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  1. You got it. Bottles, set em up!!!!!
  2. I just got here. What did I miss?
  3. In racing we said bad things happen when you run out of grip, asphalt and talent at the same time.
  4. I know the movie wasn't that great but I love the William Tell Overture from The Lone Ranger
  5. I have no words. Just spellbound.
  6. Those words never came out of my mothers mouth. She would take care of things right then and right there (which meant something was forcibly applied to the posterior of my anatomy).
  7. As a machinist I've made a few special tools for myself. The last one was to take out a casing that had blown the base off. I seem to be the clubs resident sight debuckhorner so I made a simple fixture to hold them.
  8. Yep, used to be delivered to the house in a cool old truck. I remember as a kid sitting in front of the TV with the big can in my lap.
  9. I remember after the last hurricane, the pictures of a reporter standing in a ditch saying how bad the flooding is while behind them is a couple of people walking down the street in ankle deep water.
  10. Wow. I know a guy that writes and paints on single grains of rice. And yes, the guy is nuts.
  11. I quit watching NASCRAP when it turned into just a bunch of skittles running around in a circle.
  12. Long before I could drive Virginia would send out a key chain size plate when they sent you the yearly plates. Of course they matched. I still have a few my parents gave me to play with.
  13. I did the same thing. I'll never forget the look on the old ladies face as she watched me and my ex-girlfriend stand in front of a wall of feminine products with me going "No I don't want those, they're scented. I just want plain run of the mill maxipads".
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