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  2. Have had 2nd and 3rd gen colts. The only thing spectacular about them I'd the name and all the history and romanticism. Hands down USFA is higher built quality. Across the board they had same quality build with every model, only difference would be in the options. Next for me would be pietta frontier and great western II. Uberti falls back because of hammer safety's. Standard does not match quality of USFA and are way overpriced. My .0000002 cents worth.
  3. Are the front sights filed down? Maybe just angle of camera. Competition grips or regular.
  4. Just emptied my inbox. Would like $350 shipped. i will also send springs along with that ordered for them.

  5. Do you still have the marlin CBC? Would like pics please? bekkfarm@msn.com

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    2. Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      We will need a copy of the receiving FFL's license.  Send a check, if you want to wait for it to clear.  If not, send a USPS money order if you want it sooner.  The amount is $1,232 ($1,200 price, $20 to ship and $12 for insurance).  Send everything to:

      Brian Blankenship

      8300 Caribou Trail

      Clarkston, MI. 48348


      -- Nevada 



    3. MBFields


      Will send check. Please send email address for FFL.

    4. Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      The email address is:



      -- Nevada


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  6. Just pulled the plug. 2016 was my last year. 58 yrs old. 42 yrs self employed. Looking forward to the future.
  7. Pull two drop one. Pull one put in sideways, pull two and wonder what in the heck is going on.
  8. Doc Nielson and the Sheyenne Valley Peacekeepers.
  9. White ruger grips not sugar.

  10. They are yours. They have black factory grips, I have white sugar grips with emblem for them if interested. They look really nice but need 135 for them.

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