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  1. Is anyone using these with real BP? Any problems with the lack of lube?
  2. I talked to Codymatic about mine. He does work on the 1860, including the short stroke stuff.
  3. Check the screws after every match. The screws backed out of mine during the middle of a match and I forgot my handy gun tool with the screwdriver heads.
  4. I've had to fire some of my reloads twice when using CCI LPPs. No problems with Winchester or Federals. With that said, up until this weekend, I couldn't find bricks of Federal SPPs that weren't grossly overpriced. This past weekend I hit a local gun show and there were several vendors with bricks of Federal SPPs for under $35.
  5. I'd rather see Bruce Dern's daughter.
  6. I don't use either on my CAS guns. But they are awesome on my bottom feeders.
  7. The last time I looked at commercial ammunition, .45 Colt cowboy ammo was $49.99 for a box of 50 by Magtech, 32-20 cowboy ammo was $55 for a box of 50 by Winchester! So one local match would cost me well over $100 just for the ammunition! Even though I'm comfortably well off, that's a big pill to swallow. I know there are other manufacturers who can sell me the same ammunition for significantly less, but I'm not able to really afford to spend $50 a weekend for a game. At this point, the only store bought ammunition I use is Winchester AA shotgun shells.
  8. Back in the day, I think I remembered seeing someone shooting from horseback (wooden horse) or while riding shotgun on a covered wagon.
  9. One of my fellow 3-gunners ran a Garand for one match. Since he was in the Heavy Metal division, he was required to use a single-stack 1911 and a pump shotgun. I believe he had an Ithaca for the pump gun. As for the cowboy guns in 3-gun, you'd need speed loaders for the S&W and the 66, since most stages have a hard stop at 90 seconds.
  10. Try a Schofield for size. They were too big for my mitts (big palms, stubby fingers).
  11. When I place either of my rifles in the rack at my local shoots, they stick out, since they're both running 24" barrels. Everyone else is running 20" barrels. I don't see shorter barrels as the shorter barreled rifles usually don't hold enough cartridges to make it through a stage without reloading.
  12. Just a thought. Run it like most folks run a 97. http://www.jspublications.net/records/records.html Check Badlands Bud versus T Bone Dooley.
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