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  1. BE has anyone done any work on the 97?  Will be willing to $550>  Happy

  2. Bandit is the fourth or fifth 97 left.  I'll take the fifth if it is?  Happy

  3. call me 409 782-0019  Happy

  4. Hugh I saw u had a 66 for sale what u want for it?  Can u send me some pics?

    1. Hugh Long

      Hugh Long

      Yes $750

      send me an email address to hughlongii@aol.com

      i will send pics 

    2. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy


  5. They sure are cheaper shooting LOL

  6. Billy would u give me a call 409 782-0019 or give me your number so I can call u.  Thanks  Happy

    1. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      called and left message.  my cell is 903-739-5912....evening probably best. fixing to go to church then split wood and work on gun this afternoon.

      Sassy and I leave for Winter Range via Tombstone on 19th after work returning around 1st or 2nd of March.

      Billy Boots aka Bill Buckman


  7. James did the skb sell or is it still at home?

  8. I'll take it if u still have it.

  9. call me Dutch if it is 409 782-0019

  10. Quote

    Dutch is the gun still for sale?  Let me know i think I'll take it


  11. Joe give me a call we need to talk about a 97.  I'm leaving in couple hours for a visit with my daughter and want be back until Sunday 409 782-0019

  12. Would u take $700

    1. Bdoc


      Are you interested?  I apologize, I just saw this message.



    2. Bdoc


      I’ll meet you half way at $745 plus the $45 shipping.

    3. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy

      Thanks for your reply but I'll pass

  13. Mike I've still not be able to talk with anyone.  I wish he would at least tell to go jump in the lake or something.  I would like to buy something from him

  14. Russ the address is Jerry McDaniel   251 cr 613  Kirbyville  Tx  75956  send me your address with the funds

    1. Russ The Red

      Russ The Red

      I will send the funds tomorrow along with my address. Thank you very much.

    2. Russ The Red

      Russ The Red

      +Happy I do have this address and funds are on the way.

  15. send funds to Jerry McDaniel  251 cr 613  Kirbville, Tex 75956

    1. BushRod Jones

      BushRod Jones

      Check will go out tomorrow morning. 

  16. My address is    Jerry McDaniel   251  cr  613    Kirbyville, Tx  75956    409 782-0019

  17. Mike how do u get Squibbler to reply as I've left messages for him to return my calls so i can order a 97 but have had no luck?

    1. Cholula Mike

      Cholula Mike

      Howdy Pard,

      i will tell Squibber to get in contact with you




    2. Happy Appy
  18. Duff I'll need your mailing address

    1. Duffield, SASS #23454

      Duffield, SASS #23454

      My mailing address is:


      Donald Jackson

      1155 Union Road

      Greeneville, TN 37745




  19. Jerry McDaniel   251 cr 613  Kirbyville, Tx 75956   phone 409 782-0019

  20. Is the 07 still around?

    1. Outlaw Gambler

      Outlaw Gambler

      Hi Happy Appy, it is too early in the morning I guess, what 07?

    2. Happy Appy
    3. Outlaw Gambler

      Outlaw Gambler

      I have a bunch of 97's. Winchester and IAC. Which did you want?

    1. Don as of today your check has not cleared my account and u should have it before now.  Please let me know something as it is made out to u.  I've ask this a couple times and I'm getting no reply.
  21. Don I notice my check has not come in yet.  Please let me know if u didn't receive it.

  22. Don have u received the check yet?

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