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  1. Frio,


    There is an  Amoskeag auction coming up with a few lots with 35 Remington ammo.  Go to Amoskeagauction.com and select the Timed auction link.  Go to pages 28 and 29 - lot #'s 3341, 3349 and 3350.  Good luck bidding.


  2. JT

    Before I would ever consider buying 2 , my , as you said "Good Question" really does need a definitive answer from you. Did you install it in your 28 Ga. ?  Your statement that " I have a 28 Ga. and it LOOK FITS".  I take that to mean that it only looks like it will fit without actually installing it in the 28 Ga.

    I do not want to purchase 2,  go thru the dissassembly hassle only to find out that it fits only a 12 Ga model ,   reassemble and then absorb the expense of shipping them back to you for a refund. 

    It would seem logical that you as the sellor can/needs to determine  if it fits all Gauges of the model 12.  I think that the sub gauge model 12's might  have a smaller frame than the 12 gauge and likely a smaller bolt. 



  3. Montana precision swaging cast bullets 32-40 WCF (323 diam.) 200 grain lead flat nose SPG Lube - Box of 50  - $30.00 shipped (Just FYI - These would be $41.60 from Midway with shipping costs factored in)



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