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  1. I use SS .357 NM Blackhawks as my main match revolvers! Been using them for 5 years without a hiccup. Bought them from another cowboy when I first started CAS already slicked and reverse spin pawl installed. I have big hands and the BHs just seemed a better fit for me than Vaqueros. Altho, they are just a wee bit heavier.
  2. I love the look of his Red Dead Redemption rig!
  3. Just want to throw my 2 cents in. I am also still working and can never make it to setup due to my work schedule. I do help tear down, but a back injury frequently twinges me. I do my best to help with anything I can lift. Having said that, I have been spoken to rudely by some other shooters because of my physical restraints. I love the Game and the Cowboy Way, but sometimes it is others that make things miserable for those of us with physical restraints. People get very serious about CAS and sometimes forget about being "nice"!
  4. And all this time I thought that I was all alone and crazy! I shoot matched Ruger BHs SS and the left one has a small scratch on the grip frame...that one goes in the left side crossdraw. No good reason, guess I am as weird as the rest of you !
  5. Congrats on your almost new arrival!!! Little boys are much better than them new-fangled sewing machines!
  6. Jack de Messer! Honoring grandad's names and Samuel's profession while still sounding Badass!
  7. Shootout!!!! I smell a shootout in the street!!!!
  8. WooHooo! Maybe he will come back down to SoFlo and shoot with the Gunslingers again! Luv to see ya pard! Congrats!
  9. About a week ago I posted ISO WTB/WTT for a shotgun slide. Within minutes Mr. Cody offered up one for free!!! Then he proceeded to ship it to me on his own dime! I received it yesterday and am blown away! I am still young in this game and have a lot to learn yet, but it my book that absolutely exemplifies the Cowboy Way! Thank you Mr.Cody for caring enough!!!
  10. Happened to me yesterday! One shell fired the other did not...likely I closed the action too lightly! It's an occasional thing when my concentration slips. I prefer not to abuse my slicked up race guns (not that they made me any faster or more accurate) so I shucked, reloaded and knocked that last one down and shucked again to end the stage. I'm thinking that it might have even been a bit faster than banging the butt against a barrel! Altho, same time and less slapping is okay by me!
  11. Well howdy Mr. Cody, Free is always appreciated and cherished. I hurt my back as I was loading on the fifth stage of a six stage match today. Not sure if it was the shotgun belt or not, but I could not continue. I am willing to try anything to stay in the game. Thank you kindly and I will take you up on that offer.
  12. My shotshell belt is giving me grief! Getting older and need to lighten my load. I am searching for a shot shell slide that hold 8 shells in double configuration ( I shoot a Stoeger 12 ga sxs). I have for trade a 16 ga all leather shotgun belt size 30-36 ( double configuration). Or I am willing to pay for the right item and deal. Thanks for any help gentle ladies and not so gentle men
  13. Coat? We don't need no stinkin' coats here in SoFlo!!! However, the heat here has on occasion caused me to remove my vest and shoot in shirtsleeves! Totally unrelated I know...Come on Page 4!
  14. As far as Ruger NM Vaqueros in 44-40...do some more research. It seems there was a problem with the size of the barrels vs size of round...caused some problems. I am not sure that they solved it, but if you must go that way...45 colt! BTW Mary-Ann of course. Ginger is pretty and apt to run off! Sure Mary Ann my also run off...but you would not feel as bad !!! LOL(don't follow in July Jones' footsteps)
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