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  1. Some of the screws from the Taurus will fit the originals, like the screw that holds the forearm on. kR
  2. There are some old ruins and such in the area also. kR
  3. What happen everybody takin a nap? kR
  4. Federal, S&B and some Remingtons are also soft. kR
  5. Machine the end of the factory crimp die a little and the case will go into it farther giving you more crimp. My smokiless 44 wcf loads have no crimp groove and they still work fine. kR
  6. Well they musta tookem out because they had em in 65-66. Even had one way streets. kR
  7. I watched twice as many as you did. Oh no, I'm sorry you watched twice as many as I did. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. kR
  8. Although Hodgdens does not list a load for 700X Lymans lists it as the most accurate load. kR
  9. The first year I shot the BO I placed 2nd and it was not done that way. kR
  10. A '73 trapdoor, no problem. An '84 trapdoor, big problem, as the sight is nonadjustable in the down position. kR
  11. Got nuff for a whole posse right there. kR
  12. Sounds like fun. I would pick four that had nothing in common and that would be the thing they had in common, no relationship at all. kR
  13. Better I suppose than trippin over your own hair. kR
  14. Best load I've found is 23 gs of Black MZ under a 230 g bullet. Works in a 1911 or my Ruger Vaqueros. Does not have the sharp recoil of a smokiless load. kR
  15. Better check and make sure artifact hunting is allowed on public land. Most places it is not. On private land you must have owner permission. kR
  16. BP shooting works nicely. kR
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