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  1. not all that dark really , a man living in his times with what life dealt him to deal with , i rather admire him for ;living it as fully as he did
  2. so , whats going on really ? we have powder companies deleting the powders we use , the last black powder company in this country goes out of business and the last lead smelter does the same , the ammo companies are not supplying the sellers and all components are hard to find ...i get price driving , but really whats going on here ?
  3. a lot happened in the last month 80 years ago , changed the entire world
  4. always had good luck with them , glad to see others do as well
  5. "...What if a shooter with an actual needed accomodation (not a faker, game player or liar) beats you (or just places well within their category)? AND the accomodation "could" be looked at as a competitive advantage? Would you judge their placement or performance differently?...." NO , and NO , i would be happy for their success , its not just winning to me , i want everyone to participate , enjoy and succeed if possible ,
  6. yes i have , i cant say how long its been , may well have been back when i lived on "lincoln way" in ames iowa back in 70s ,
  7. im getting sick of hearing the phone ring and email/text chimes in the background , subliminal alert to pay attention to that mindless add ?
  8. interesting they dont mention the Lincoln highway , it was one of those that were well known back when , i would like to drive them all as part of my bucket list , along with the Alcan highway
  9. it looks like you got a great turkey - if their is such a thing , i get the lip problem , use more chap stick - it helps till they heal , in the meantime eat well and be thankful you didnt burn your mouth ,
  10. no , im not going out in this era of lawlessness unless needed and it was not needed , the crime rate here is hitting all time high according to my police and sheriff friends , car thefts , car jackings [im going to shoot the car jacker that tries] along with assaults and store thefts [that one might also end in a confrontation i dont want to be involved with] much of it resulting in the defund/abolish the police , i recall when the CCW became "shall issue" here and the retoric was lawless 'old west' expectations - that never happened , but this liberal/socialist move is causing the 'old west crime era reoccurrence' , we used to lynch horse theifs - maybe we should lynch car thief's for a bit ? what is the liberal take on their theory ? the rehabilitation/second chance aint working is it ?
  11. if you have cats , thats it , if you have your first dog since the 70s you might think puppy treats , but then i am new to this again and just getting used to it , SWMBO bought a puppy this last spring and i have now begun the adjustment again , had two peekanese back in the 70s - till the divorce , cant separate the dogs from each other and i lost the coin toss back then , they had a good home either way but at that point i swore off on pets , we , as a couple had kids to raise and sent the time and cash on that - the kids never wanted a pet when young , but both now have their own i their late thirty's so i guess they knew their own minds well enough , when they were young we traveled a lot and had no time to spare between sports and the activities so perhaps it was just as well , their kids are growing up with them , daughter has cat and son has dogs , my new one is curently ceing on my hand , more to get used to i guess , i grew up with shepards , these little ones seem to demand more attention on a personal level ,
  12. i think i might like that guy - similar interest and accumulations
  13. i have more modern , but i have a WWI that still would be my dependable , and a WWII that is a close second ,
  14. spunds like they are considering repurposing that facility to fill the void of black powder supply that recently dried up ,
  15. happy thaksgiving , may you all enjoy with family
  16. those were the days of great comedy skits , dont see it anymore - mostly idiots on scateboards doing dumb things
  17. hope he sues the pants off the media that lied and slandered him as well as the Politian's
  18. yaaaa , that is a drawback - maybe they will burn each other out or steal each other blind and have to stay home
  19. im happy , i believe the prosecutor should be brought up for review by the board and the rioters should be prosecuted with the same vigor , all ill say
  20. i would not want to be down range in any case
  21. im good with any , while i appreciate the snakes place in nature and the good they do with rodents and bugs , i hate when they cant stay out in nature , if i encounter them out there i bive them their space
  22. i remember those well , nothing good ever came from any of it , i am glad he has been cleared [even tho rest of life will not be comfortable] he was no more 'wrong' than any other individual on those streets and a lot less than many , i want to "SEE" the prosecutions of the rioters in the same limelight , i hope he reaps the law suite rewards from all that slandered him in the public eye , whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty ??? ive refrained from weighing in till now , ill bow out at this point , im pleased with his vindication and look forward to the rioters justice
  23. i dont even play the radip well , never got the geetar to a point of playing a full tune , my brothers good tho - mom always loved him best
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