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  1. I enjoyed the Ragtime as much as watching the artist work.
  2. Unfortunately not. The SDB does not have an adjustable depriming pin.
  3. Well at least I am not the only one. In the same lot of brass I also found some Lake City brass where the primers were staked in. Oddly enough those deprimed without the primer sticking to the pin.
  4. Having an issue with primers sticking to the decapping pin and getting pulled back into the primer pocket. Messes up the works when you try to seat 2 primers into the same hole Reloading some once fired fired brass from a range. So far all the head stamps have been either Hornady or PPU. Anyone else ever had this happen?
  5. Something to consider. Almost all powders are flammable when suspended in air at the right ratio. Grain dust, flour, sugar, and yes even chalk will create a HUGE fireball under the right conditions. Don't know what colored powder was used but the below link shows what happens when it goes wrong. http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/28/asia/taiwan-water-park-explosion/
  6. Remember when that happened. Nice to actually see the backstory. Thanks
  7. Officers at his level have been so far removed from the enlisted troops that I doubt he knows a Brown shoe from a Black shoe or a Bubble Head from a Sea Bee. I do know that the MCPON of the Navy has gotten way more correspondence on the restructuring from retired senior enlisted than he ever thought possible. I'll stop know before I get banned.
  8. I'd talk to Boomstick or other gunsmith/machinist before I sent it back to Remington. Unless you live outside the US why would a bolt be a restricted item?
  9. Asked a friend that is an oil field welder and this is what he recommended. Use properly stored low hydrogen rods or wire. E7018 for stick and flux cored gas shielded wire for MIG welders. Pre heating can help prevent cracking but don't get the metal too hot. No more than 200 degrees for thickness less than 1/2 inch. Most important is to be mindful of the total heat input during the welding process. You do not want to get the metal too hot. Several shorter welds are preferable to one long continuous weld. ( Probably not an issue as most SASS targets only have a hanger welded on.) 2 passes at a lower amperage with a cool down in between is better than one high amperage pass. AR-400 and AR500 are heat treated metals. Getting them too hot will change their chemistry. AR400 and AR500 steel should be allowed to cool down slowly. Throwing water on the steel to expedite the cooling process can make the metal brittle and will most likely lead to cracking.
  10. Go to a few matches and try out various pistols to see what feels right. You will see all barrel lengths from 3 to 8 inches. Try them all you might be pleasantly surprised at what length works for you. Also try out rifles and shotguns. Different models fit each person differently. Try to contact the Match Director before the match. He/She can put the word out about a new shooter so that people can bring out extra firearms and ammo for you to try. SASS shooters area very friendly bunch. Frontier Cartridge, Frontier Cartridge Duellist and Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter are very addictive. Welcome to the fun.
  11. As stated they are slippery and harder to get properly oriented. Around here they cost the same or maybe a dollar or two more per thousand than lubed. Biggest down side is they are not available in as many weights and profiles as lubed bullets. They are gaining popularity with IPDA crowd as they are less expensive than jacked bullets.
  12. Cell phones use one of 2 communication protocols. Global System for Mobile Communications ( GSM ) is the standard in all of Europe. AT&T and T-Mobile, and Rogers use this standard. Code division multiple access (CDMA) is used in the Americas by Verizon and Sprint, Cricket, Metro PCS and others.
  13. 22 miles for GSM and 38 miles for CDMA. Even though the signal will reach a lot further, the timing requirements of the communications protocol limits the distance. Way back when cell phones were analog and not digital the range was a lot further. That said some cell towers are configured so that their maximum range is less to minimize interference between adjacent cell towers.
  14. Young Lady was Allie Burgett http://news.gonzaga.edu/2016/senior-allie-burgett-realizes-dream-sing-national-anthem-national-finals-rodeo-dec-9
  15. Wolf Bane via an episode of Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel introduced me to SASS Goody, T-Bone and lots of other fine folks at the Bar 3 got me thru my first match. Yusta B introduced me to the Dark side.
  16. Lever has a long throw. Having a shorter than normal stock helps a lot.
  17. You need to have a gunsmith repair the hammer on your 92. My wife's brand new one wouldn't cock reliably after I slicked it all up unless you cycled it like you stole it. Turned out either the hammer or the bottom of the bolt had just a little too much removed preventing the hammer from always cocking correctly. Boomstick Jay added a little more metal to the top and face of the hammer with a tig welder. He then re-profiled the hammer in his mill. The rifle now cocks reliably no matter how fast or slow the action is cycled.
  18. You really want to do at least some slicking of the 92 action. The ejector spring IMHO is a must do. Otherwise you will have a tough time locating brass thrown well behind you. It will also save a lot of damage to your empty cases. The ejector spring in a factory R92 can be strong enough to deform the fired cases as they are ejected. Next must do is reducing the trigger pull. This will do a lot to improve your accuracy. I would also do the loading gate spring modification as it will save your fingers some wear and tear without reducing the reliability of the rifle. Installing a SS mag tube follower heads off the certain failure of the plastic one that comes from the factory. Re-profiling the RH cartridge guide per NKJ instructions may greatly reduce the tendency of the rifle to misfeed. I cannot say how it will impact a rifle in 45 Colt or 454 Casul but in .357 it is worth doing. All of the above will improve the reliability and accuracy of your rifle.
