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  1. Just ask the MD. Several clubs around here don't hold "Wild Bunch" matches. They have Pike or Professional matches. This way they can offer attendees options that are not in strict compliance with WB rules.
  2. I use a drip coffee maker as well. However it has never had coffee made in it. If you use a coffee maker be sure if has been thoroughly cleaned before making tea in it. Otherwise it will give the tea a bad taste.
  3. The difference between an individual requesting an absentee ballot and mass mailing them to every registered voter is so great that it defies explanation.
  4. Always thought that in addition to being a great actor he had a very memorable voice.
  5. 32 S&W short. Lee makes a nice set of dies. Also they come with a dipper and a little bit of load data Don't be afraid to shoot real BP in it. You can get bullets from Whyte Leather Works. Even if it is rated for smokeless remember the pistol is over 100 years old and should be shot with light loads.
  6. You forgot to pin their ears back.
  7. That second shotgun redefines "take down firearm".
  8. If you come to Shooting in the Shade Labor Day weekend, I'll let you try mine out with a full tube of BP rounds. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Like Abilene Slim said, its not hot till you get ready to go to the unloading table.
  9. I have a Lee pot an possibly a mould. I'll verify that tomorrow afternoon and let you know.
  10. Heard this on yesterday on TV Dumber than a sack of hair.
  11. If it doesn't have one get a stainless steel follower from Nate Kiowa Jones' website www.Stevesgunz.com
  12. I suspect the void in the front was open at the nose. After casting the nose of the bullet was swagged shut closing the cavity. Sure would be nice to find something that actually detailed the process
  13. He is probably having to give them several times market value to get the locals to surrender their AK. Bet they use the money to buy a couple more plus lots of other contraband.
  14. Beware of Armslist. Lots of scammers on there.
  15. Shorten the magazine spring till it is about 5 round lengths longer than the mag tube. This will reduce the spring tension and should improve feeding.
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