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  1. well - it seems you can get that attached to your name by being really good at by blackmailing real big companies too like jesse jackson does
  2. watab kid


    already seen a couple moon and a couple sun eclipses , im not gettin up at that hour , for the record my calendar says its thursday the 18th here
  3. i agree - the markets have adjusted and inflation is taking its toll , we will not see prices return to what they were , we can only hope they will come down from this stupid panic mode
  4. guess i need to watch a few more episodes , think ive missed this one , im all in with the analysis of "actual and "movie/TV" bullets but it finishes the story and allows for the commercial , , i like the original NCIS , i can enjoy los angelus , im not fond of new orleans and ive not got time for hawaii so far ,
  5. if they werent working the democrats wouldnt have them around THEIR HOMES
  6. is she gone for the summer ., gone for the night ? gone for the weekend or the rest of my life ? i cant say - i was on a boat that day
  7. wonder just how much weight that relieves ? or if that single point will hang it - does it tear out so need backups? looks ???? OK , to each their own
  8. these days i just try to put things bsack where i found them [as i always told my kids to do] so i can find them next time i need them ,
  9. resolution and again in 1812 , since we have been friends of sorts
  10. at the cost and scarcity of primers these days im glad i load one at a time in the hand primer but even one would be scary
  11. would love to have the space some of you show - even the messy space , also the pinups ???????????
  12. if of adequate stature start kids with a 12ga , the 20 kicks harder and the 410 costs too much [unless you load your own]
  13. fun , i have backed my boat a long way around corners and into tight places - between two trees with about 6" clearance in the dark of night [wife giving directions] on occasion but never looked like that
  14. my chopping skills wont stand this scrutiny but the eatin still works out fine , always liked a bit of onion
  15. dont recall buying but i do remember well his adds
  16. mine was - left gunner on a saipan based B-29 , he died 21 years ago today 11/11/00
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