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  1. You are right. Looking at the chart they send with the full dipper set the .17cc measure throws a 1.6 grain charge. I use Trailboss for my loads so for the .17cc dipper it throws 0.8 grains (used in the .32 S&W/.32S&W Long/.38S&W not Special) which I have not had any trouble with.
  2. I use the following when I need to use a dipper. Lee Precision Measure Kit - its nice to have a chart to show which one you need: Powder Measure Kit - Lee Precision This is a dipper that handles really small charges. Its not part of the set but it definitely handles .32 S&W loads nicely. .17 Powder Measure - Lee Precision Beefcake
  3. Taylor's & Company say they have the Chiappa 1887 in 28" or 22" barrels in stock. They are easy to call and deal with for purchasing a firearm they have in stock. 1887 Lever Action Shotgun 12-Gauge 28”, Blue Barrel with Case Hardened Frame, Walnut Stock, Model 930.001 (taylorsfirearms.com) 1887 Lever Action Shotgun 12-Gauge 22”, Blue Barrel with Case Hardened Frame, Walnut Stock, Model 930.000 (taylorsfirearms.com)
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