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  1. Do you notice that it's slightly larger than a Colt?
  2. Thanks to Smokey Dave! My Model P has a whole new look! After some some stumbles, I've managed to cast a set of gripes for the Model P. The medallions are Starlin 38-40 case heads. I'd rather had W-W or any other marked 38WCF but Starline is what I had. The steer head was modeled out of clay and molded in. I made photos along the way and will assemble a DIY video of how I did this and what I did wrong.
  3. I picture a giraffe running around on a prosthetic leg.
  4. They helped me with a problem with my 38WCF by making me a run of bullets 402 diameter - and at no extra charge! They even gave me the SASS discount.
  5. We handled on at Bud's Guns near Knoxville a couple of months back. Very impressive. They talk a lot about them a lot on Colt forum. They are bringing out more models and calibers. One guy placed an order for one with several non-standard features and they said ok, we'll have it in 3 weeks.
  6. My first taste of inflation came early in life - maybe 5 or 6. Dad would stop at Red Miller's gas station on way home. I could buy a 12oz Coke in glass bottle for 10c and a package of Planters Peanuts for 5c. I remember the day when I lifted the lid on the Coke machine, put in my dime and pulled out a 10oz bottle! I felt cheated. 10oz just didn't cut it. Not much later they started putting 6oz bottles of a dime. 10oz went up to 15c.
  7. In July 1950 Doc Payne came to our house and delivered me. $20. Staid overnight so probably got fed breakfast. First car 67 El Camino Malibu 283 2b with "3 on the tree" $2,400. Borrowed $5,000 to build first house in 72. In 77 dad forced me to buy 140 acres of family farm for $13,500. I thought we'd starve to death making the monthly payments. (Only years later did I find out he offered the land to my mother's brother for $5,000 but he couldn't borrow the money.) Dad paid $2,100 for the 140 acre farm after WWII. Has a crown put on a tooth last spring. Round up to $2,000. Fortunately, it didn't need a root canal or it wouldn't have been so cheap!
  8. It got up in the upper 60s yesterday. People were out mowing their grass!
  9. Something I ran into was an article that was the result of interviews with convicted rapists. Aside from location and opportunity, they listed the number one thing they look for is a women with long hair. In a ponytail or braided. They come from behind and grab the victim by the hair and throw them to the ground. No matter how physically fit or trained in defense, being thrown down would disable the victim to further restraint. I lectured both of our young adult granddaughters about this as they both have long hair. They just felt embarrassed about the conversation and still wear their hair long.
  10. I can't add anything to what's been said and be positive. At the grass roots level. The club we joined in 2013 lost their range that was on private property. The new "club" found a new home in a regular gun club range. I thought that the joining in at an established gun club would draw some of the existing members into our activities. It didn't. I came to realize that most of the members were inactive. Those active showed no interest in Cowboy Action Shooting. And after five years still don't. Sawmill Mary and I as well as other Cowboy Action Shooters joined the gubclub to have some input at the range. We would make a report of sorts at the monthly meetings. Never any discussion or interest by non-cowboy folks. The gun club has a Facebook page. I got administration power and put event dates on the calendar. I also post a paragraph report of latest match. I have a YouTube channel that I make at least one video of each match. I link the videos of latest match on the Facebook page. Occasionally we get someone show up to watch that has stumbled on one of my videos. We have made up fliers to post in gunshops. I don't know of anyone responding to them. We have shot at other clubs and have been invited in the safely meeting to talk about our club and when and where. I think we've picked up some shooters from this cross pollination. One problem we have is competing with larger regional matches that often fall on our weekend. The hard core CAS tend to shoot at these matches rather than ours. It not only knocks down our attendance but we loose some of our best help running the local match. We've bent over backwards to assist potential shooters to join in the fun. We'll always make an offer to allow a possible new shooter try a stage. We have loaned guns an ammo to fooks starting out to help them fill out their equipment list. We've not converted many. We had one guy show up with three sons with nothing but an expectation to shoot. We juggled guns and broke out ammo so all four could shoot a whole 6 stage match. They never came back. I like the idea of more working cowboy category. I'll suggest a senior buckaroo category. If limitations don't make it possible to shoot centerfire or heavy guns, then shoot aluminum frame 22s, lever and pump 22 rifles.
  11. And interesting post on this same topic on the Colt forum talks about a company that marketed grips, knife scales, toothbrushs on and on from ordinary cow bone. Maybe see if you can pick up a large cow bone to practice on before using your giraffe bone? Last spring I found a large cow leg bone in the woods and brought it home. I had the idea of wacking a section out of it and seeing if I could make a set of grips out of it.
  12. I can't help you with instructions but there is a lot of talk about grips on the Colt forum. I'm sure some of those guys know. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/single-action-army/279706-types-bone-grips-2.html#post2260874 Interesting to note on this post where he makes the statement that all antler is bone. That would imply that instructions for making grips from bone would be like making them for antler.
  13. I don't know how active your closing range was, but it leaves the same dilemma for others. Maybe some kind of carpooling could be worked out? Maybe split the cost of a large passenger van? A small school bus? Coffee on the way to the match, margaritas on the way back.
  14. I'm right behind you. I don't know if it'll be one year, five or 10. We have our local range that's 20 minutes away. All others are two hours or more away. I took inventory of my stash of BlackMZ a coupe of weeks ago to decide if I wanted to plump up my inventory while it's still available. Looks like I have 3 years worth. Decided to go with what I have. If and when I run out, I can go with real black or Unique. I'm starting to slow on buying guns. That's the toughest part.
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