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  1. STUNNING!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Everything about it is just beautiful. You’re such a generous spirit using your skilled craftsmanship to help so many different SASS groups. THANK YOU! You get extra hugs next time I see you! Big virtual hugs for now! Scarlett
  2. Just saw a 10 gun raffle… tried to copy/past the thread but failed… couldn’t hurt to enter - might win a coach gun! $10 is REASONABLE in any world! Plus, it’s supporting the rebuilding of the Lake Charles, LA club after 8/2020 hurricane. Hugs! Scarlett
  3. Welcome to the MOST FUN EVER!! There are always folks selling/trading stuff at monthly matches and bigger matches… and, if you tell folks that your looking for stuff they’ll keep their eyes out for you… or maybe even decide to sell something they have… whatever you do, just keep going to matches and don’t get discouraged! Great big hugs! Scarlett
  4. Reasonable…like youth, wealth, and other things is relative! You’ve got a wide spread - $800 - $1700 or more…depending on what you want. My husband is my “gun buyer” and he peruses Gunbroker, the SASS Classifieds, and asks local friends. In fact, just in the last 6 weeks I was looking for 2 specific guns and found them both - one was from calling around to gun stores inquiring about used guns and the other was a lead from a friend. My husband is patient and it works for him - he knows what he’s looking for and what he’s willing to pay. Good luck! Big hugs! Scarlett
  5. It’s a FABULOUS match run by FABULOUS people!! You are right… you don’t want to miss it! Hugs! See you Thursday! Scarlett
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