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  1. At one match a cowboy went to what he thought was his cart and picked up what he thought was his 20ga double gun. Starts the stage and comes to the shotgun. Picks it up and loads 2-20ga shells. Closes it, pulls the trigger and nothing happens. Throws 2 more shells in and tries it again. Still nothing. Pulls out 2 more shells but before he loads them he looks at the chambers of the 12ga shotgun he's holding and says "my gun got bigger".
  2. If he takes off a monster tire to put the spare on, where is he going to put the big tire? It ain't fiten in the Jeep or on the spare carrier.
  3. I used to chain smoke cigars. Always had a lit one going. I tapered off until I finally quit. That was 8 years ago. I still walk around with an unlit cigar in my mouth (even when shooting) to this day. The quitting the smoking part wasn't too hard for me but I can't get past the pacifier part.
  4. I love my S&W Victory. I used to have a Charter Arms Pathfinder that was a fun little revolver. Like most every other gun I've sold, I now regret getting rid of it.
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