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  1. Not sure how you would tell if Meadows, Fast Eddie or anyone else did the work unless they provided markings. My SKB doesn't have markings. However, since I have the origional invoice maybe that would proof enough.
  2. Had an offer yesterday of $1500 from a local but didn't know if it was fair. Finding a couple recent sales and yor comment it seems maybe $1500 is fair.
  3. I shot cowboy about five years ago and found it not for me. I bought two shotguns to try. Coyote Cap full race 12ga with jeweled hammer and parts you can see though the ejection port. It has a 18.5 barrel and Cap put new wood on it before I bought it. It is a take down and they numbers don't match. Good looking shotgun for the age with the new wood on it. Johnny Meadows 12ga direct from him with a 21" barrel. SKB 100 with what I believe is a "splinter" forend. Funneled for easy insertion of shells. A local shooter made me a offer for this one. I did
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