  19. Most accurate in loading manuals is not necessarily based on group size. But rather the statistical data that is obtained using a chronograph and other measurement instruments. The best barrel in the world is worthless if you chosen load has excessively large ES and SD. For every firearm that is a tack driver if you chronographed the load you would find that it has a very small ES and SD.
  20. First Misty very well said. I will not quote your post but know that I have read them all. Sorry this is long but as I typed more questions popped into my head. Second while some serious mistakes appear to have been made, SASS can hopefully get past them. If everything were good and SASS was a healthy organization I would continue along none the wiser. However after all that has been posted it has painfully been brought to my attention that all may not be well. So now as a stakeholder I have concerns. My concerns have a lot more to do with where all the money is going than what I am getting out of SASS. I say this because I am all for supporting a great organization as long as that organization uses my support wisely. I am not accusing you of wrongdoing so please do not take this personally. I have not been a member all that long but I do know that you just recently took over as CEO. I firmly do not believe you got SASS into this mess. However now that I know it is a mess, I have questions and you are the only person I can ask for answers. To me supporting SASS is no different than supporting any other organization, charity or cause. Use my support wisely and I am happy. But when I see the possibility that my support is not being used wisely then I start to ask questions and if I am no longer satisfied with the answers; I may decide put my support somewhere else. I am fully aware that in reality I am just a consumer and not a Member. If I were a member I would have much more say in the organization. I recognize that I have some say but it is more of a sounding board to see if we as consumers are satisfied rather than should or shouldn't we do "blank". Past Wild Bunch unilateral decisions have made this clear and while I may not like all of them; they are part of the package and I am OK with it up to a point. That said I see my self more as a stake holder in that I want to see SASS succeed. I do not believe that I have any issues with the Payroll and what the staff is being paid. I also know that there is a lot more than just base salaries in payroll. Typically for every dollar paid to an employee, there is another dollar that supports benefits, bookkeeping, taxes, and other overhead. I am willing to trust that it is fair. The staff does need to travel to perform its duties with respect to Sanctioned events and I understand that. We cut the Chronicle back to electronic. Not happy but I can live with that as we needed to save money and it is a start. However a printed publication that members could leave in waiting rooms and other places for others to read about SASS could possibly be a membership recruiting tool. Maybe some of the items below should be cut instead as the return on investment in the long may be greater with a printed publication. The quarterly paper copy may get that done. What I do wonder is, what are SASS' non-essential money drains? The SASS museum. It might be nice but I have yet to see a small museum that ever came close to paying for its self. Even if we were flush with cash, Museums are not a necessity. I hope I am wrong but I feel that it will never be much more than a road side curiosity and an expensive one at that. Founders Ranch. Answered that it is actually a gold mine. Interesting. SASS convention. Nice but this too should pay for itself or nearly so. If it doesn't, then it needs to be curtailed to the point it pays for its self or very nearly so. The administrative functions that are performed at the convention are important and the seminars are valuable. However the rest is nice to have. I have been part of several club boards and banquet committees. My experience has shown that catered events are very very expensive. Throw in live entertainment and they can rapidly become money pits. I know that the convention is now a biannual affair but if finances are so bad why not cancel the upcoming one or curtail the fringe benefits. This far out there shouldn't be a lot of non-refundable fees and it there are, do they add up to more than the money lost having it? If people want to be entertained, wined, and dined; Las Vegas is chocked full of places from inexpensive to over the top. All they have to do is decide how much they want to pay. EOT. Real nice but in its current venue unless it pays for its self it needs to be restructured so that it breaks even. Better yet why not make it a traveling venue where more members can attend it at least once or twice without shelling out a lot of coin to do so. It should be held in venues where it at least has the possibility to be a recruitment tool. As it is now it is of little benefit except to those members that can afford to attend. Lawsuit. SASS should have insurance that covers things like this. I have read almost every post and unless I am mistaken SASS is in dire financial trouble. I get that idea because your are asking for a fee increase to offset a budget shortfall in excess of $300,000. If founders ranch is a gold mine as previously stated them I am even more perplexed as to where all the money is going. I am also perplexed as not long ago I was lead to believe that SASS was 4 times larger than it actually is. There was a really big deal made of breaking 100,000 members. Instead it was really that 100,000 people had tried SASS at least once, but the vast majority are no longer paying customers for a multitude of unknown reasons. Just asking the membership for more money isn't going to save SASS because the cat is now out of the proverbial bag and no amount of stuffing is going to get it back in. Love alone will not sustain SASS. A lot of people are complaining about the $20 increase and depending on your situation it may or may not be a deal breaker. To me I see all this as an issue because of the unannounced large increase in dues with the justifications coming only after the customers balked. I am sure that many of us are concerned because we are now learning that SASS as a sanctioning body is not what we thought is was and an operating budget in excess of ½ million dollars is not enough for it to to function as a sanctioning body. I know that as a consumer I am not really entitled to answers to the above questions. However as a stakeholder I am asking them because I care about the future of SASS. Respectfully, Sedalia Dave
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