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  1. Probably a blacksmith or what I am now. A machinist only without electric motors on them.
  2. I love mine in .357. I use my cowboy 38's in it for double action revolver matches. It's more accurate than I am.
  3. A hundred years ago I had just bought the house I grew up in from my father. About 10pm I hear a knock on the door so I pick up my .44 Bulldog and go investigate. As I'm coming into the living room the front door opens. I stop and draw, my stepmother sticks her head in just in time to see that big hole in the end of the barrel. I think that was the last time they came to visit.
  4. My last was a GSG STG-44 in 22lr. I know it's a gimmick gun but I love the STG-44 and will never be able to buy a real one. Haven't fired it yet as I just bought a new house. Moving sucks.
  5. You got it. Bottles, set em up!!!!!
  6. I just got here. What did I miss?
  7. In racing we said bad things happen when you run out of grip, asphalt and talent at the same time.
  8. I know the movie wasn't that great but I love the William Tell Overture from The Lone Ranger
  9. I have no words. Just spellbound.
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