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  1. I need to visit 8 states to complete the 50! Oregon, Alaska, Minnesota, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Nebraska. Not asking for special consideration however, it would be nice if one of my needed states were the host for EOT 2021! Exciting news! Can’t wait to hear where it’s gonna be held!! Big hugs! Scarlett
  2. COME ON DOWN!!! The SC State Match is April 8-10! Www.SCstatematch.com gonna be fun!!! Palmetto Posse - 1st Saturday Gaston, SC Moonshine at Dark Corner 1st Sunday 1pm Travelers Rest Belton Bushwhackers 2nd Saturday Belton, SC Hurricane Riders 3rd Saturday, Gallivants Ferry SC Savannah River Rangers - 3rd Sunday, Gaston, SC Givhans Ferry Gunfighters, 4th Saturday, Ridgeville, SC Greenville - 4th Sunday - closed til March 1. not any “big” matches except for the state match but we ALWAYS have a BIG TIME when we get together!
  3. The black horn or buckhorn 209 is not a SASS approved black powder substitute. I am the distributor for American Pioneer Powder and ship by the case 12 pounds/case. I ship 1, 2 and 4 case quantities. Feel free to email me at Bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com. Hugs!
  4. How many do you need? I believe I have quite a few ... I can send some FFg home with @Max Payne from Dark Day... he said he was ok with being my “mule” Hugs Scarlett
  5. I thought I could get some caps... but not knowing about them ... so, I checked with my suppliers and can get CCI #10s and #11... NO Remington #10s. IF I can be of assistance... let me know via email and I will TRY to help out. No promises because this is a product that I don’t usually carry... bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com Merry Christmas! Scarlett
  6. Apparently there’s a permit required to purchase primers in Canada... I tried to purchase from a wholesaler there but they don’t sell or ship to the USA...
  7. My website is not taking orders HOWEVER, I am still shipping a LOT every day! Please email me at bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com or call me at (843) 833-0770. And I will do my best to help you! I’ll be all caught up soon - except for some odd things and 125gr RNFP. Merry Christmas! Hugs! Scarlett
  8. I’ve got 200 gr 45 in stock... other via email bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com. Other weights are coming available all the time. Not too far behind on the “regular” bullets. Hugs & Merry Christmas! Scarlett
  9. Our suppliers had a lot of caps (not sure if they were #10s) the last time I looked - last couple of weeks. We have never ordered them but I could.... if I might help email me at bulletsbyscarlett@gmail.com Merry Christmas Hugs! Scarlett
  10. Outstanding match and we raised a bunch of money for Toys for Tots and an SUV full of toys!
  11. I don’t trust the information on club websites because sooo many are out of date... IF clubs are gonna have websites, PLEASE KEEP THEM UPDATED! Summer hours/summer dress/masks/etc... I love @Snakebite’s Masked Posse option. I’m a Covid survivor and masker - not immune beyond about 60 -90 days so I’m keeping up my masking practice. Big hugs! Scarlett
  12. Slick, I can’t wear any of your hats... I’m a 7 5/8... it’s HAIR not brains.... and, well the other stuff won’t work with my um well er... “curves” ... but only a dog likes a bone, right? I just wanted to PUBLICLY say that this makes me SAD. You and your family are delightful people and Tommy and I care deeply for you all. We wish you only good things and all that life has to offer! Big hugs and a LOT of love, Scarlett & Tommy
  13. One of the BEST matches in SASS!! Plus, it’s BLACK POWDER!!! Hope to see lots of y’all there! Hugs! Scarlett
  14. I am soooo sorry that things are the way they are!!! I am out of ammunition presently but hope to have some after the first of the year. Big hugs! Scarlett
  15. Me, too. The owner paid for a set of tuned pistols and by God, I’d make ‘em make it right! Big hugs! Scarlett
  16. https://bulletsbyscarlett.com/ is the proper link for my site... and I’m out of stock on cowboy ammunition. I HATE TO HAVE TO SAY IM OUT!!! Breaks my heart! I hope to have some after the first of the year. I’ll let folks know - it will be for cowboys only. great big hugs!! scarlett
  17. We talked to Brett two days ago and there is NOTHING going on at APP. Been dealing with APP for the last 2+years and this is the first I’ve heard of an explosion. No @John Kloehr your powder is not 4 years old!! All is well We Sell the ShootersWorld Multi-Black (virtually Black MZ). If you need APP, place an order on my website by 12/7 to guarantee 2020 pricing. $264/case 3F delivered. There’s plenty to be had! Big hugs! Scarlett
  18. I’m proud of the understanding this post has received. As someone who has been VERY careful - wearing a mask, distancing, washing hands, - My husband, Tommy and I STILL got covid and am about a week off of isolation. Tommy was much sicker than I and it was quite scary a couple of times wondering if he’d have to be hospitalized. SASS is SUCH a bug part of my life and it’s what brings me TONS of JOY! I HATE not going to shoots and missing everyone HOWEVER, I do NOT want to be sick or have any of my cowboy family sick with Covid-19. Thank you WR folks for your hard work and dedicat
  19. The bottle SAYS 3F... however, in REAL LIFE it’s more like a 2.5F - coarser and a little more “POP”.... if that’s what you’re after! Hugs! Scarlett
  20. Already are! Don’t ship though except in case quantity - 12 pounds ... since you’re so close to Graf’s you can pick it up there. It’s currently in stock! Big hugs! Scarlett
  21. I use it in the cartridges i shoot and sell ... I don’t load SG smokeless so... @Widder, SASS #59054 can really give you some information on it.... I sell it and would NOT lie however, I do think you might prefer to hear from someone who doesn’t get paid from Clean Shot. It meters BEAUTIFULLY, is reasonably priced AND, plentiful. 10,000 lbs of it arrived in a container not long ago with more in the pipeline... You are gonna have SOME residue from low velocity loads but not like the other SG powders. We load 4.5gr under 200gr 45 (I shoot a Marlin for WB and haven’t noticed it being especially d
  22. Much love to you both!! Hugs and prayers! Scarlett
  23. I was TO and a brand new (first match) shooter dropped a shell and immediately bent to pick it up... he was safe and did not break 170 and I knew it was a no call... however, after the stage no fewer than three people (longer time sass Members than I) said you can’t do that... I knew the rule had been changed however, I don’t have a book in my cart or easily accessible on my phone so I held my ground and confirmed with a match official. Hugs, Scarlett
  24. Yes, folks like pictures of themselves... you can link to shooter handbook etc... the three little dots top right (see picture) will give you as admin different choices than me as proposed member... but you can “Pin to Top” (group expectations/rules/content etc). And, some pages don’t let members post ...I think it’s good to allow folks to post within group page guidelines - whatever you make them - it’s more engaging! Hugs! Scarlett
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