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  1. Of all the posts, there seems to be a consensus on three methods that'll get you good to go for yer bullets and black powder: 1) Pull a wet bore snake through the barrel after each stage. 2) Dip the nose of the bullet in a soft lube as you load the rifle. 3) Spray a liquid of your choice down the barrel after each stage. Pick the one that'll be easiest for you and you'll be good to go.
  2. "The .38 mini special", haha! I should seat a bullet in it for a conversation piece! Yep, it was an RCBS carbide die. To remove the upper portion I used a stuck case remover designed for removing a case from a rifle chamber. The head stamp on the case is Federal.
  3. I had a .38 spl case head separation in my depriming/resizing die! I guess I got my money's worth out of this batch of brass if it's gotten weak enough to separate in the die. lol Anybody else ever have this happen?
  4. The base is a "pancake" electrical box. I put a rubber edge protector on it so it doesn't scratch up the loading bench. The post is 18" of 1/2" thinwall conduit with 3/4" pvc conduit for the spacers. I blued the base and the thinwall conduit, and used brake cleaner to remove the printed labeling from the pvc.
  5. I saw a picture of one of these in a magazine somewhere and thought I'd try making one. (or two) The photo gives the illusion the one on the right is leaning, but it's not. They're very stable. I left enough conduit sticking out the top to use as a "handle" to move it around. (I 'spose I should have removed the ashtray from the loading bench for the photo! lol)
  6. Looks like Sportsmans Warehouse is sold out of the Black MZ. That's too bad. At $9.99 per pound I can learn to live without the flames.
  7. ‚ÄčTyrel Cody,that's a good one!
  8. Huckleberry and George Emmett put on a SASS presentation at Sportsman's Warehouse in Milwaukee. I sold some modern guns to fund some old timey guns and have been hooked ever since. Couple of years later Johnny McCrae got me hooked on NCOWS. It's all kind of addicting!
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