. I see no reason to believe they would not do it when the opportunity arises. kR
  13. So, basically the booster is good until you do something to need a tetanus shot for. kR
  14. WTH was your original post now I got me curious? kR
  15. Sometimes ya git more replies on a delete than ya do on what ya started with. kR
  16. OK Widder you got me thinkin. IF you only could do one and had a stock, where would you go from there? kR
  17. Ya really should leave it so people have a choice which one they want to read. Like if you have twins you keep them both. kR
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