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  1. It may be plentiful now, but before all the panic buying 28 ga was harder to find than 410 and just as expensive.
  2. That's easy, the vehicle owner. Everyone else was smart enough to discover a new way to separate a fool and his / her money.
  3. It exists as a ROC ruling and is a legal mod. There used to be a link to all of the ROC rulings but it appears to have been deleted. Maybe @PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L can post it again.
  4. I know of no club that allows a shooter to use a rifle chambered for 45 colt in a Cody Dixon match. As a general rule of thumb if the cartridge is SASS Main Match legal in your rifle is not legal for Cody Dixon, with the exception of 56-50. so .32 Mag, 38 Special, 357 mag, 38-40, 44-40, 44 Russian, 44 special, 44 mag, 45 acp, C45S, 45 schofield, 45 Colt and other similar cartridges would not be a legal rifle cartridge for Cody Dixon. Cartridges that would be allowed are 30-30, 30-40, 38-55, 40-65, 45-7-, 45-75, 50-70 and other similar cartridges.
  5. For those that do fb, they have a fb page with more info.
  6. What I love about the Retrax cover is that I can open it partially and still lock it in place.
  7. Before you buy a folding cover, take a look at ReTrax. Have them on two of my trucks and love them.
  8. The problem with cutting down 45 colt cases is that the case wall gets thicker the closer to the base you get. Cut down 45 Colt cases have really thick case walls and can have issues seating cast bullets.
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