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  1. Here is a 1858 spare cylinder in 44 caliber. I am asking $60 + $5 for shipping. It is in like new condition with box. Please sea pictures for details and reference for compatibility. Hope this works for someone as its only collecting dust for me! Thanks, Whiskey Kid
  2. I have a Ruger Old Model Vaquero 45 LC for for sale. As you can see in the following pictures it is in good condition including the case coloring. I am asking $425 plus actual shipping to an FFL. Hope this works for you! Whiskey Kid
  3. +1!!! Nothing more frustrating than a broke gun! I started with a baikal double trigger and it was a tank! That being said it handles like a tank too! I owned two and bother are on their third owner and still kicking! However once I switched to an SKB I never looked back! I think I have owned 7 of various configurations and am now back down to a more reasonable three! One for smokeless, one for BP and one with a hang tag still on it. All engraved 100's, and NO you can't have any of them! WK
  4. Some People just arent happy if they aren't crapping on someone else's parade! Darby did a great job with this match! This is a younger club at this location and this match was more than double their normal turnout! A great effort was put forward so much food, so much fun! I am proud to be a member of this club! Keep up the work Darby Rough!!! WK
  5. I'd play if it was around central Texas! The more shooting the better!
  6. How are the totals looking Ghost? Gonna be a big showing at "The Darb" looks like! I know a few of those coming to the match may not have been there before so I want to make sure no one gets lost and hears too many banjos! here is a link to a google pin for the main gate on Old Lockhart Road: https://goo.gl/maps/NJBXcnqpebD2 And a map showing the physical range location for reference: https://goo.gl/maps/B2qLuVHjpiC2 Remember: Registration@ 8:00 AM, Safety Meeting @ 9:45 AM, Lead Flies @ 10:00 AM Looking forward to seeing everyone out there! Whiskey Kid
  7. Phantom got me started with an assist to Joe darter as well! Both great people and have helped many others along the way! WK
  8. Come on out to Darby and shoot the TSRA South Central Regional! Its a great place to shoot and they could use your help growing! Should be some fun stages and it helps support the TSRA! Also, you might even get to posse with the likes of Colorado Jackson and Big Iron Patnode! One is kinda a big deal and the other is a big deal! Here is a link to the registration: http://www.darbyroughregulators.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/DRR-TSRA-Application-by-Doc-OBay.pdf Hope to see y'all there! WK
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