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  1. A few Questions 1. Have you tried factory .357 and .38 Specials to see if they will chamber? 2. Does it have issues with only .357 or does .38 Special also not chamber? 3. Can you drop a reloaded round into the chamber and close the bolt? 4. Will the reloaded ammo successfully pass a check with a cartridge gauge. 5. At what point in the cycling of the lever do the rounds hang up?
  2. Contact @Scarlett at Bullets by Scarlett. You can send her a PM or go to her website and contact her that way. Don't try to order online. Contact her directly.
  3. That is way too hot for your top break pistol. All you need to load for it is a set of dies and a Lee Hand Breech Lock Press. Use the dipper that comes with the dies and buy some 78 grain 32 bullets from Bullets by Scarlett. You can load a years supply in about an hour.
  4. We called those Luggable not portable.
  5. And here I though your were going to say "what are them fools in Lower Alabama doing now"
  6. I remember reading about those. Wanted one but could never find one I could afford. The up side part of my current setup is that a chair with a couple of cushions for adjusting height will get the eyepiece at a comfortable angle 97% of the time. The down side is that to align the equatorial mount requires sitting / lying on the ground in some pretty uncomfortable positions to be able to look through the alignment eye piece. Fortunately it I can easily get the alignment to within a 10th of a degree very easily so I only have to be incredibly uncomfortable for a couple of minutes..
  7. What about the 10% that the Python System misses?????
  8. One very common myth is that you cannot stargaze unless you live out in the sticks. While it is true that the darker the sky is the more stars you can see with just a little work it is possible to do some serious stargazing in an urban setting. All you need is a location that is shaded from direct illumination by light sources. A small park with small trees or shrubs in the right location or a secluded back yard will work. You still have to deal with sky glow and it will cause issues seeing very dim objects. Until recently I had a location where I work that was shielded for all the various lights on the facility yet had great views of all but the western sky. About 2 years ago they put in a dusk to dawn light at a satellite location about a half mile away that has ruined the spot but I have hopes that I can locate another.
  9. Check out Audible.com. You have access to thousands of hours of books on tape. I have well over a thousand hours of books down loaded that I haven't listened to yet.
  10. Their Job is professional protester. Only two qualifications have to be met to apply. Must have a Liberal Arts Degree Cannot have a degree in any other discipline
  11. That Long Distance screen is only 20" diagonal.
  12. When I was stationed at China Lake a friend had a 18 in Dobsonian that he built himself. Only problem was it wasn't exactly portable. Performance vs cost Dobsonian's are hard to beat
  13. @snozzberries should get himself to a SASS match. We are even more friendly in person.
  14. BP and APP will corrode aluminum. But not right away. As long as you can remove the inserts and clean them properly when you get home after a match you shouldn't have any problems. Now Pyrodex would likely ruin them before the end of the match.
  15. If there is a local Astronomy club definitely check it out. Many teach intro classes. A quality set of fixed power binoculars would be the first purchase she should make. 7 or 8 X 50 is a great starting point. Too much magnification is actually a bad thing. Good books for beginners. Turn Left at Orion NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe. Sky and Telescope is a good resource. Does she want a manual telescope or a computerized one? Avoid anything sold in a store unless the store is dedicated to selling telescopes. I personally don't like computerized scopes. Takes the fun out of actually finding a celestial object. They also tend to not have the best mounts. Expect to pay as much or more for the mount as you pay for the telescope. The best glass in the world is junk unless the mount is up to the task, Even a telescope from walmart can do a pretty good job if mated to a first class mount. However a $5000 scope is nothing more than a paperweight without a quality mount. I lucked out when I bought my 4" Neutonian. I got a $1500 mount and a $400 scope for a couple hundred dollars off of craigslist. Guy was going through a divorce and was hard up for cash.
  16. One problem will be an increased risk of theft. Campers are not the most theft resistant and almost all makes and models have some serious security flaws. Unless you put on extra security it will soon gain a reputation as a hot spot for theft.
  17. If you do some research you'll find that they have very little Native American DNA with which to make any comparisons. The same is true of most other indigenous ethnic groups that Europeans colonized. Central and South America are also poorly sampled. About all they have semi-good samples of is Europe. They lack significant details about different ethnic groups in Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well.
  18. Can of compressed air like what you would use to clean a PC keyboard. Get one that also has the extension tube for reaching into tight areas. After scrubbing all around the nipples with an old tooth brush and moose milk. Blow out any remaining debris with the canned air by inserting the extension tip into the nipple. Allow the cylinder to finish drying with the nipples up. And if you haven't removed the nipples and applied a generous coating of anti-seize do it NOW before the nipple corrode into place. Also don't over torque them. If you don't already have one get yourself a nipple pick. I like this style. You can make your own it you have access to steel piano wire or steel guitar strings.
  19. These recently declassified nuclear test videos are mesmerizing
  20. Rope Trick Effect First few miliseconds after detonation.
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