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  1. One of the lgs has had 22 ammo for the last month and is selling it for $3.29+tx for 50 rounds. They do limit purchases to 1 box per purchase. kR
  2. Not a glock. Look similar to a Ruger or an FMK. kR
  3. I do have to clean the sides of the hammers as they will get fouling on them quickly. If there is any resistance to the hammer fall it can have a negative effect. on ignition of the caps. One of my revolvers has engraving on the sides of the hammer and it will foul the quickest. I don't have Slix nipples on my revolvers but Shirttail has them on hers and she uses Rem 10's. kR
  4. I shot my C&B Piettas last weekend and had only one failure to fire. My thumb slipped off the hammer. I was using CCI # 11 caps that I purchased in 1999 in Houlton ME, they worked fine. My revolvers were tuned by Dragoon gunworks. I have 8 cylinders and some of them take CCI # 10 caps. I fired 60 rounds and the only misfire was my own fault. Anytime I get a misfire and it fires the second time it is usually a failure on my part to seat the cap properly. Forgot to mention two of the cylinders had been loaded a year and a half ago and and discharged just fine. kR PS I wear a glove
  5. I have one gun done by him, very nice. kR
  6. He tried mine once, don't know if his ears recovered or not. kR
  7. Let me know if you need some brass for that. kR PS or bullets.
  8. I figured a dry pair of sox would be appreciated. kR
  9. I use an IAC most of the time and find it is particular as to length of SG shell. Lately because of availability of ammo I have been using several brands that are a little shorter than Gun Club or AA. They work fine as long as they are put on the bottom with the AA or Gun Club on the top. If I use the shorter shell on the top they will catch on the left side of the chamber. Don't know why, don't care just do it the way the sg likes. kR
  10. I use one on my right hand when I'm shooting GF with my C&B revolvers as the caps sometimes get between my hand and the grip. kR
  11. The brass hulls need to be shortened then they will run just fine. Make them the same length as an unfired AA or gun club. kR
  12. With that in mind ya oughta think up a ? for each of the answers ya got. kR
  13. Might be a Marbles. Shirttail has an old Winchester 44-40 that has a similar site on it. Doesn't have the bead on top but is a thin wall circle with a gold lining. I was told by the gent we bought it from that it was an old Marbles. kR
  14. Haven't seen any of the Kimbers lately, but did see a glock with those colors. kR
  15. Just lookin at his clothes he does not appear to be a workin cowhand. kR
  16. I have a pair of Walkers and one conversion cylinder I will bring to Prescott next time we make it up there. You can take a look. kR
  17. Shooting App or BP following shooting with smokiless makes the fouling much easier to remove, IF you use a water based BP cleaner. kR
  18. Have you looked at the price of dirt (property) in some locales lately? The influx from PRK has driven the price of homes thru the roof here. 22 ammo is not that bad at the LGS here 50 rnd box for $3.29 + tax. kR
  19. Go on the ATF website and look under "frequently asked questions" the answer should be there. kR
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