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  1. I cant believe you haven't sold this yet Drifter. This is a smoking good deal. I have several of David's hats including my Knucky hat in my profile picture. Nice hat for a great price especially for you new shooters out there.
  2. I first tried that and when I go one that was heavier than others I popped it open and the powder weighed 3.2 gr. I'm loading on a Dillon RL1100 with a powder check. What Springfield Sam said about the brass. It was heavier. I'm still busy knocking the bullets out. I loaded up 800 rounds. What a pain.
  3. Yup. I don't know how I came up with the load I did. I usually load a little heavier on the light side of the recommendations. See too many pards have squibs because of this. I got a lot of bullets to take apart.
  4. Cliff Hanger, I just ordered a chronograph. been wanting to get one. Is there a formal for obtaining pressure using the velocity and weight of the bullet. Or how do you obtain the pressure. Thanks
  5. That was the very first thing I checked. Was wondering if I had a Knuckyism and put the wrong cylinders in the guns.
  6. Thanks Jefro. I really need to get me a chronograph so I know my velocities. If this happens again I will be sure to mark the cylinder and inspect the primer immediately at the unload table. Thanks
  7. Howdy Muck. I checked the primers of the rounds I just fired with 700x and they are striking in the middle. Thanks
  8. This is exactly what happened because when I experienced the over pressure round I had a flash out the sides of the gun. It was like shooting a flint lock. Click bang. Also my rounds were inconsistent. Had some mouse fart rounds. I just got back from the range after loading some rounds with 4.4 gr 700x with 125 gr fnrp. I'm out of titewad. Those all were good and consistent. The mysterious part is why my wife never had an issue. Luck of the draw I guess. Good info thanks Cliff Hanger
  9. One more thing to mention. I normally shoot black powder (777) and never ounce experienced this. This is the first time for me shooting smokeless with these revolvers.
  10. I just looked at all the brass from this weekends match. All 240. Problem is I had already cleaned them in my wet tumbler. There were no split cases nor were there any signs of over pressure on the primers. I should have looked at this after the stage. Good lesson learned.
  11. Thanks Goody. I was just going out to look at this. I also loaded these rounds with Remington primers. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks Knucky
  12. I shot my short stroked vaqueros this weekend for the first time and every stage I would get a loud bang like a double feed on my loads on each revolver. Deb and I are using the same ammo and it never happened to her at all. Also it never happened on my rifle. My load is 105 gr bullet with 3.2 gr of trail boss in 357 cartridges. Take a look at the sunburst on each pistols cylinder. This is really weird and I am stumped. Also I use a Dillon RL1100 with a powder check which I not only listen to but watch each round. Any ideas. Also using Remington primers and also was told it happened a couple of times on my rifle. Thanks Knucky
  13. Springfield Slim is going to make me a set. Thanks Slim
  14. I need a pair of left handed holsters to mount on the other side of my gun cart like the picture. Nothing fancy or expensive. If you have a pair of El Passo Saddlery holsters like these that would be spectacular. Thanks Knucky McPolack
  15. Give Gunstock Covers a look. https://gunstockcover.com I have his covers on all my rifles and shotguns including my Uberti baby rolling block 45-70. That baby kicks like a mule. Knucky
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