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  1. Any that I bought usually went bad about a half hour after I drank it. kR
  2. Sounds strangely like "Socialized Insecurity" kR
  3. Ya don't have ta go to far ta find em. Seems like we got a couple in our midst. kR
  4. Practice with your left hand. Pretty soon it will come natural to shoot left as well as right. kR PS BP is a much softer recoil than smokiless and you can shoot it in any category.
  5. Until 2 years ago I was purchasing Dupont BP made in the 60's and earlier. I would buy a couple pounds a year because that was all the guy would sell me. Worked fine. kR
  6. No, but it might be Sagebrush Burns. kR
  7. Been using this method for years, The meat will last almost forever because no oxygen comes in contact with it. kR
  8. Lots of folks do it. There are several places that you can have your mail sent to (when you are not there) and have it forwarded. kR
  9. 72? Ya don't look that old but we remember when ya used to. kR
  10. I may have one if you have a part # for it before I leave on Tues. morning. kR
  11. I don't believe anyone makes necked pistol cases in carbide. kR
  12. Cool Joe. Thanks for postin that. kR
  13. BM I think you are livin too close to the salt water, yer gonna have to move farther inland. kR
  14. Kind of a high SASS # ya got there. kR
  15. Thanks my friend I knew I needed another gun. Say Hi to Shortcake for us. kR
  16. JJ is like good cheese he just keeps gittin moldier. kR
  17. I tried one of my old phones (20 yrs old) a month ago just to see if it would work, it did. It hasn't been charged in years and held its chg for over a week. When I tried to use it it connected to my service but told me I would need to use a credit card to complete the call. It also got at least as good a signal as my 4g phone. kR
  18. Just because you posted that I will use my C&Bs at Tusco when I shoot there this year. kT
  19. Check for clubs in your area and contact whoever is in charge of the match they should be able to give you some help. kR
  20. I never snap a cap before loading my C&B pistols or cylinders. The nite before a shoot I blow the excess Ballistol out of each nipple with a compressor then run a dry patch thru each cylinder. I have had debris from snapping caps stay in the nipples and create problems. You also do not remove any excess lube from the cylinder by snapping a cap so you can get the powder contaminated by lube. kR
  21. Contact Lassiter, Tom's single action shop. kR
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