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  1. slk

    Colt saa trigger

    You mean the left side right????
  2. slk

    Colt saa trigger

    Cool... I just never paid any attention to the orientation of the trigger. I also never paid attention to how narrow the trigger is either.
  3. slk

    Colt saa trigger

    I was just noticing on my Cimarron saa 45 colt that the trigger is offset to the left side slightly. Was that the way the colts were made also. Funny I had never paid attention to that until the other day.
  4. slk

    Henry 1860 replicas

    I like the ones that have the brass cap on the forearms. I was just looking at barrel lengths to get an idea of the heft of them. My original winchester 1892's all have 24" barrels, and my 1894's have 20". So that gives me an idea of what we are talking about here. The 24" barrels look so elegant to me, but I do not think they would have made good saddle guns in the old west, Carrying one in the woods for hunting might have been ok with more down range accuracy, but how much better who knows.
  5. slk

    Henry 1860 replicas

    So from what i think I am hearing the 1866 is a tad lighter, and easier to handle. I was looking at the Uberti 1866 sportsman's rifle with the brass cap on the forearm. They are a sharp rifle for sure, and sidegate loading.
  6. Hey guys. Is anyone here shooting an 1860 replica rifle? Just trying to get some opinions on them.Henry, Uberti,and Cimarron comparisons? Also is the feeder tube plunger annoying when it moves down the tube towards your hand? I was also comparing them to the 1866 sportsman's rifle which I know is a totally different rifle all together. Just wanting to get some thoughts for you. Thanks Steve
  7. I will try what I did on my shoulder holster for my PPK. I wrapped it in wax paper and just stuffed it in the holster and left it a few days and it turned out great. Prior to that I would have been beaten to a pulp before I could get it out. It was extremely tight.... Steve
  8. I have an email out to them asking that question....
  9. Ok I have another question about holsters, and forming them. I was told that a way to do them is to wet the entire holster with hot water, and put the pistol in a baggie and slip it in the holster and let it dry. Thoughts?????? Steve
  10. I know this will be a controversial subject. Several years ago I bought a Cimarron Model P pre war and it did infact have 4 clicks. A year ago I bought another one and it only has 3 clicks. It operates very smooth. I was reading a post somewhere that you could request the parts to convert it back to 4 click but not so sure Cimarron will sell you the parts. Don't know?? Don't even know if it is worth the trouble doing that. Steve
  11. Has anyone bought from Historical Emporium out of California. I know looks can be deceiving but they have some good prices on holsters and belts.
  12. The Cheyenne looks good. I am thinking a 2 1/2 " belt though. I will have to give you a call as I have lots of questions.
  13. That is a cool looking rig. I like that style...
  14. Does anyone here have any experience with the Evil Roy model of Uberti revolvers? I was commenting to someone how smooth the Model P's are and they said the Evil Row was even better. Just thought I would get your opinions.
  15. Not looking for fast draw holsters. Yes they do need to hold their shape for sure. Just looking for a rig that could be worn while walking in the woods and messing around. I do want the cowboy look though.
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