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  1. If you would like to send me gift cards that will help be improve my collection of iron, I'd be most grateful! Or just send antique guns. That would be even more appreciated!
  2. We absolutely honor and remember those who gave their all. But remember...Veterans Day is about honoring ALL veterans, past, present, as well as those currently serving.
  3. Got a call that the electric company was on its way to turn off our power due to non-payment of our bill. Press 1 if... 2 if... Funny thing is, I just paid my electric bill on-line! Of course I don't press anything with these @#oles. Just hang up!
  4. Air Force is still trying to get rid of A-10's and other "legacy" aircraft (C-130H's, et al) because they "aren't useful in the Indo-Pacific theater". Not enough range, payload, cost too much to maintain, etc. Very true...until they found out they need them, especially the A-10's! Why don't they turn them over to the Army or the Marines?
  5. Quite possibly. But note that the holsters are not regulation ones with a full flap, but slim jims with the finger cutouts in the tops! The ends appear to be plugged. Interesting also is the light color of the pistol grips. Ivory or just an artifact of the photographic image? Interesting, whatever the details.
  6. Gatling was also the first to attach an electric motor to one of his guns! The contraption was too heavy for "casual carry", but mounted on a suitable vehicle... I wonder if he ever approached the Wright Brothers? I bet those mini-guns and that 30mm on the A-10 would make him smile!
  7. Could an FFL from State A go to a gun show in State B and transfer a gun to an FFL licensed in State B for delivery to a cleared citizen of State B?
  8. The B-299 eventually became the B-17. The wreckage shows the early vertical stabilizer and waist gun bubbles. The belly gun was a "bathtub" with the gunner lying prone, facing aft. That was later replaced by the ball turret, and it wasn't until the -G model that the little .30 cal MG's in the nose were augmented by the chin turret with twin .50's.
  9. I can just imagine those Arizona "Cowboys" using the term for their gang if that was true!
  10. Reminds me of the scene in John Wayne's "The Quiet Man", where he and Kate's brother are dukin' it out. People are coming from miles around. An old man is lying on what could be his death bed, but when he hears of the fight, he jumps up, pulls on his pants and runs out the door!
  11. I used to say the Air Force could save on manpower requirements if they used schizophrenics in places where "Two Man Policy" was required!
  12. In the Air Force, I had the chance to go into the altitude simulation chamber. They asked for a volunteer to take of the oxygen mask at simulated 25,000 ft. Some idiot, later called Trailrider, volunteered. They had a block of wood with various-shaped holes and blocks to fit them. First they had me put the blocks into the holes with the oxygen mask on. Then I took the mask off at "25,000 ft." and attempted to repeat that exercise with the blocks. After 29 seconds, I could no longer co-ordinate. I could hear the airman tech telling me to put my mask on, but couldn't do it! That was 56 years ago, and I was younger and in better condition. I had 29 seconds of useful conscienses (and could spell any better then either with oxygen). This is why the airlines tell you if you have someone with you who probably can't manage a mask, to put yours on first before assisting them. Oh, and above 45,000 feet you can't just suck oxygen in from a mask, your diaphragm isn't strong enough to expand your lungs! You have to have pressure breathing do it, and must forcibly exhale. I understand that military fighter pilots now are pressure fed O2 from the start, which can be very tiring, and may lead to hyperventillating.
  13. Although some docs say it's okay to get both the booster and flu shot at the same time, my wife and I elected to space them about 2 weeks apart. Had my high-powered flu shot, and waited 2 weeks due to availability of the VA's Phizer. Wife got her Moderna Monday. Arm still a little sore and she felt a little blah the next day. My booster may have bothered my stomach the next day (but with my stomach you can't be sure!). Small price to pay to stay out of the hospital...or the grave! Stay well and safe!
  14. First, I have never been on a movie set...so there! But at one time I had heard that it was the practice for anyone shooting a gun at another person/character on a set to "aim off" so the "target" wouldn't be struck by the wads from blanks, or, of course, if a live round had accidentally been in the gun. As far as aiming the gun at the camera is concerned, it still could have been done if the camera angles were correct. Beyond that, IMHO, there should be no such thing as a "cold gun"! Every gun should be considered "hot", and the angles adjusted in case some mistake had been made. In addition, the actors handling guns should be instructed in checking the gun they are handling themselves!
  15. I thought you were talking about a state legislative or Congressional session!
  16. ID by dental records. Too bad there will be no determination of whodunnit, but likely...well, draw your own conclusions.
  17. According to Space.com, if you look near the full "Hunter's Moon", you can see Uranus. Does this require a mirror?
  18. Regardless... illegitimae non carborundum! Just don't let 'em grind you down!
  19. Anybody seen any steel 1943 pennies lately?
  20. I personally use "a", treating the rear sight like a open-top peep (aperture). The main thing is consistency! Whatever sight picture you choose, once you get the elevator adjusted the way you want it, use the same picture always, except if you need to adjust for range (not usual in CAS).
  21. Fully vaccinated, but suffering from multiple-myeloma a blood cancer that depresses the immune system. (My uncle died of the same malady, albeit many years prior to the pandemic. Colin Powell was not only a warrior (wounded in Viet Nam), but a true statesman. RIP, sir. | | |
  22. As far as I am concerned, RCBS is the gold standard for reloading equipment!
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