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  1. I was on your site last night Mike and it allowed me to post a comment.
  2. Pretty much what I do as well.
  3. A lot of the "problems" with the flat hand spring can be traced to roughness in the hand channel in the frame. Not only Uberti, but Colt and Pietta as well. Brownells has a Single Action stoning kit that includes one stone specifically for that purpose. Clean up that area and smooth things out and you greatly diminish chances of breaking the spring. Most of my Ubertis are at least 20 years old and in that time I have broken one hand spring. I did have one Uberti that had the factory coil spring. Since I break down the guns maybe once a year(black powder shooter), I got tired of chasing that little set screw I kept dropping. I know some don't even use the screw, but I liked the idea of using the screw's seating depth to adjust tension a bit on the coil spring. Anyway, I replaced it (hand and spring) with the flat spring set up. That was about 17 years ago.
  4. There is ALWAYS a need for nice new leather. I also like your studded Slim Jims, that would be something I'd go for. I spend a lot of time looking at leather maker sites searching for something a bit different, yet traditional.
  5. I did the J-Bar type mod on both Ted Cash snail cappers. Still have occasional issues--caps come out sideways before I try to use. I now prefer the in-line cappers. I have about 7-8 and I just load them up and take a new capper each time to the loading table. 

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