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  1. Before you replace any of your springs make sure your lever and carrier spring are not contacting the frame when the lever is open or nearly open all the way. If they are or one of them is it will make it seem as though the lever safety spring is too strong. kR
  2. I would think checking the politics of the author would go a long ways to making a decision about credibility of "historical" articles or books. kR
  3. Chelating agent(s) multi-vitamins kR PS mine was at 31 and I lowered it to 24 in a six week period while shooting six multi day matches and practice
  4. As long as we could fit it in a shooting schedule I would be interested. kR
  5. I use 357 in pistol and 38 for rifle. Reason is I like a 147g bullet for rifle and it is too long to work in a 357 case. I have a lot of 357 and 38 cases. So use what you have and you will be happy. kR
  6. I have a rifle that had a hitch in its gitalong, simple fix. Took the sping and follower out of the magtube (it was too short and dirty) replaced it with one the proper length and problem disappeared. kR
  7. Just to clairfy that pic is not my 87, its my 44-40 rifle. kR
  8. Bein from AZ I figured I would use my 87. kR
  9. I have two cartridge loops on my sg belt one for rifle one for pistol. kR
  10. If you keep up with this kind of post I'm pretty sure there will be a special place reserved for you in some place that is extremely hot or very cold. kR
  11. Kid Rich

    1897 shotgun

    If you used the 2 1/2" shells they made when they made the 97's you would find they do indeed take 6. kR
  12. I'm pretty sure they would get an attitude adjustment if they showed up at CAC. kR
  13. I've had that happen a few times. I just run it thru the sizing die with the depriming pin removed and shoot it. kR
  14. Check the case length. I bought some new Bertram brass for a 38-56 and it was a little more than 1/16" shorter than original and was very hard to get a decent crimp on it with original dies. kR
  15. May not be the dream. kR
  16. Last one I did was slow smoked for nearly 36 hrs. I took it in for the crew I worked with and it was gone in 15 minutes. kR
  17. I've got one of the Navy Arms 45/90's and it cocks upon opening. kR
  18. Looked to me like the RIA also had the best group of the bunch. kR
  19. What ever makes ya happy Joe. kR
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