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  1. Ride this dead horse. kR
  2. In more ways than you can imagine. kR
  3. After being eaten for lack of a better thing to do with it. kR
  4. A dead horse would have been gone long ago. kR
  5. One of each perfect for a start. kR
  6. We are going to be at Prescott for the shoot on the 2nd Sunday of Dec, if you are going to be there I would be interested in the 45/70 brass and maybe some other brass if you still have it. kR
  7. I have one but will not be home for another 3 weeks. 24" octagon pistol grip short stroked. kR
  8. I think if they wanted me to use DA they would have told me. That little bit of oil is probably good enough for lube where it is used. kR ps I don't go in the Dillon store that often, probably only 5-6 times a year.
  9. I'm pretty sure they won't be there ahead of time. kR
  10. You are correct. I looked at the chart and got the wrong date. The carrier is the short one for the 44/40, I don't know the groove dia.
  11. This is about on par with some of those WTC's. kR
  12. I have a 5 digit with the lever safety and cut out frame. kR PS serial # 21XXX date code 1975 (AA)
  13. I wouldn't worry about some lube missing. I have had a vendor insist on prepayment, tell me I would have the bullets in 2 weeks and not get them for several MONTHS. Then I only got them because I insisted on a refund. The mold that he used to pour them was so mismatched they could not be sized to avoid blow by. Another vendor sent me bullets that had been poured into a mold that was not hot enough and 60% of them were unuseable even for Cowboy shooting. kR
  14. Damn, I did not realize I was old enough to be Tom B's Pa. kR
  15. A prudent person would not put gasoline containers in the backseat of a car. Any electrical spark could set it off. kR
  16. Dillon says to use rubbing alcohol. kR
  17. Shirttail Bess just used something called "Maxx BLU" its a wipe, works very well. She used it on a pair of CCH revolvers that had some rust patches. Took all the rust off and never affected the CCH. kR
  18. Try one of the sites that has obsolete or antique brass you may be able to find more about them. kR
  19. Jack First, Rapid City, SD kR
  20. Shot mine this morning, quite peppy with 51gs of 2f and a 300g bullet. Most accurate with that bullet was 40gs. kR
  21. PM me your Cell# and I will send them to you in a text. kR
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