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  1. I don't understand why cowboys throw boxes away. I just got the last two pair of guns without boxes. Why? Happy
  2. What a nice looking pair of guns? Just wrong cal for me, but they are very nice guns.
  3. Ruger SBH Bisley 7 1/2 44 mag engraved cyl black pistol. Sold with new shoulder holster. Easy way to carry the heavier large pistols without the weight pull on your waist. Beautiful rig. Great wig for hunting $995 plus shipping
  4. This pair of Bisley is by far the fastest pair of handguns I’ve ever shot. They are not only fast but a beautiful pair in 357 cal 5 1/2 the price is just what I have in the pair.. $1895 plus shipping Thanks for looking and have a Blessed weekend
  5. BE has anyone done any work on the 97?  Will be willing to $550>  Happy

  6. Thanks Ive liked every thing u have made . Happy
  7. Just got my buckle and bolo and you sent me your first place ribbon for the bolo. . Why didn't u keep your ribbon? Great work as always. Happy
  8. I''m not sure as of now as I'll have to see how much I got in them. They are by Long Hunter If u don't go Blisley I have a NIB Cimorron 357 that are sweet with action job already in race ready.. These pistols have never seen the light of day. Happy
  9. I have a pair of Bisleys that I may be willing to turn loose that are the best Ive ever held they are some kind of smooth. Happy
  10. Thanks PK for getting back with me enjoyed our visit. Happy
  11. Phil give me a call 409 782-0019 Happy
  12. PW give me a call. 409 782-0019. Happy
  13. Thanks Phil got the message look forward to getting them; Have a B;essed week Happy
  14. PW I didn't receive the tracking # my number is 409 782-0019 is the guns at the FFL thursday of next week? Thanks and Have a Blessed week Happy
  15. I see the check has cleared but I still haven't received a tracking # Happy
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