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  1. Looking for a set of drop holsters to get my wife, Dixie Devil, up and running. Prefer a brown set, but black would work as well. These are for 4 1/2" new vaqueros in 38/357. HD
  2. This is an E model 1897 takedown version. I'm pretty sure the stock is not original, it seems to have a pretty good finish on it, but the wrist is smaller than my stock 97. Makes for a great 97 for a person with smaller hands (ladies?) but it's not a youth stock and doesn't appear to be cut down. Has a plastic butt stock cover by Nikko (whomever that is!). Serial number 517617 has manufacturer date of 1912. action is in great condition for its age, cycles as it should and is smooth. has a new extractor that is properly tuned. trigger Has not been lightened for cowboy use as I never got a chance to tweak it. It was meant to be my backup, but it's only been shot in a couple of matches to verify function. The front half of it has been re-blued and the mag tube has been polished as can be seen in the photos. The bluing isn't so great and could probably be re-done at some point but it functions very well. There is a small crack in the butt stock that has been repaired. I've done my best to photograph it. It's a takedown version, and the recevier to barrel fit is tight, no slop and is in the middle of the adjustment range (if I remember right) Barrel has been cut down to legal length (plus 1 inch I think) as you can see and a large brass bead has been installed by a pro. I'd have zero issues bringing this to a match and using it all day. Price is $700 (which is what I'm told it's worth) - but I'm open to reasonable offers AND TRADES OF OTHER FIREARMS. Prefer Face to Face in Oklahoma City Metro , but willing to ship to an FFL as well. If my price is way out of line, KINDLY let me know. I've been out of the game for a while.
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