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  1. Just shooting from the hip, I'd say it's road kill. If all there is is what's shown, it's going to be expensive to replace the parts. Most parts are long obsolete. Once you find parts, they most likely won't fit and work. I have multiple early 1894s and just swapping parts between guns often won't work.
  2. It's also drilled and tapped for the Hepburn sight. The Skinner sight is a ripoff of the Hepburn. The original Hepburn sight are vary valuable. I have several "94s".
  3. Trivia. Was produced sometime time after 1907. They shortened the model name to just 94 like Winchester did the 1892 to 92 and 1894 to 94. They weren't a regular produced item after Marlin converted to making machines guns in WWI. After the war, they were not a catalog item but some were made from parts on special order. Did you scrub all the finish off?
  4. 75 for a high yesterday. I worked outside most of the day in T-shirt. We've not had significant rain in past month allowing good conditions to work in the woods. I've been harvesting dead white oak trees for firewood. I hope I'm working on inventory for next winter. I'm kind of looking forward to more seasonal weather. I'm about used up and have some projects to get started on.
  5. A tip on taking the action apart - I use a small pair of needle-nose vise grips with jaws padded with tape to compress the flat hammer spring. Cock the hammer and then clamp down right behind the hammer with the vise grips. Leave the grips holding the spring until after hammer is reassembled.
  6. The magazine spring should be the same - either large or small. . The major difference is the hammer spring being a flat leaf vs coil. And the extractor and ejector being different. The carrier has some kind of toggle part in a window cutout instead of the plunger button. I've never had to replace one.
  7. Can you imagine working under these conditions? Repeating the same motions in cycles of only seconds, thousands of times a day. Go home and wife asks, "How was your day dear?". Pretty much the same as it has been for the past 10 years. And where is OSHA? Nothing guarded. No safety equipment.
  8. Can you take it apart and put it back together? If so, you can probably fix the problem. First, clean magazine tube, follower, and polish the porthole where the cartridges pass through. Almost every instance, the magazine spring needs replaced. I've found on my old Marlins, this is often all it needs. If it's feeding and lifting the cartridge but not extracting, start by removing the extractor and cleaning out the hole, etc. Extractors and ejectors from modern 1894s won't work in the early ones. Wisner has reproduction parts.
  9. I've done this on many occasions. When my folks married, there were few pictures. One had mom and dad standing in good pose. Just a small Brownie picture. But the background was old run down farm yard fence. And a goofy cousin hiding behind them. I cleaned up the background and enlarged it. They were so pleased.
  10. Some things you just got to do yourself. I bought a quarter heavy vegetable tanned cow hide and plan to make a pair of replica Jesse James Slim Jim holsters for my Ruger Old Armys this winter. (Jesse James was a local, you know) Here is my #3 American first model. The one I wanted - 44WCF with 5" barrel. This was the very first 60 rounds fired. It's not given me any problems with cycling since the two times caught on video. I shot two matches with it last fall with black powder loads and no attention between stages.
  11. Not theory. Practice. My CZ-USA hammer coach gun came with rough chambers. Considering the rest of the gun is beautifully finished with mirror bright bores, there must be a reason they scored the chambers. Although I struggle to place middle of the pack, I can shuck hulls. Sawmill Mary's Stoeger Uplander is box stock - including the scored chambers. She turns and tips and hulls fall out. She shoots Fiocchi loads with steel bases. We bought a Library hammer double and she complained that the hull on one side was sticking. I found a bright spot in that chamber. Took some corse sandpaper and roughed up the chamber. Went out and tested several brands of factory shells. They all shucked.
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