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  1. No as I understand it the cross bolt safety is something in the loading gate slot you need to depress in order to load.
  2. Have someone offering me a New Frontier .22 lr 6" barrel for $525. Gun is in excellent shape. My question is does anyone have experience with the model built 1982 and on with the cross-bolt safety? Waiting now for the SN to confirm if it has one.
  3. Is the the point where we asked for a "Senior Classic Cowboy" class?
  4. Never cared for two handed shooting and thumbing the hammer like a barbarian. Looked around and since I had .45’s already I switched shotgun to a TTN years ago. Had most of the clothing already. Classic Cowboys are keeping the faith.
  5. I use Excel. Have a column for Gun, Model, Serial Number, purchase price.
  6. Recently was close to buying a Miroku Winchester. But with my old eyes I might be wanting to put a tang sight on it which would rule out the Winchester.
  7. I have an original Lightning in 38/40. I use a 200 Gr. bullet over the minimum load of 4.5 Gr of Trail Boss with no issues.
  8. Draw with right hand, shoot, use left hand to holster gun while drawing strong side with right hand , shoot and holster with right hand.
  9. I need to load 44/40 on my 550. I have the shell plate from my 38/40 so that works. I have a powder funnel from my .44 Special. Going to use 200Gr. sized .430. I was going to use that instead of the Dillon 44-40 one at .427. The .44 Special looks to be about the same at .428.
  10. I’ll take two Nickel third generation cylinders in .44 Special please. I called Peacemaker. They had one .44 Special cylinder in the white for $550.00 that they could Nickel Plate.
  11. Pull mine out one in a while. I do a "load one" when using it.
  12. I have a Colt in 44-40 with a spare .44 Special cylinder. Great gun. There are also shopkeepers model around with a slightly longer barrel.
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