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  1. Long story but while on vacation long ago we rescued an orange Pomeranian on the way home. First day in the truck it would paw your arm when it had to pee.  The second stop of the day we walked the dog and then put it in the cab while I was refueling and the wife went to the bathroom. Went inside to pay and when I came out and approached the truck the dog started snarling and snapping like it had rabies. Waited for the wife and he did the same thing when she went up to the door. 

    Took off my shirt to use to corner the dog as the wife opened the door. As soon as the door opened the dog instantly stopped and started wagging its tail. 

    Guess the previous owner taught him that as he did it every time.

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  2. For anyone thinking about crossing the Mississippi river at Memphis the I-40 bridge is still closed. 

    Currently late August is the best guess for it to reopen.


    All the traffic is being routed to the I-55 bridge.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    I wish I knew where that recipe was, when I was in the Navy. 


    The Navy was the only entity that could, and did, mess up Jell-O!!! 


    The best cooks we had, were Marine cooks, on the base I was on. 


    Best meals I routinely got in the Chow hall were midrats. Steak and eggs on occasion plus omelets cooked to order.


    When in C-School, I figured out that the best food was served the 3 days after payday. Lots of surf-n-turf, shrimp, steak. The closer to payday it got the worse the food.


    Shortly After I started dating the woman that was to be come my wife:wub:. Got hooked on her home cooking and the rest as they say is history.


  4. US Navy's soft sugar cookie recipe from WWII, and how to make it at home


    The series host and public affairs specialist Thomas Frezza told Fox News that he started making the videos during the coronavirus pandemic. "I have a few different editions of the U.S. Navy's Cookbook and it was during quarantine, I was looking for something to do and something that we could share with the general public," Frezza said. 

    Frezza has also made apple dumplings, a baked bean sandwich, salmon cakes, bean soup, wheat griddle cakes, chocolate chip cookies, tapioca cream, simmered frankfurters and rice pudding with raisins, among others. Frezza’s videos can be found on the Naval History and Heritage Command’s YouTube channel.


    If you want to make the soft sugar cookies that sailors would have eaten in 1945, here are the original and scaled-down recipes, according to Frezza.


    NOTE: In place of the nutmeg you can substitute Cinnamon


    Original Ingredients


    1½ gallons flour

    5 tablespoons baking powder

    2 tablespoons salt

    7 tablespoons nutmeg

    1½ quarts shortening

    2¼ quarts sugar

    12 eggs

    2 tablespoons vanilla

    1⅜ quarts milk


    Scaled-down Ingredients

    2½ cups flour

    1½ teaspoons baking powder

    ½ teaspoons salt

    2 teaspoons nutmeg

    ½ cup and 1 tablespoon shortening

    1 cup sugar

    1-2 eggs 

    ½ teaspoon and ¼ teaspoon vanilla

    ½ cup and ¼ tablespoon milk


    Scale the ingredients into the mixing bowl.

    Mix at medium speed to a smooth dough. 


    Drop dough on greased baking sheets.

    Baking: Bake at 375F for 8 to 10 minutes.

    Remove cookies while warm from pan.

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  5. 48 minutes ago, Texas Lizard said:

    Saw a lot of that in Texas...They did not seem to be the smartest ones going under overpasses...


    Texas Lizard


    Maybe they have improved...That was back in the early 70s....


    Nope If anything there are more of them. :(

  6. 6 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

     BTW, I was in Walmart today to buy two items. It should have taken under ten minutes but they had half of their self check out stains closed and only three  if fifteen cash registers operating.  My ten minute visit took and hour and five


    Both our Super Walmart and the Neighborhood market recently removed all their cashiers and replaced them with self checkout. The NHM has one cashier lane and the Super has 2.

    Our local Brookshires employs lots of high school and junior college kids. Yes the groceries might be a little more expensive but the quality is way better and the kids learn work ethic. Super 1 also has lots of people employed as cashiers and when you ask one where something is they can tell you.


    The reason I no longer shop at the Super is because they rearrange the store monthly. I am beyond sick and tired of not being able to find an item because corporate thinks it is a good idea to make you roam over 3 acres of store to find the one item I need.

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  7. On Dagobah, Obi-Wan discusses with Luke the fall of Anakin Skywalker. Obi-Wan reveals that he split up Luke from his twin sister at birth. Using the force and through logic, Luke realises that it is in fact Leia Organa who is his real sister and thus she is Leia Skywalker.



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  8. 1 hour ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

    I've noticed in big box stores,  and even some supermarkets, that when I ask where something is, or if they have it in stock, the phone comes out, the app opens up, and they can tell me which aisle,  which side of the aisle, and how far down the aisle.   Oh, and they have 6 in stock.


    Both Lowes and Home depot websites do this. You don't need to download their app or track down the ever elusive store employee. You can even do this at home and write down the locations.

    Open the webpage and make sure the store you are in is showing as "My Store". Look up what you want and then check the pick it up today box. Now you are seeing what is most likely in stock at that store. Select the item you want to buy.


    Here is where it is on Home Depot's page





    And on Lowes' page.



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