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  1. Best to not reply to the Phantom.  He baits people into an argument.  Then others chime in to keep the fight going until the topic gets shut down. 

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    2. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      If Cimarron won't cover the repair I'm going to try to do it myself.  I've had some bad luck with gunsmiths, everything from not having it ready when it was promised to one actually doing the wrong work to the guns.  Even now I've got a set of C&B pistols that the smith told me would take 4-6 weeks, it's going on 14 weeks and still no guns :angry:

    3. Warden Callaway

      Warden Callaway

      I also.  I do almost all my gunsmith work but I enjoy doing it and have been at it 50 years.  So I'll buy guns with problems that I can fix. 


      I sent one Smokewagon back to Taylor's to get barrel turned so to correct windage.   Took more months than I was told and came back with more problems than was there when I sent it to them. 


      I understand some people have had bad experiences with Cimarron warranty repair.  I suspect the gun in my video that was supposed to be a new, unfired trade in was one someone had problems with and botched repair so Cimarron just took it back. Then discounted it to the gunstore to get rid of it. 


      Looks like a small risk as you have spare hand.  

    4. Tequila Shooter

      Tequila Shooter

      I enjoy working on them too.  I’ve never had to do any timing work and I’m a little intimidated that I’ll make it worse.  But it may come down to nothing ventured nothing gained. 

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