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  1. To answer the OPs question as long as they both meet the same standards; the difference between $400 safety glasses and 4$ safety glasses has NOTHING to so with the level of protection they provide. The difference is the name, coatings to make them more scratch resistant and reduce fogging, customizable fit, interchangeable lenses, ability to have them with your prescription and a whole host of other features that have nothing to do with the level of protection.
  2. I actually researched it and if it is dubbed over both the left and right media are buying it hook line and sinker. There is actually a far right group that posted a claim that rapists and pedophiles connected with Epstein are being shielded by the media and that Trump was waging a war secret war against said coverup. The reporter did ask Trump the question in the video and he did answer it as portrayed in the video. Three important takeaways from the video. 1. The questioned was asked in an attempt to disparage the President. That was its sole purpose. I find it insulting and disrespectful to the office of the president no matter who is occupying the chair. 2. It was worded in such a way that no matter how he answered it would give the leftist media more fodder for their war against Trump. I thought is answer was very clever. He acknowledged the group and did not alienate any of its members. 3. If you look at the question critically wouldn't any reasonable person want sexual predators exposed rather than allowing them to hid behind powerful and influential people.?
  3. Heard on the radio this morning that they are now understaffed over fears of prison crews and volunteers spreading the corona virus.
  4. For shooting out to 600 yards I would choose a Whitworth hands down. You have to cast your own bullets but it would be worth it.
  5. Go to this page on shooting glasses. Scroll down on the left side and check the ballistics box. Then sort by price. I am sure you can find what you are looking for in your budget.
  6. Never Ever use Pyrodex in it. The stuff is so corrosive it drastically shortens the life of your barrel. If you have to shoot a sub stick with 777 or APP AKA Jim Shockley's Gold)
  7. Only way you will know what diameter cast bullet to use is by slugging the bore. What distances are you currently shooting? What bullet and powder are you using? Just about any 45-70 is capable of MOA accuracy if the shooter does their part. Big flat nose bullets that travel at subsonic speeds are capable of being every bit as accurate and pointed ones. For accuracy, bullets that weigh less than 405 grain almost always don't cut it. Every long range shooter out there casts their own bullets. Commercially cast bullets are not consistent enough for serious long range shooting. The shooter I was learning from only used bullets that were within a tenth of a grain of his target weight. All others were remelted. Serious long range shooters are methodical in their reloading to the point that they appear to be suffering OCD. The sights on the gun also have to be up to the task. MVA, Lee-Shaver, and Kelley are a few of the better sight makers out there. If you are serious about long range you need to find a mentor that can teach you the finer points of long range shooting.
  8. Recent example of mass mail in voter fraud. This one is so bad that 4 months after the original election they are starting all over. And this is just a municipal election. ‘It’s a mess’: Paterson NJ voter fraud just a taste of mail-in ballot issues plaguing New Jersey Now a second election will be held in November. A whopping 6 months after the first one. New election ordered in New Jersey race marred by voter fraud charges 15 Election Results That Were Thrown Out Because of Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots
  9. I rode wearing the Wiley-X SG-1 in goggle configuration. Removed the adjustment from the elastic band and sewed the elastic in place. Loved being able to change tint to match the conditions. Wore Polarized or Copper during the day and either Amber or clear and night depending on the traffic. Discovered really quickly that glasses wouldn't cut it when the wind started kicking up sand.
  10. Smile when you say that; Them thars fight'n words
  11. Good buddy of mine that I rode Harleys with also raced. One day him and his racing buddies were on their way to the speedway at Parump when they got caught in one of those summer cloudbursts that lasts a couple of minutes. Once at the track he did all the normal checks suited up and proceeded to do a few warm up laps. On the first lap, doing well north of 100 mph his bike slid out from under him in a turn and he went sliding down the track and into the wall. Turned out that the cloud burst they drove through caused water to get trapped in the catch pan that encloses the bottom of the engine and transmission. In the turn it sloshed out and when his rear wheel hit it caused a loss of traction. Amazingly he never lost consciousness. was fully aware of everything that happened after the crash. The EMS crew at the track removed his helmet with a saw, installed a neck brace and strapped him to a back board while a medevac chopper was called in from Vegas. On the ride to the hospital one of the crew remarked that they were surprised to see he was conscious when they learned he wrecked a bike and not a car. They told him they figured to see a broken, bloody mess. He looked at the guy and told him that was why he wore all the now ruined protective gear. and that the couple of thousand he spent on it was worth every penny. To my way of thinking wearing a helmet is not enough. You have to protect the rest of your body as well. The best helmet in the world isn't worth squat if you only wear sandals and a speedo with it. And yes I saw more than one doing 80 on the freeway in SoCal wearing nothing but a bathing suit, flip flops, and a $1000 helmet.
  12. Nice catch. Looked like it was vastly over engineered for its role in holding up a poster board sign. He is lucky someone didn't decide it was a suppository that needed to be inserted into the same cavity his head was occupying.
  13. On the Safety Glasses USA website do a search for MIL-PRF-31013 It will give you a list of all safety glasses that meet or exceede the impact portion of that standard. Keep in mind that the standard covers more than just impact and that a lot of manufacturers meet the impact portion of the standard while not meeting things like color or chemical resistance. BTW Wiley-X are some of the best made safety glasses available. The Saber line is very affordable. Comes with interchangeable lenses and is available with prescription lenses. The first time you take a high speed impact to your safety glasses you will either be glad you spent the money or be looking for an eye patch. You can even meet the impact standard with glasses as cheap as $4.00.
  14. ^^^^ This ^^^^ When you buy the video save some shipping and go ahead and get the SS followers and the ejector springs. Must do mods are: Changing the the ejector spring SS or brass follower LH cartridge guide bevel. (A half round jewellers file is needed for this one.) The other mods are more personal preference. I have done them all but the extractor mod. Then find out what ammo length your rifle likes. I have 4 38 / 357 and they all like 125 gr LTC bullets loaded to an OAL of 1.505 to 1.510. Your 45 will not be a picky about OAL
  15. But... but.... I need my spots
  16. That's Deputy Carlyle...
  17. Would you mind explaining what all those side matches actually are?
  18. More detail about the technology that made Operation PLUTO possible.
  19. Operation PLUTO, Secret Pipelines of WW II “Conundrums” spooled off steel pipe when towed across the English Channel after D-Day. Pipeline was wound onto enormous floating “conundrums” that were designed to spool off the pipe when towed. As the spools unwound, the pipe settled to the bottom of the English Channel.
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