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  1. Great day at Logan’s ferry. Hats off to Dirt Slider and all who helped put on a great match!!! RJ
  2. Looking forward to another great shoot see y’all Saturday!! RJ
  3. HD do you have PayPal if not I will get funds out tomorrow. Thanks again RJ
  4. Great match with fun stages. Hats off to Dirt Slider and crew it’s a pleasure cotton Logan’s Ferry to shoot. Don’t forget the great grub that Katie Puts together. Already thinking of next months match hope to see everyone there! RJ
  5. I’ll take this one will contact later this evening PayPal is fine Thanks RJ
  6. Sad hate to see a club go away. Once there gone probably never come back .One less place to shoot!
  7. Looking forward to another great shoot. See y’all Saturday! RJ
  8. If there once fired I’ll take them for 20.00 shipped
  9. Good advise to follow!! Been down those bumpy roads. RJ
  10. I gots me a itchy trigger finger that needs tending to! Hopefully Calico Cat will make the trip also. See y’all Saturday!! RJ
  11. Timekeeper trying to PM you about pocket watches but your box is full



  12. I still have one of mine from 87 - 98 I'm a blue nose USS Daniel Webster SSBN 626 ceremony was quite interesting 😄 RJ
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