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  1. Climbed a mountain this morning and found two more dried up small mushrooms. It's been another bad season for me. I was hoping for rain today but only got a few sprinkles that soon dried away.
  2. I once got a modest raise. It pushed me into a higher tax bracket and take-home turned out to be less than I was making.
  3. I've posted this several times. But it's the video of Missouri Lefty shooting at Owl Creek Raiders range.
  4. I always keep it simple. Start with left, then right, L,R and so on until done. I can't ever remember switching leads. Most of our stages are about 3 sweeps so there is no real need to. No slip hammer. Cock shoot, cock shoot. Have to remember hammers down om empty to move from one position to another that occasionally shows up. I usually announce "hammers down on empty" before move so the TO notices.
  5. My observation is, many of the tables are there to snag guns coming in. I know a Winchester collector that sets up at shows to get rid of off non Winchester guns and items and buy any Winchesters that come buy. They get a place to set and watch the parade go by. I've witnessed some really awful transactions at gun shows. One, an old guy comes in with one of the big frame Winchesters. I remember it was in 348 Winchester. Best I could see it was in nice shape with pistol grip and checking. Had to have been a deluxe. First table. "Hay, hay? What do you have there?" Old guy explained that he tried to give it to his grandson but he didn't want that old gun that kicked so hard. So he wanted to sale it to get something the kid wanted. (Broke my heart.) They talked for a bit. Table guy said it was only worth $500. Old guy was hesitant. Guy at another table came over to double gang the old guy. This guy confirms $500 was a good deal. "Well, ok." The old guy said.
  6. We found a couple of well stocked gun shops that had good selection and prices. With MidwayUSA and Grafs close, Starline and Missouri Bullets a little further out, gun shows really didn't offer much. Missouri Gun Works, Cabool Missouri. (One of three rooms)
  7. Use to be a little show in a little town without a stop sign on the main drag. Not big but mostly old guns. We would go. $5 to get in and free parking. Mostly we'd run into old friends - some had tables. I didn't buy much but came away with a few impulse items. But the old guy that ran it died. His sons took over to complete dates he had booked. Then covid hit and they stopped all together. I've only went to a few shows in past 10 years. Nearly all were a waste of time and money. Got tired of pushing my way through big galoots.
  8. Got a few old tools. They just come by accident now and then.
  9. The experience haunts me still. Was in Wally-World and going down an isle. Hefty woman in sweat pants was squatted down looking at something. Oh gowd! Plumber's crack. But there were lightning bolts tattooed in a chevron pattern coming out of her butt crack! I figure drugs or alcohol had to be involved.
  10. Buster Keaton in a Kodak promotional video showing the evolution of cameras. Buster still has it in 1963.
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