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  1. Stephen Hunter, the author of the sniper fiction books, just put out a new one called “The Bullet Garden”. Sgt Swagger, USMC, is called for special assignment to help get rid of German snipers in Normandy before the 3rd Army break out! Hunter does great  research and writes a terrific book. I think everyone will enjoy it as I did. Irish ☘️ Pat


  2. Ruger Stainless steel 357 Montados, free spin cylinders, one has Long Hunter action job the other has his spring kit. The higher serial number was a birdhead grip and back strap was swapped for a plow handle, one has Slick brass front sight cover and other has gold fingernail polish. they both are bead blasted. the hammer checker ing is slightly different, they have never been shot in a match.  I will be at table 14 at the swap night at EOT.  I am asking $2,200.  Irish ☘️ Pat sass 19486







  3. Greyhound is a movie based on C S forester story about a destroyer escorting a convoy across the Atlantic starring Tom Hanks. Some if the scenes were filmed in Baton Rouge on the USS kidd.  It was so loud and full of action my wife went next door and said she could still hear it!

  4. I received a nice book on the B-29s in WWII. Has plenty of color pictures of nose art. One of my friends dads was a flight engineer on one in the Pacific. we were looking at the pictures and he told me his dad told him when they were training off California if they spotted whales the gunners would open up and practice shooting them. Times have changed

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  5. my buddy found this skull while hunting in Mississippi. We think it must be some Russian boar that were let loose years ago and are still breeding. that is bigger than thing i have seen!



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  6. we had a shooter accidentally fire his pistol at the loading table as he was spinning the cylinder checking for high primers,( MDQ). I was at the end of the table at it was right in front of my belly! Another time he tried to shuck his double and sling the empty shell over his shoulder as some guys can do. Well he lost control of the shotgun and hit timer operator with the barrels. I was told he started shooting another club and has had more safety issues.  Have. we ever thought about any kind of listing for people that just aren’t safe? Irish ☘️ Pat 

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