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  1. Hi, Sorry Timfts, Someone beat you to it. I was in the process of posting it as sold when you msg'd me.
  2. Hi, no, I'm still Calvin. I don't know what happened...all of a sudden my alias changed to Buffalowinter (my username on other sits), and my SASS number disappeared. I'm concentrating on mounted shooting now.
  3. SPF I am Calvin N. Hobbes. $350 Shipped. This is a very good condition Dillon rl 550 press. It is set up for .223/5.56, minus the dies. It accepts any standard lee, rcbs, lyman ec dies. It now has the #3 shellplate and small primer tube installed. It includes a #2 shell plate, instruction manual, and two ammo bin platforms. One for use with the stong mount (not included) and one for use bench mounted. I did not use a strong mount and just made my own mount to go directly on the bench. Pics show everything included. The only things needed to get started are a sizing/decaping die and a bullet seater die. $350 shipped.
  4. Yes, it is me Calvin N. Hobbes. I do not know why or how my Alias and Sass number were changed on my user profile. Buffalowinter is what I use on other sites. It also deleted my Signature.
  5. This is a nice 5' x 6" Bindle cowhide rug. Has some spots that show wear, let the pic be your guide. $75 shipped.
  6. SPF $125.00 shipped.This is a Taylors cartridge conversion for a Colt 1849 Pocket Pistol. It converts to .32 S&W. Excellent condition. No ffl needed. No sales where prohibited. Ships by Priority usps. 125.00
  7. SPF $225.00 shipped. This is an Uberti Colt 1849 Pocket Pisyol, .31 caliber, in excellent condition. I believe it is an Uberti, but it is unmarked except for proofs. Beautiful color case on frame, hammer, and loading lever. Lanyard ring has been custom added to butt so you can carry around your neck...very authentic, and handy, way to carry one of these small guns. See the pic from Lonesome Dove. Cartridge conversion for .32 S&W is for sale in another post of mine. Colt SAA NFS, shown for size comparison. $225 shipped priority mail. No sales where prohibited. Shipped priority USPS.
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