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  1. All high wing aircraft are pretty much death traps if you try to ditch them in water.
  2. It'll also be 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. And several people will still miss it.
  3. Your best bet is to contact the Port A John people.
  4. ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ The reason for the metal hopper also has nothing to do with static electricity it has to do with redirecting the blast should the powder be ignited. Rather that it being directed outwards into your face it is directed up and away from the operator. If you want buy an aluminum sleeve with an ID just slightly larger than the OD of the hopper on your machine. Slide it down and let it rest on the metallic part of the unit where the clear hopper meets the rest of the unit. If it is too big add some support screws. One bit of advice when loading APP or 777. after you have completed loading take your powder measure apart and thoroughly clean it with soap and water. Otherwise it will corrode. If you are going to load over several days you don't need to clean every day but once you are done for a week or more thoroughly clean with soap and water.
  5. As a good rule of thumb a telescope mount should be rated to carry at least 3 times of the weight of the telescope. Manufacturers are notorious for selling mounts in package deals that are no where near stable enough for the tubes installed on them. They can balance the weight but are unstable and will frustrate the user in short order. At a bare minimum a mount needs to have the ability to support a North Celestial Pole (NCP) alignment. All reflector style ( Neutonian ) scopes will require the main mirror to be realigned periodically. Not a difficult task but it does require some patience and practice. Refractor style scopes ( think rifle scope) are easier to use but their viewing quality is highly dependent on the quality of the glass used. They also cost significantly more than reflectors for the same light gathering ability. They require very expensive mounts because all that glass is heavy.
  6. The telescope its self is not too bad. However the mount and tripod are inadequate. The minimum mount I would recommend for that scope is this one. https://www.amazon.com/Orion-9829-SkyView-Equatorial-Telescope/dp/B0000XMXSO/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2LE6JQ0SRRPRC&dchild=1&keywords=german+equatorial+mount&qid=1597200280&s=electronics&sprefix=german+e%2Celectronics%2C193&sr=1-3
  7. I think this guy has been watching too much Shark Week.
  8. Posting load data has been allowed on the wire for a couple of years now..
  9. Nothing like going to one of the big star parties.
  10. Very nice setup When you get some funds, upgrade your mount to something like the SkyView Pro Equatorial Mount or an equivalent German equatorial mount. Be sure it has a polar scope as it is significantly easier to get a good North Celestial Pole (NCP) alignment. With a good NCP you will only need to use the Right Ascension slow motion knob to track objects and keep them centered in the field of view. The bigger mount will be orders of magnitude more stable and will make photography a lot more enjoyable
  11. That's why a backhoe or trackhoe is better than a shovel. With the backhoe/trackhoe you can use the bucket to tamp them down and then pack the dirt over them. Just remember the three "S" of dealing with antifa. Shoot Shovel Shut up
  12. I used to eat out every day for lunch. When somebody asked me why I told them it was cheaper than a therapist.
  13. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to finally meeting you at TN State in a couple of months
  14. A few Questions 1. Have you tried factory .357 and .38 Specials to see if they will chamber? 2. Does it have issues with only .357 or does .38 Special also not chamber? 3. Can you drop a reloaded round into the chamber and close the bolt? 4. Will the reloaded ammo successfully pass a check with a cartridge gauge. 5. At what point in the cycling of the lever do the rounds hang up?
  15. Contact @Scarlett at Bullets by Scarlett. You can send her a PM or go to her website and contact her that way. Don't try to order online. Contact her directly.
  16. That is way too hot for your top break pistol. All you need to load for it is a set of dies and a Lee Hand Breech Lock Press. Use the dipper that comes with the dies and buy some 78 grain 32 bullets from Bullets by Scarlett. You can load a years supply in about an hour.
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