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  1. Take 6 45 colt cases and cut them down to the same length as a 45 ACP. This will at least let you test if C45S will fit. If they do then all you need to do is figure out how to get some C45S brass into OZ
  2. The original SPAM is made of pork shoulder and ham. The knockoffs may have some questionable ingredients.
  3. +10 We have a shooter that has issues shooting long guns. We allow him to to shoot whatever guns he is able to and make special category to suit. What matters to all his posse mates is that he comes out and has fun. Not how many firearms he can shoot.
  4. Me Too. Have some Black Dawg 12 gauge loads. 3 dram eq 1 1/8 loads. Bring a smile to my face every time I pull the trigger
  5. Take a look at The Dangerous Book for Boys and the The Double Dangerous Book for Boys. The Ultimate Book of Everyday Knots: Another possibility is a good pair of fixed power 7 X 42 binoculars and Turn Left At Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to See in a Home Telescope - and How to Find Them . Introduce him to the wonders of the stars.
  6. Before reading the Lord of the Rings. Read the Hobbit. It provides the necessary back story.
  7. We we were supporting third shift testing several of us used to take turns cooking for the crew bring. We had a full kitchen so nothing was really outside our capabilities. One girl was from Hawaii and used to cook a lot of dishes with SPAM. Sure was good. The best two were SPAM Musubi and Spam fried as Blackwater described and served with fried rice.
  8. Last time I talked to my dad they sold seed corn by the kernel. Didn't matter what the bag weighed what mattered was the number of kernels. Bag was certified to have so many kernels.
  9. Spam is the state meat of Hawaii.
  10. @Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 "This town ain't big enough for the both of us" is an often used cliche in American westerns as a reason to have a gun fight.
  11. One really important thing to keep in mind is how well the front of the cylinder seals to the barrel. Those escaping gasses are on the hot side and can cause some serious powder burns on any appendages that happen to cross that line.
  12. Shoot your SG from the hip or a little higher. With a little practice you'll be knocking them down in no time. If you want some, just say the word and I'll send you some dummy 12 ga hulls to practice shooting as a lefty. I shoot with a guy that had to learn to shoot left handed due to a partial loss of vision in his right eye. After a couple months he was quite proficient as a lefty.
  13. Edit the title to say "Lee Pro-1000 shell plates" vice carriers. Have a little patience and every time your ad slips off page 1 reply to it with a btt. Some things move a little slower and right now this happens to be one of them. Part of the problem is that new shooters cannot buy a press or the components to use one so they may be hesitant to buy accessories till they get their hands on a press.
  14. First Saturday of every month. Third Sunday we shoot a .22 rimfire only steel challenge match.
  15. Vortex has an unlimited no BS warranty. No matter what, they'll replace it. If you have a good story to go along with it they may feature it on their web page or put it on display in their store.
  16. Don't worry we'll make sure your tab doesn't collect any dust.
  17. Unfortunately ever since the Peace Makers were forced to close, the nearest club is Oakwood outlaws. They are an hour and a half away. One bonus is that they do allow camping at the range. If you have a trailer you can arrive Friday afternoon and stay through the Monday morning shoot. Dry camping is free. The do have a few electric only R V spots for a small fee. Contact the range if this is something you can do. http://www.oakwoodoutlaws.org/events.html You can contact the Match Director at the below clubs to see if any of their members live near you and can give you
  18. You'll never make it shooting Frontiersman if you can't laugh at yourself. I also agree that a Frontiersman shooting an 87 and a Spencer Rifle is staring into the abyss to see who blinks first. Like you, I love the challenge. Nothing is more satisfying than shooting a clean stage with no major malfunctions.
  19. I haven't touched up blueing in several years. Like you I had issues. Discovered that the nail polish remover i was using had addatives that was contaminating the area after it dried. In figuring this out I also discovered that a little heat helped a lot.
  20. Low humidity will impact blueing.
  21. Make sure the area is completely grease and oil free. Non-Chlorinated brake cleaner or pure acetone works well. Alcohol and nail polish remover leave behind a film. Yes nail polish remover is mostly acetone but many contain other chemicals that leave a residue. Try warming the the area with a hair dryer.
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