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  1. Hardpan ..... Yep. That means you have to buy twice to get enough brass for one scenario Hi John, haven't seen you in awhile. Just before Dixie Bill passed away I bought 1,000 Starline 45 Colt cases from him. I didn't really need them as I had plenty but he was clearing things out a bit. Serves me right for saying "I don't REALLY need them". I'll never say that again!!
  2. I can't remember who was/is offering this conversion service on the Walker, but it entailed more than just re-chambering the cylinder. I seem to recall a heat treatment(?) on some of the parts.
  3. I did the J-Bar type mod on both Ted Cash snail cappers. Still have occasional issues--caps come out sideways before I try to use. I now prefer the in-line cappers. I have about 7-8 and I just load them up and take a new capper each time to the loading table. 

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