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  1. Hey long time no see. I will take a 1000 9mm. Here is my e-mail address, John_lee1947@yahoo.com send me your address and I will send you a check. PS tell that skinny friend of yours that my Granddaughters will not quit growing. Thanks John Lee
  2. 100% Grey Wool Shirt size large from River Junction. $50.00 plus shipping. Custom Chaps made locally. Brown mahogany, hand made pewter buttons, elk horn button on pocket . 39 1/2 inches long, 44 1/2 inches on the belt. I’m 6ft 1in 200 lbs and I had to make a extra whole because they were to loose. $250.00 plus shipping. I’m going to try and up load pictures. I hope it’s not above my pay grade. Please respond on page only. John Lee
  3. John Lee

    Open Tops

    Thanks, I am having trouble with my hands also. JL
  4. John Lee

    Open Tops

    I’m not ready to buy yet. I am still in the thinking it over faze. Really nice looking guns. Thanks JL
  5. John Lee

    Open Tops

    Thanks Cowboys. Cowboys are always helpful. John Lee
  6. John Lee

    Open Tops

    What company makes the best open top revolver ? I know nothing about them and I would not like to make bad decision. Thanks John Lee
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