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  1. Looks like it's loaded with lots more "entitlements".
  2. We hit two gunshops today. Both had noticeably more guns. Both said they had gotten lots of guns in and sold a lot. Both places had almost no ammo. One place said they hadn't got a round of 357 Magnum in in 8 months. No powder, bullets or primers.
  3. I'm going to guess the first time I had Hauvoes Rancheros was some 40 years go in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It was a sinful amount on a platter big enough to serve a turkey. Smothered with chilli, salsa and shredded cheese on top. Chorizo sausage and guacamole on the side. I've ordered them up sometimes over the years. But never came close to the first time in volume or combination of ingredients but still good. I'll still put chilli, cheese and salsa on my fried eggs if we happen to have some.
  4. They shoot for the head and neck with the heavy load of small shot. They make very tight chokes for 410 specifically for shooting wild turkey. https://www.midwayusa.com/s?searchTerm=Turkey+choke+tube
  5. People get pretty obsessed with barrel length. At our matches the rifle and shotgun is picked up and shot and put back down in the same spot. So it's hard to say there is an advantage to short barrel. Having said that, I'm more likely to choose my Marlin 1894c or my Marlin 1894 SRC in 32WCF just because of the lighter weight. The little Marlin 1891 is a pleasure to handle even with 28" barrel. The 1873 Winchester Miroku stays in the safe.
  6. I just got my second generation Colt SAA in 45 Colt back from Spring Creek Armory in Ten Sleeps Wyoming. Bill Fuchs did a complete makeover. My third generation Colt SAA in 45Colt made in 2019 in front. Bill color cased the hammer on the third generation last year.
  7. It got here about 30 minutes ago in great shape. I'm very happy. As it's 97 / 102 outside, so I just stepped out and took this one picture. It's a bit out of focus. I'll try to got some better pictures latter on. Nearly new 2019 in front.
  8. Field testing the $8.88 fan from Wally-World. It's 91 and no breeze. The humidity is below 30%. I'm on my groudhowg sniping throne. It definitely works! It puts out a lot of breeze from arm's length. Once it runs down, I'll see if it will recharge.
  9. Bill sent me a message this morning with a UPS tracking number. It should be here tomorrow. The tracking number doesn't work yet. It probably won't until it hits a major hub. It'll be 100 tomorrow and humid. I doubt if I'll make any video unless I get some phots of the brown van coming and going down the drive.
  10. The tube insert improved the feeding from 50% to 90% or more. Occasionally one case will fall forward and the next will drop down behind it causing a log jam. The 4 tube case feeder correlator drops a couple upside down with each load of about 100. They are easily spotted and plucked off shuttle. It works but not a lights out operation. Go at a pace that the feeding can be watched. The feed system is the cheesiest part of the press. All the parts are made of flimsy plastic. I don't mind the plastic but the flimsy part is disappointing.
  11. Here is a common occurrence. I found one of the small tubes just slip fit in the hole. As the tube was only to be used on the single tube system, 3/4" was a small loss. The "doors" on both sides just added to the problem. The modified block works much better. I still may need to change or adjust the jaws.
  12. Is anyone processing 32 S&W or 32 HMR on their APP press? Are you using the 4 tube "universal" case feeder setup? I've got time to play with the APP press so I'm running 32 S&W brass through it to size. Next I'll bell. The little cases tend to fall bad out of the tube and onto the shuttle. Often needing some attention or correction. Once in the jaws it feeds onto the shell holder nicely and pushes the sized case off. I changed the tube feeder block around to the smaller hole but it still seems too big. Any tricks or twinks?
  13. He has it test fired and packaged up to ship it back tomorrow. We didn't talk about it, but he fire blued the screws.
  14. A bit over a month turn around. He's "Lever Action Bill" over on the Colt forum and just told someone that he's a solid month of work ahead of him. Price depends on how much repair work and degree of preparation for finish, new parts, etc. He has prices listed on his web site. But you need to get the gun in his hands to get an estimate of total project cost. https://springcreekarmory.com/ He hand polishes the parts with blocks so no dished holes or wavy surfaces. He doesn't use a buffing wheel (that I know of). He can TIG weld up pits, nicks, rounded e
  15. I don't have an official burr remover toll. I usually just pick up a larger drill bit and twist it around the hole by hand. Else a pocket knife or Phillip screwdriver, etc. Likely you'll not have enough of a burr on the outside to notice. You won't be able to get to the exit end anyway.
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