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  1. Welcome to the dark siders Lil Rob. Living in the Pacific Northwest we dark siders are faced with a lot of cool damp mornings that make the smoke really hang. Than add when that big candle in the sky coming up over the berm and may the force be with you as my friend Jedi says because you cant see anything. You will be doing a lot of bobbing and weaving and dancing. I call it the Knucky shuffle. Like many of the dark siders said. Memorize the targets, look for the stands, and spray and pray. Don't waste a lot of time to see a target to save a 5 second miss. Have fun Lil Rob there is nothing like fire and smoke.
  2. That looks fun and you're shooting a 87. I love the swinging lolly pops with the rifle in the saddle. that was a good mount by the way. Shalako Tucker had swinging targets for the rifle on a couple of his stages at there recent Biggest Little Match in Dayton, WA. Challenging but fun. Glad you still have and share these old treasures.
  3. So much fun. The Knuck is still grinning from ear to ear.
  4. You will have to bring them to show and tell MF so we can drool on them.
  5. if the Bisley hammers are still available I am interested.

  6. Hi Allie Mo, I changed my alias from Black Hammer to Captain Black Hand.  I tried to change my SASS Wire Forum ID to Black Hand but can't.  Could you do that for me.  Thanks

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    2. Knucky McPolack

      Knucky McPolack

      Alliie, I had a guest Roarchie post a comment on my classified with a link.  Can you delete the comment.  Thanks 


    3. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Howdy Pardner,


      Another Moderator got it.





    4. Knucky McPolack
  7. Howdy Mudflat, I'm going to be selling my Dillon 550 with all the trimmings and caliber conversions and tool heads.  No case feeder.  I got another 650.  What's a fair asking price for this.

  8. Do you need a 38 spec rifle?

    I have a new unfired '66 Carbine, 38spec, 19" round barrel with a 5th gen Pioneer Gun Works short stroke kit in it and I'm looking for some 45LC revolvers...........

    1. Knucky McPolack

      Knucky McPolack

      Tempting but not right now.  I want to sell these so I can get a set in 38.  Thanks

  9. Mudflat, are you bringing this to the RUCUS match this weekend. I would like to look at it.
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