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  1. You need to reduce the diameter of the hole in the case feeder block so that it is just big enough for the case to pass through. The current hole is too large and it allows the case in tube to shift as the case in the feeder moves out from under it. This causes both cases to tip and makes the case in the feeder fall over as it tries to right its self once the case above slides off the rim. 

  2. I'll take a poll of the guys in the Ham Club at work and wee what they recommend for a dual band rig and antenna.


    Myself, I tend to make my own omni base station antennas. I am fond of the J-pole design. Easy to diy out of copper pipe.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:

    FWIW - I have been using an original, unmodified '87 for 20 years. I have some 97's and a hammered double but the '87 is just too much fun!:D


    (I have four 87's; three originals and a Coyote Cap.):rolleyes:




    I have 4 as well. 2 with Lassiter's mod, 1 like new and unmolested and 1 other unmodified that is slightly used.


    Sure wish I could stoke one up with real BP and shoot it in Wild bunch. :rolleyes:

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  4. From my 9 years at China lake I quickly discovered that temps above 105 were absolutely no fun. Up to that point it was hot but tolerable.


    As for shooting, with lots of shade and a couple of port-a-cools at each stage you could be done before it gets too hot if you can get the shooters to arrive early. If you have to tear down the steel in that heat after the match then it is a definite no.


    Here in the land of humidity a few clubs have tried summer /winter hours but too many people show up late with the excuse of I forgot we were starting early or I overslept; so the MDs finally gave up and we have the same start times year round.


    The one thing I miss about the high desert was that every evening no matter how hot it was it always cooled off at sundown. I remember many days where the difference between the high and low each day was 40 plus degrees.

    And when the heat was too much you could take a trip up into the mountains where the temps were much more tolerable. You just had to remember to bring a jacket as it got down right cold after sunset. 

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