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  1. https://www.teekop.com/grumpyveteran?fbclid=IwAR1AKyAhpkkYKVUCvKO7cWolKegiGKoU_dGCOSePwwwdFl8bCSF68msNR_0
  2. What model revolver is that?
  3. Single Action on top and Double Action on the bottom. Notice the difference in triggers.
  4. Lots of style points at a Plainsman match.
  5. Most clubs here have short stories and lines. They are related to the particular stage like the jail, saloon, or bank. Sometimes they are all taken from a movie, serial, or TV series. I like them as it adds to the ambiance and butchered lines can be really funny.
  6. One thing to mention and that is the individual or individuals that shot at the car as it sped away should be charged. A car driving away from you is not a threat and as such the use of deadly force would not be authorized. Had the shooter(s) actually hit someone either in the car or on the street their behinds would be in deep dodo and they would be looking at jail time. If the person hit were to die the charge would becomes homicide.
  7. How did you determine groove diameter?
  8. Guess he never learned enough gun safety lessons Like: Never point a firearm at something unless you are going to shoot it. Never try to talk someone to death with a firearm. Never threaten another person with a firearm. They may decide to take it seriously and shoot first.
  9. From the link I posted. Only 100 of these special visor helmets were made. Making them rather valuable and prone to counterfeiting.
  10. The Extraordinary Lee Miller: Fashion Model, Surrealist Muse, Photographer & War Correspondent
  11. SDJ is correct 166th Signal Photographic Company I believe she painted the grill on it.
  12. Finally got to watch the video. WOW now I wonder if that really happened. either way worth watching, Tom Hanks movies seldom disappoint.
  13. I went to an event several years ago where a dog kept pestering everybody because he wanted to play fetch with a tennis ball. ball. The dog was relentless and once he wore one persons arm out he would move on to someone else. Being bored I found a bat and rather than throwing the tennis ball I started hitting it about 300 feet across a field beside the house, figuring that after a few trips the dog would get tired and leave everyone alone. After about 15 minutes his speed started to slow but not his desire to chase that tennis ball. After 30 minutes you could tell he was getting tired but still wanted to play. At the 45 minute mark the look an that dogs face said throw the ball because I have to chase it but PLEASE no so far. Finally after an hour he quit bringing the ball back.
  14. I bet the tow truck crew saved all they could.
  15. Watched a show on the Smithsonian channel and the USS Laffey and the above battle were one of the topics. The show pointed out that one of the reasons that the Laffey survived is that their CO, Commander Frederick Julian Becton, drilled them relentlessly between the time they left Hawaii and when they arrived in theater. The show noted that many of the crew complained about drilling all hours of the day and night. However, when it counted, the crew instinctively knew what to do in an emergency. The correct responses were second nature and no one had to stop and think or ask for guidance. I was a little disappointed that none of the printed accounts of the events I found pointed out that seemingly small but crucial detail. One I believe allowed the ship and most of her crew to survive when many others did not.
  16. After reading that I am not so sure he didn't deserve two.
  17. A Coast Guard sailor I used to drink with one told me that when he worked The San Francisco Bay station that a lot of their calls for disabled vessels were for sail boaters that thought they always had the right of way. He said that in the bay, large commercial ships almost always have the right of way due to their limited maneuverability.
  18. Last of the 8-inch Cruiser Guns. Combined rate of fire for the 9 Mark 16 8"/55 caliber guns onboard the USS Salem and her sister ships. Each gun could fire ten 335 lb projectiles a minute.
  19. The Ship That Wouldn’t Die (2)—USS Laffey (DD-724), 16 April 1945 How the USS Laffey Survived a Vicious Kamikaze Attack off Okinawa
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