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  1. One thing nobody has really mentioned is the cost of housing. Prescott Valley sounds great till you see the price of housing. North of 400K means having to work 2 more years just to offset the a higher mortgage.
  2. Unless cataloged as part of an archaeological dig, arrow heads are impossible to date because those made yesterday are impossible to distinguish from ones that are several thousands of years old. I know several people that can knap out any design from any period in history. Folsom points are some of the hardest to make and many end up failing to turn out. However with a practiced eye the proper technique can be learned if you are willing to invest the time..
  3. Does anyone make a thinner grip for a Uberti SAA Specifically the 1860 Army. Looking for something that is the equivalent of the Eagle Gunfighter grips for a Ruger Vaquero.
  4. Read this https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/if-licensee-contacts-nics-thursday-and-gets-“delayed”-response-when-may-licensee
  5. @Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283 may be along in a bit. He is pretty knowledgeable about these things.
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